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  1. Just announced Admin... what a sorry state of affairs.
  2. Drive to Survive is going to be epic this season.
  3. Lets see people blame this one on Hamilton now
  4. I'm sure Nuno has had a run in with Moss in the past.
  5. KOTOR is in my top 3 of all time, I played it very late in 2015 and even with the clunky gameplay (that will no doubt be sorted out with this) it was an incredible experience. Anyone that likes Star Wars and hasn't played this yet, absolutely has to get this.
  6. I think we need to lock the thread now, and let the fact that he's left go. It's getting out of hand now. I say this as someone who is turning around every FourFourTwo magazine I see in each shop I go into.
  7. As all bad news that is 'leaked' is true, guess he's out tomorrow then.
  8. This season is turning into a nightmare.
  9. I was going to say this. @lapal_fan that video is amazing.
  10. Late. To the minute at best
  11. I'm not wearing my mask anymore. I'm double jabbed and everyone that is at risk with the virus has had the opportunity to have both jabs also. It's time to get back to normal.
  12. My 5 year old almost missed this goal, and it was his first ever live game. He was about to piss himself and I stopped him at the top of the stairs as I knew it was the last action of the half. What a great goal and a special moment to be able to pick him up and jump around with him*. He loved the whole day and wants to go every week now. *luckily he didn't piss all down me when doing this
  13. He's still on his way to a 38 goal season.
  14. Loads of Blues fans on my FB convinced administration is going to be announced in the near future.
  15. On his way to a 38 goal season.
  16. Could be perfect for the DM role.
  17. I don't know much about this situation, could this be anything to do with the company that actually owns the stadium not being arsed to fix the problems with it?
  18. It's not strange, we need a backup player for every position (Hause+Axel for Mings&Konsa) With his injury record he will be perfect as a 3rd/4th choice defender. He can also cover RB/DM. Great signing.
  19. I think we've found our penalty taker by the way.
  20. I suggest anyone bad mouthing this signing take a look at this video.
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