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  1. World Cup 2018: Russia

    8 months to go. 8 teams there so far. Russia (As hosts), Belgium the only UEFA qualifier so far, Brazil who top the S.American section, Mexico already through from CONCACAF and the 4 qualifiers so far from Asia - Saudi Arabia, Iran, Japan and South Korea. 24 places still up for grabs 3 more from South America plus the CONMEBOL/Oceania play off. 2 more from North and Central America plus the CONCACAF/Asia play off. 5 more from Africa. Leaving 12 more for UEFA - 8 more group winners and the 4 play off winners African qualifying finishes in November. Last week of qualifiers start today though everywhere else before any November play offs. Play offs will be CONMEBOL 5th place vs OFC winners (New Zealand) CONCACAF 4th place vs AFC 5th place (Australia or Syria) 4 x UEFA play offs for the 8 teams with the best record out of the 9 qualifying group runners up.
  2. Steve Bruce

    Well done boys, I think you finally just managed to condense 1234 pages into 2 posts there
  3. The Concert/Gig Thread

    Good to hear. Off to the Happy Mondays tonight in a bit now. Gentleman's Dub Club in the Tramshed in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago was probably the best gig of the year so far for me. Also my first visit to the Tramshed. Nice mid-sized venue I thought. Thumbs up.
  4. Scott Hogan

    A blockage in the bowel that needs operating on isn't usually a good thing eh? get well soon. No wonder he's looked under par. Just awful timing though for us and him.
  5. Ross McCormack

    Achilles injury according to the E&S and no recall option anyway. https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/aston-villa/2017/11/17/ross-mccormack-recall-not-an-option-for-aston-villa/
  6. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Russia's group already stands out to me as Peru - Iran - Panama
  7. January transfer window 2018

    Bruce just alluded to the fact that we aint got much to spend and we'll have to be creative if we want to bring people in but all he can do is ask and knows the people upstairs will help him if they can. We're hamstrung by FFP as we all know. Gone are the days of hoping for someone to step in and take Richards and Gabby's wages out of the equation. Hogan and McCormack - for the money we spent - have been disastrous signings. If Gardner gets returned in Jan we're back to having no wiggle roomwith Tshibola already back and McCormack coming back. I think we'll be left hoping McCormack can step up and justify his place come January myself. And RHM gets fit and shows us it's all been worth it too. Or of course Gabby returns, finds redemption, fires us to promotion and gets a new contract.... Maybe Elphick will move on. RDL and Bree seem on the periphery, Lyden hasn't featured yet rather surprisingly maybe he'll get a loan somewhere. Maybe, just maybe, we can sell someone we'd rather keep hold of? turn lansbury over for profit? Bree? we didn't pay much for them and prices are inflated in January. If there were any serious takers for some of the older players, financially we'd have to look at it. I cant see us having a big queue at the door though, lets put it that way. In an ideal world we'd see a decent CB, LB, CM and ST come in and all the unwanted players - who for me are, for different reasons, Bunn, Hutton, Richards, Elphick, Gardner, Tshibola, McCormack and Agbonlahor - leave. 8 out 4 in, streamlined the squad, saved a bucket of cash on wages. Oh how I long for an ideal world.
  8. Mile Jedinak

    10:33 Interviewer: You mentioned Jedinak's going straight to London, could he play at centre half? You've tried him there before and he's done ever so well for you there hasn't he? Bruce: "Yep" Interviewer: "Could he....?" Bruce: "Ultimately, ultimately, I've had a word with him, that's where I see him, I think he's tailor made for it. He, he is defensive minded and done very very well for Crystal Palace and for us in that defensive midfield role. He's excellent at it. I put him back last year in a couple of games and took to it no problem, so yes, I've got that up me sleeve"
  9. Pre-Match Thread

