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England v San Marino Euro 2016 Qualifer


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Good to see Woy talking down expectations.


Perfect game for Rooney to add to his tally and chase down his record and for some to think that proves he still deserves to be in the side.


A pointless game in a pointless qualification process thanks to the stupid mucking around with the format.


I won't be watching.

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I'll watch it. But more in the hope something exciting happens than actually supporting England.



It'll be 0-0 at half time, we'll end up winning 3-0. Game will be boring and Woy will come out saying what a solid professional performance it was.

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Hope Rooney gets a few. His record is absolutely brilliant and this is without him really taking many penalties. 


I fully expect a bunch of moaning and whining in what is a no-win game. We stuff them, so we should. We "only" get 5 or 6, not good enough. 

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