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Rating and Reactions: Villa 2-1 Ipswich


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Clark
    • Bennett
    • Lichaj
    • Baker
    • N'Zogbia
    • Albrighton
    • Delph
    • Bannan
    • Bent
    • Bowery
    • Weimann (for Albrighton 43)
    • Agbonlahor (for Bowery 62)
    • Ireland (for N'Zgobia 82)

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Thought Bowery looked really quick which is a pleasant surprise - expected him to be a bit of a plodder?

Gabby definitely made a difference when he came on.

Was chuffed to see N'Zogbia and Delph have decent games. We really really need Vlaar and Lowton in our semi final 2nd leg team assuming we're still in with a shout at that point!

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1st half - We played the usual pretty tippy tappy sidie to side football until we went behind, then it all went to pot & we looked dross.

We need a tough tackling CM for sure - we're shipping goals like Man Utd & sure enough they have exactly the same problem as us - they haven't got

a tough tackling CM to protect the defence. However with RVP up front - does it matter?!!! We haven't so we're struggling.

On this evidence NRC isn't the answer! I completely forgot he was playing TBH.

2nd half - What the hell did Lambert put in their HT cuppa? Much better off everyone.

Played 4 - 4 -2 & although Delph did OK - we looked vunerable all game and some of the players looked like reserves.AGAIN!

If it hadn't have been for at least one world class save from Shay Given - we could have been off to the Tractor Boys or worse!

Interesting today - cos both LBs Lambert was interested in signing in the Summer were on display & actually Aaron Cresswell played really well.

for them.

However I think he got the better quality one in Joe Bennett - he IS a really talented Eng U21 footballer as we're starting to see.

Yes he made a couple of errors & he should have marked better for the 1st goal no doubt - however he didn't let his head drop he

passed, tackled & ran his socks off esp 2nd half. Showed some lovely touches & actually him & Bowery linked up well on the left.

He's just getting up to speed - he had no preseason hardly cos he got injure, which is one of the reasons the transfer dragged on for ages

so give him a chance.

Peach of a cross for Weimman's fantastic header - James Nursey tweeted earlier "good finnish from the man Lambert rates as the best finisher at the club"

Hat's off to the other lower league no mark we signed in the Summer as well - Jordon Bowery - he showed Darren Bent how to run the channels for sure

& outmuscle the opposition & everyone round us thought the longer the game went on the better he played. He should have scored 1st half no doubt.

Tidy with the football at his feet & quite quick for a big lad and he made himself a nuisance today for sure. He got a standing ovation when he was taken

off 2nd half - which I think was Paul Lambert's confident booster & he got a big hug off him for his efforts!

N'Zogbia was just different gravy today - He is such a talent & the pass for Bent's very Bentesque finnish was just quality.

Got a standing ovation when he went off. I really hope Lambert can get the best out of him because he could be lethal.

Nice atmosphere today - not a big crowd but lots of families with their children in LH & was great that we got a win, cos they all went home with a smile

on their face.

One little lad sat on his Mum's lap aged about 6 behind us - had a voice like a foghorn for such a little person

and when he bellowed "Av him for dinner" in the second half it was just priceless!

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Good result and some very promising performances.

Delighted for Bennett, starting to see glimpses of what Lambert signed him for.

Next few games are pivotal for our season. Hopefully we string together three wins.

Our fans have been great all season. I think we see what Lambert is trying to do.

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We still look very shaky at the back as witnessed by the Chopra goal. Think it was a Baker clanger

Bit harsh as he slipped on the turf allowing the player to get past him.

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Nice to come away from VP talking about a win for once. A few thoughts:

Bennett was class for the full 90 minutes, perhaps some of the clowns on the Bennett thread should take note.

Delph, who I am not a fan of, had a great game and dominated the midfield.

N'Zogbia looked like the player we paid £10m for. The Bent goal was superb and his pass was sublime.

Gabby, another player some VT posters write off, was huge. Lifted the whole team when he came on.

Baker, the best defender we have and the defence looked much more solid with him in there.

Weimann - he is turning into something special. Never gives up and he is a class finisher.

Bowery - could be a steal. I was struggling with the concept of a Carew type player on the wing but credit to him he stuck to the task and he worked very very hard.

Overall it was a good performance. Ipswich to be fair took the game to us but their rather flukey goal was against the run of play. We looked a bit shaky after conceding but second half we dominated the game and really could have scored a few more. Ignore the Pat Murphy report we were good for the win, he has hated us ever since his bestie mate MON left.

Finally special mention for NRC. Two observations, he looked average for Ipswich and how much weight has he put on?

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Even though he's up there with the worst signings in recent memory, N'Zogbia needs to play more, there is a good player in there somewhere. I have slated Darren Bent and I will never be his biggest fan but he also needs to play more, purely because he can get us the goals we need.

We need to find a way to play Benteke, Bent, Weimann and N'Zog in the same team. With Gabby also in contention we might be ok by the end of the season.

Maybe go back to 4-4-2 with:

Weimann - Westwood - New signing - N'Zog

Bent - Benteke

We really need to sign a destroyer.

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I said before that I'd like to see Bent, Benteke, Weimann, and the Zog all in the same side. Think you'd have to go 4-2-1-3, with N'Zogbia in the hole, as he is miles better there than on the wing. The only problem is that in order to play that lineup, we really have to get a beast of a midfielder in.

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Yeah, but who is there to buy?

We need someone there with proven quality, not someone with potential. I was saying last week I'd even use NRC in this side at the moment, we're that desperate.

Maybe try and get someone like Palacios?

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Bent and Benteke can both really only play one position and that's centre forward - to play both, you'd need a four man midfield that could control a game completely - not going to happen.

Weimann - N'Zogbia - Agbonlahor behind Benteke on the other hand is a prospect worth looking forward to.

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Agreed, I'm not sure you can really play Bent and Benteke in the same side unless you play with traditional wingers. It might have worked when we still had Downing and Ash a the club, but not now.

I liked the 4-2-3-1 we played for part of the second half with Bent playing just in front of the trio of Weimann, N'Zogbia and Gabby but I'm not sure we can really play that way against teams with better midfields than Ipswich town have. It worked for a brief period with Chelsea at the start of the season but even they got found out and have had to adapt, and with due respect to our lads, they are nowhere near as good as the likes of Mata, Hazard and Oscar. If we try 4-2-3-1 with Delph and Bannan in the engine room then there are going to be games where we have about 30% possession.

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