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What is that 1 song you hate by that 1 artist you love?


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Inspired by BOF's thread, how about we turn it on it's head?


What are the songs you hate, by the artists you love?


A couple that spring straight to my mind, to get us started.


Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (Amazing song, ruined by being played to death)

Where Is My Mind? - The Pixies (See Smells Like Teen Spirit)


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Again not a band I love per se  but


Guns and Roses - Paradise city  ..... Not just for that bloody annoying whistle before the guitar riff but also as it's about 2 minutes too long and numbingly boring






don't think I'll ever tire of Smells like teen spirit   ....

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Train in Vain - The Clash (It's just a bit, well, ghey)


Really?! I love that song! Your opinion though, so can't argue. If I was gonna pick a Clash song, I'd probably go for This Is Radio Clash. Cod Hip Hop doesn't really do it for me.

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Hurt by johnny Cash, mainly because people, a lot of people say, ooh I love Johnny Cash, that hurt song is awesome.

Mockingbird by Toby Keith, just a little too much schmaltz for me.

Accidental racist by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J, LL should be **** ashamed of rapping a couple of them lines.

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LIVE - Lakini's Juice. And it's actually a fairly highly rated song of theirs. I just could never 'get' it.




Soz :( But yeah, yours is the general reaction and I suppose that's the point of this thread.



Now, if you'd have said 'Stage' then I would have agreed :D But that main riff and the power of the chorus are just great on LJ.

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