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2016: A memoir


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2 minutes ago, dont_do_it_doug. said:

Sunderland 3-1

Liverpool 6-0

"How shit must you be, we scored a goal"

Being called a word removed by all and sundry and rather amusingly accused of having one's belly tickled by Tom Fox.

"It's just a weight off your shoulders"

Marching down the Trinity Road in the sun chanting We Want Lerner Out.

Who the **** is Tony Xia?


Who the **** is Jonathan Kodjia? 



Soooo Sally can wait, she knows it's too late as we're walking on by...

"STEVE BRUCE (claret and blue army) STEVE BRUCE (claret and blue army)"


Good summary I think!

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The last couple of months have been great by the way, worth the pain. You'll always get the odd nana moaning about style of play or whatever, I actually had somebody on twitter say to me that it's not about how HAPPY it makes me to see us winning football matches. Either way the relief is palpable. From winning 4 in 50 or whatever to winning 6 in 11, I'm absolutely buzzing at the minute. I hope to be leaving 2016 in the same fashion. 

How incredible would it be to see us win 3 or 4 in a row? Or hopefully 20 odd games in 2017? Perhaps one at Wembley and a few in the PL. 20! My mind can barely comprehend it. They say simple things please simple minds, for me it's all about the emotional journey and the W fills me with joy. Every time. 

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Being 2-1 up at Watford in the 90th minute and still losing.

Ayew getting sent off against West Ham for a needless elbow.

Lescott picking his arse as Okazaki stabbed home in a home draw against Leicester.

An out of form and hapless Giroud helping himself to a comfortable hat trick towards the end of the season.

Richards flapping his arm as Iheanecho notched the easiest hat trick in history in a mauling against City,

Everyone standing around looking like words removed as Liverpool walked all over us, literally, walked.


That's all I have for now.

Oh... RDM throwing our season up the wall, late goals, Gollini's dodgy kicking, more terrible goals conceded and Donald **** Trump.


Onwards and upwards people.




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I didn't go to any games at all last season, but have been going this season, so my memories are all latter half of the year. Going to Preston, just down the road from where I live instead of spending 2 hours or more travelling was nice. The game was dire, but knowing RDM would be potted as a result. So every cloud...

Enjoying a few home games for the first time in ages, and standing next to healthy, happy friends at the games. That in itself was just great.

Sensible ticket prices, no glory hunting Sky team fans.

In the pub having a (well more than one) pint of Moorhouses Pride of Pendle that tasted like angel's tears and then having perfect fish & chips and gravy.

RIP Dalian.

Oh and seeming to always get confused by the new New st exits, so deciding to go out of the exits over the bridge.

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It has been a strange old year. I think being involved with the protests from February onwards I almost focused on that so much I had become numb to us being relegated. That was both the lowest low in having to protest against the club and the highest high in that I got involved with and met some great Villatalkers off the back of it, too many to list and I wouldn't want to for fear of forgetting anyone but they know who they are. That final home game against Newcastle especially also made me realise that we have some really special fans and unlike those who ran the club and many of the players us the fans went down with our heads held high.

Thankfully the Lerner era is now behind us and whilst unsure of exactly what the Xia era will bring this season I just wanted to get back to doing what we all love doing which is supporting our club and having a bit of hope that things will get better. After a bumpy start I think we now have that so it is onwards and upwards.

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strange one for me in that if we hadnt been relegated i think id be a stay away fan this season, instead im going and not enjoying it, ticking grounds off for the sake of it, ive been to 13 away games and seen 4 draws 9 defeats, i fell asleep at at least 2 of them, ive given my season ticket away 6 times and sold my away ticket 3 times cos i couldnt be bothered to go, missed the last away game weekender for the first time in 6 years, after going to barnsley and preston in the space of 3 days i came very close to selling my season ticket, liverpool at home was probably the lowest point, walked out after 3, never seen players be so unprofessional, it was beyond embarrassing 

i also went to the euros, id been in lyon for 5 days before england got there, enjoyed myself with other fans watching other teams, i was in st etienne 2 days before england, party atmosphere, DJs, bars, sponsors there, UEFA there, everyone drinking having fun, when england turned up all that was gone, they treated us like utter words removed, im talking the toilet facilities reduced down to a portaloo urinal and piss over flowing in the street, absolutely no trouble but it was ruined, then there was the game itself...utter garbage, watching villa is still better than watching england, then i got back and watched the iceland game, im done with england

so then i went to the friendly with nantes, what an absolute shit hole saint nazaire was, really hard to get around, changed my hotel after one night, had a great day in the sun with the other villa fans before getting absolutely smashed by the french police, my face is scarred from the pepper spray, again treated us like utter words removed


i honestly dont know how they do it anymore, ill probably do another 5/6 away games this season, blackburn as the last away game if we go for and they give us circa 7k tickets will be incredible, i think footballs no longer about the 90 minutes on the pitch for me now, its about the day out

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13 minutes ago, Grasshopper said:

Well 2016 is a learning curve I want to leave well behind me.

My healthy came out in sympathy as an exact parallel of the fortunes of my True football love AVFC

All the shock and pain of our slow grueling PL demise finally put me in Intensive care by Mid July. Of the 3 guys laying there only one came out alive, Moi!

It took over 8 weeks to build up enough strength to finally have an OP.

I came out of Hospital mid Sept but coincidentally I only started to feel better during a weeks Holiday in Majorca in October the week Bruce was appointed.

Since then week by week I've gotten better and look forward to full recovery sometime around May 2017.


Hope you have a better 2017 mate.

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Roller coaster - but with Xia, Wyness, Bruce - I believe we have the building blocks in place which we have lacked for many years.

Barnstorming 2nd half to the season it what Im expecting from 2017 ! 

2016 - We had to endure to be where we are now 

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On 21/12/2016 at 19:02, markavfc40 said:

That final home game against Newcastle especially also made me realise that we have some really special fans and unlike those who ran the club and many of the players us the fans went down with our heads held high.

This bizarrely was my highlight of 2016. 

It showed the club is about US. Not the current owner or whatever utterly brilliant or woefully awful set of players currently privileged enough to wear the shirt. 

It showed that the club is first class from top to bottom because WE are class. 

I stood on The Holte with moisture in my eyes proud as punch about Aston Villa inspite of the most appalling season in the 142 year history of the club. 

That and being totally unable to get a bloody away ticket. 

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The Wycombe away game- so much hatred and malaise about the club

Liverpool at home- a national humiliation, and that effectively relegated us

Arsenal away- determined to have a good time regardless of that shower on the pitch

New owner, new manager, new season optimism

Far too many draws

Steve Bruce

Reading away-fantastic. 

4 home wins in a row- never thought I would see that in Jan.....

May 2017 be a springboard to recovery after the last 5 plus years of misery. A sell out verus Burton shows that we are on our way back.


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