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  1. Chester is crocked now. He won't be able to cope with 25+ Premier League games. Great servant to the club, only has one year to go anyway. He'll stay as we'll need four first team centre backs in this league
  2. I doubt very much he will get any look in, even in pre season friendlies. There's Hourihane, McGinn, Grealish, a potential new midfielder or two, then even Lansbury, even Bjarnason as it stands. I also think Deano would have a look at Doyle-Hayes before Tshibola gets any minutes.
  3. It was interesting to go back to the early days of this thread from August and September and read a lot of comments of how confident people were that our midfield would be decent in this division. Those who thought Jedinak and Tshibola would just come in and dominate this league.... I fully expect Lansbury and Hourihane to be very successful here. Not so sure about Bjarnason, I think he might be the one who struggles, but I certainly won't write anyone off. We should be a lot better in possession than we have been. There's no doubt in my mind that if the midfield can create more then all of Kodjia, McCormack, Gabby and Ayew can hit the net for us but they have to step up and perform.
  4. I've always said the same thing abiut him. He's one of those midfielders who needs the team to be generally playing ok and ticking over to look effective. Westwood can't make an impact on a game when we're not playing well. And he certainly isn't a substitute. Obviously the occasions since he joined where we've been in good form have been so few and far between he's never had a good enough run. His best time with us was in Lambert's first season where we picked up some points in that February through April run. I still think he'd be ok if we hit some form properly. He would do fine if Gardner, Tshibola, Jedinak and the team in general are playing with the ball and some more zip. As things stand he still shouldn't be in the team. Booing him I can't abide though.
  5. Gabby's main threat is obviously his speed and if he is fit then he will frighten anyone in this league with their generally slower moving defences. He isn't a prolific goalscorer. Never has been, never will be. Doesn't have the footballing brain nor just the general quality needed in front of goal. However, Gabby can open spaces and get behind, he has the ability to win you the odd penalty, and of course he can hit the net occasionally. I definitely think he could run the channels and open spaces if fit, and that would naturally relieve some of the pressure on players like McCormack and Kodjia and would only help them to get goalscoring opportunities. If his hunger is back and he is fit and sharp then I've got no problem seeing him back on the pitch. This 'threat to Hepburn-Murphy development' argument for now is a red herring. We have to give ourselves the best possible chance to get points now. We're too far behind this season now to start experimenting with long term ideas.
  6. The last time Villa took 11 points from 5 games was way back in November 2009 when they got 13 from a run of 5. Before yesterday Villa had not come back from behind to win a league game for 23 months. I'm not bowled over by Bruce I just think he's an experienced head who has got us better organised and getting the basics ok. The belief is slowly coming back just because we are not so brittle. Just long may it continue really.
  7. Arguably Bruce was the best candidate when relegation was confirmed. The only possible issue I'd have with it being Bruce - and maybe this is a total non issue (however I think it's real, and I'm sure a lot of others would feel the same) - the amount of stick he has endured from Villa fans over the years, a lot of it quite nasty and personal, would give something of a strange feel to the appointment. Humble pie yes but a bit more than that possibly. It's not the same as McLeish making the jump and no one being too worried, the amount Bruce has faced from our terraces may come into his thinking if he is offered it.
  8. I don't think the Wagner appointment is the sort of appointment we need right now. Maybe a couple of years down the road but not now. We've done the young up and coming thing with Lambert, Sherwood and Garde. All of them unsuccessful. Bruce knows the league, the area, the tradition, he can work in a big club and he can cope with demanding owners. It's a one man race for me. The 'uninspiring' argument is baseless. The last time I was truly joyous and excited was when O'Neill came. Even then it only takes a couple of months of nitty gritty games trying to get results for the initial excitement to go and we start judging by results.
  9. What actually is the reality of Gabby's situation at the moment? Is he training with the kids, not in training at all? I don't think we'll ever see him in a Villa shirt again. Too many options, and I think Hepburn-Murphy will get a run later in the season after his loan.
  10. Big welcome to him. I think he'll be another really valuable addition.
  11. I never have and never will like the idea of loaning someone else's player. I know it's necessary in the modern game but it either doesn't work out, or it just improves the bigger club's player for them. Don't agree with it. That said I'll eat my words if Bamford comes in on loan and helps us finish in the top two... It would still be gutting to achieve that though and then watch him go back to Chelsea.
  12. I've said about a few of the players the same as I'll say about Okore... The last good game I remember him having was the Liverpool FA Cup Semi Final. That's a long while ago now. Since then he's been another cog in a dreadful machine of performers. There might be a good player in there somewhere, but he is one of the members of the failed era here, it won't happen for him now. I think similar of a few of the others who are still here.
  13. Gregg Evans today said Villa are looking at Gunnarsson from Cardiff. I'd be happy with any of the names mentioned. Jedinak, Gunnarsson, De Laet, Morrison, Hernandez, Bamford I'm sure could all come in and do well. Importantly I want us to keep up the pattern of only signing guys who will go straight in to the first 11 and improve us. One of the things we've got wrong I think in past windows is signing thsee type of guys intended to just beef up the squad. The squad now doesn't need that type of signing any more.
  14. I made a similar comment about Clark when he left. Grealish is another one who gets an easier ride with the fans because he's an academy lad, a Villa boy. The last time I remember him having a really good game was the Liverpool FA Cup Semi Final. Arguably he played well in the Blues Cup game and Leicester away games as well last season. That's hardly a brilliant return from supposedly one of our star men / 'More talent in his little finger'. For me he has to start properly producing this season. He's on the path quickly towards a luxury bit part player only.
  15. Oh don't tell me.... Triggered the old release clause have they??
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