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  1. villarule123

    Pepe Reina

    Easily the second best passer in the team, outstanding distribution. I think his passing might be a little too good for a few of our defenders, if that makes sense!
  2. He was a terrible team player, even when he was banging the goals in. Glad he's gone.
  3. One of the worst team players I've seen in a Villa shirt. When he was on form, he was fun to watch though. Can't remember what that was like though!
  4. Madness to still have no striker solution with two games coming up which could define our season. It could jeapodise everything. Need to hope for a miracle in these two games, two losses and it's curtains.
  5. I left after 44 mins and don't give a toss what anyone says. There was no effort from the team and I couldn't bare to watch another 45 mins of it. This season has gone downhill very quickly in the last few months, I dread going to the games now.
  6. I would love to see fines for a player being offside like that. Absolute idiot
  7. Imagine if we had him 10 years ago with the pace of Young, Gabby etc Would have almost certainly made the top 4 and probably a trophy or two to go with it.
  8. I turned the game off as soon as it was disallowed
  9. Through this and partly Villa being shit, I really am now arsed about going to anymore games this season. Football has gone downhill a lot this season for me.
  10. RUINING THE **** GAME! SCRAP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Because I've been watching every game of the last 2 months We are the worst team in the league at the moment, by quite a margin too. Norwich should have beaten us 6-1
  12. I haven't ever been in the Smith out club but when a supposed attacking manager is resorting to tactics like this... the writing is on the wall. I'm pretty much resigned that we are going down now.
  13. I can't even be arsed to watch the rest of this. No gameplan, no purpose, it's like Lambert all over again. Total dross.
  14. It's been like this forever. We were like this when we were challenging for the top 4 10 years ago.
  15. So bad it's almost funny That miss control on the counter attack just summed him up. Don't want to see him again
  16. Good off the ball but a trainwreck on it.
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