    I think we all know how to really refer to him
  10. Ross McCormack

    and, imo, the best reply
  11. Ross McCormack

    As someone else posted in the match thread -
  12. Jonathan Kodjia

    Gutting news. Get well soon Kodj.
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    Well, the chickens have come home to roost for me, remember Bruce a few weeks ago in press conferences about how the going is about to get tough, injuries are coming, squads will define the hard slog of winter? Injuries to Kodjia, Hogan, RHM, Agbonlahor leaving Davis as the only available striker with McCormack away on loan. Lets hope the Twitter thing above is about McCormack getting recalled and not him disappearing again. Not sure what the international loan situation is but Tshibola for instance can't play for us until january because MKDons still hold the registration until then, right? Can't exactly remember what happened with Cissokho when we recalled him from Porto after Amavi's injury but I think the same applied then too. As others have said it's hardly as if the forwards have been banging the goals in for us anyway so hopefully, like @Grasshopper said above the supporting players can step up and in the cases of Adomah and Hourihane in particular, keep doing what they've been doing. But the point is, with Terry out too and Jedinak returning from his (heroic) round the world trip, Snodgrass nursing a broken rib, Green sidelined and with Lansbury and Grealish on their way back to fitness along with Jedinak It's time to see how good this squad is. And time for Bruce's own point about the squad seeing us through to prove itself. Like GH says, no excuses in the injury list. I dont hold the same fears as everyone re; Samba. I know he's slow is an understatement but he's a lump of a man and that's still worth something in the championship for me. He isn't going to be our saviour but he isn't the liability Elphick or Richards are. Also he should be fired up for a game against QPR and on a high after his first goal for us. Taylor came through 90 mins for Wales the other day so his match fitness isn't an issue. Time to see him back imo. If Snodgrass is still out I can see Bruce pushing Elmo forward and switching Hutton to RB to accommodate Taylor's return. Be interesting to see if he throws Jedinak straight in. He'll certainly be on a high after his midweek exploits. Assuming Adomah and Davis are nailed on to start it's really the only question for me - Who will make up the central 3? Hourihane - Whelan - Jedinak with O'Hare and Grealish on the bench sounds pretty Bruce like to me. Genuinely interesting line up announcement though come 2pm tomorrow. Also came to say that QPR are a different proposition at home than away but I see @BOF is already in there. I can't see any reason why we shouldn't be looking for 3 wins in the next 3 games. Ipswich may well be flying high but I think this is the hardest of the 3. 7-9 points will do me, 4-6 and I'll keep thinking play offs are where we are headed, 0-3 and the wheels are coming off. One thing is for sure, whatever the outcome, we'd all love to put one over on Holloway (again - and for ever) so maybe VT has got something we can bond together over again. If only for a day.
  14. Steve Bruce

  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Basically a third of the way through the season now with 7 more games until halfway. We've done ok after an undeniably bad start but we're still playing catch up meaning we need to exceed our expectations at some point. Now would be a good place to start. QPR[a], Sunderland, Ipswich, Leeds[a], Millwall, Derby[a], Sheff Utd lie ahead for us. If I'm personally going to start thinking about automatic promotion being on the cards we have to go unbeaten. At best we can afford to lose one of them. Any more than 4 or 5 losses on the card at Xmas and it's hard to see past the play offs for our aspirations is the way I look at it. Losing the odd game here and there - whoever it's to - is to be expected along the way in this league. I've said before about Newcastle losing twice to relegated Blackburn last season en route to the title. What counts is the reaction. We cant afford a losing run like Leeds and Preston are having.
  16. Chris Samba

    Im hardly overjoyed Terry is injured but people complaining about Samba as 3rd choice could choose to think about why we have Elphick and Richards sat here doing nothing. We all miss Baker a little bit at least but Bruce hardly decided having looked at them all that Baker was the one to go. He was simply the only one that was sellable. Elphick was touted around with ultimately no takers. Richards is in a whole class of his own obviously. I hope Suliman and Bedeau have a bit about them but we should hardly be relying on them at their ages. The fact that we have 2 CB's with premier league experience picking up big money when they are not up to scratch and seemingly unsellable is the issue here and that's not on Bruce's head or Samba's. Samba may be no Terry. But he's no Richards either and I'm glad we signed him up. It's not like we had the pick of the worlds best Centre Backs and thought I know lets get Christopher Samba instead. He may well have a larger turning circle than a cross channel ferry, yet even with his limitations he's a lot more use to us than Richards and less prone to the sort of mistakes you see 2 or 3 times a game from Elphick.
  17. Scott Hogan

    Not happening is it.
  18. Chris Samba

    Maybe next time
  19. John Terry

    Did look like that. better than his ankle I suppose.
  20. Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Right then, what have we got?
  21. Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Well if Carlsberg made halves of football that one can go away informally
  22. Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Swarming round Davis and Adomah every time we play the ball in to them. Massive question for Bruce here. Adomah's been poor. Snodgrass has been sussed out. Hogan's anonymous. Davis under lots of pressure. Hourihane wants the ball, Whelan looks a bit scared of it. O'hare or Grealish might find us a way back into it
  23. Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Weds are pressing well. Simply have to be able to beat their man to break the lines somewhere
  24. Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Hourihane looks up for this on the plus side. Adomah needs to settle down. Hogan needs to get involved oh FFS