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Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Reading


Who was your Man of the Match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your Man of the Match?

    • Brad Guzan
    • Matthew Lowton
    • Enda Stevens
    • Ciaran Clark
    • Nathan Baker
    • Barry Bannan
    • Ashley Westwood
    • Brett Holman
    • Andreas Weimann
    • Gabby Agbonlahor (capt)
    • Christian Benteke
    • Eric Lichaj (on for Stevens - 24')
    • Stephen Ireland (on for Holman - 67')
    • Marc Albrighton (on for Weimann - 68')

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Despite vociferous criticism of Bannan by some, I thought he was one of our best players. Good distribution, neat touches and some excellent tackling far outweighed a couple of dodgy passes. Benteke also proving yet again that he is top quality.

Sorry mate, but you're wrong.

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One of the worst games of football I have ever witnessed. But a win is a win. Let's hope we can take this onto our next game as QPR are there for the taking. That will be 7 points in 9 which would be lovely and much needed.

Again, Benteke was the difference. He was isolated a lot which I found very frustrating, but he worke his socks off as always, and his reward was the winning goal.

Bannan had an absolute shocker. I'm sorry, I just don't rate the kid. I will get behind him, but I will not boo him when he is about to take a corner.

Westwood again showed what an uncomplicated decent player he is. Bannan could learn a lot from him.

Lowton again was solid. A few misplaced passes, but he was one of the better players, as he seems to be consistently.

A much needed 3 points.

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I've gone for Guzan motm. Didn't think it was as bad a game as people are saying, I've certainly seen worse! Auld of gone in in front at half time with Benteke and weimann missing chances, the longer it went on I thought we'd pay for those!

Ireland should start alongside Westwood, who I thought was great. Never been a fan of Bannan, his set pieces are poor are dispute being told he has a great left foot, I've never witnessed this!

Need to ensure we don't lose on Saturday which will be tough with it being Redknapps first home game, we never beat his teams! I'd take a draw now if I could.

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I don't think Bannan was that bad, ok a few sloppy passes (that can be said for almost all of the team), but there's a footballer there, someone who can control and pass the ball, and his partnership with westwood is rather promising.

Not tonight there wasn't.

I agree that he CAN pass the ball. He's actually very good at it.

But there are some games where he just doesn't do it, andtonight was one of them. He tried the hollywood ball every time. Just pinged it to nobody.

He was better when ireland came on because, imo, the pressure was off him to pull the strings and he did what he's good at. Passing.

But for the first hour tonight, apart from his corners, he was poor.

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Thought Benteke, Lowton and Guzan were all good.

Clark and Baker did enough.

I think the disparity between Westwood and Bannan's performance is being exaggerated on here a bit. Bannan also put in two quality deliveries for Clark and Baker to miss.

Lichaj mehhh. Holman works hard but lacks the touch final ball to play that far forward. Ireland should have started - Holman's work rate would have been more useful later on.

Agbonlahor was alright. Weimann should have scored. He is better than that performance. His movement is good but I feel he is being shoehorned into this role. Albrighton was absolutely infuriatingly dreadful.

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Short-term the only thing that mattered was 3 points, we desperately needed the win and we got it. Not undeserved, but the game was pretty scrappy and none of the two teams were anywhere near great. Long-term it was all about the same problem, we just lack any kind of skill and creativity. Lots of bad passes and lots of sloppy work all over the pitch, common variable being that none of the players have any confidence - and where is the leadership? Luckily for Lambert, we scored the goal out of nothing and I think he was spared a session of booes from the 25k+ that came to Villa Park. 28k..... wow. The team we met to day was extremely poor, I barely recognized any players and they had nothing to offer in the second half. However, there was not much between the two sides and that is the worrying thing.

GUZAN (MOtM) - 8 - Kept us in the game with some instinctive saves in the first half

Stevens - 5 (Didn't really stay on the pitch for more than 25 minutes or so)

Baker - 6 (Almost scored but I think he would have been whistled off for climbing the back of the defender anyway)

Clark - 6 (The best defender of the day)

Lowton - 5 (Playing against one of the worst defensive units in the league, he should have contributed a lot more going forward. They also created far too many dangerous chances for my liking)

Holman - 5 (A lot of running but clumsy when it matters the most)

Bannan - 5 (A very poor peformance and almost getting a 4. Lots of bad passes without any address and some poor attempts on goal)

Westwood - 6 (Good corner I guess!)

Weimann - 5 (Woeful miss in the first half, otherwise energetic but ineffective)

Benteke - 6 (Good goal out of nothing, otherwise he missed a good chance and let the line ok)

Gabby - 5 (Doesn't really contribute much in this game)


Lichaj - 5 (Not much to report)

Ireland - 6 (Did create a bit more room in the middle without really shining)

Albrighton - 5 (Great cross from the right, everyone was stacking up in the box and he hit row Z)

VERY relieved by the win, extremely let down by the performance. Well, probably not allowed to feel let down when I didn't expect much - but you always hope for a trashing and 5-0 against one of the worst teams in the league. Problem is, we aren't 6th anymore with Young, Milner and Barry, we are in fact one of the worst sides in the league ourselves. Dreading the QPR-game, given it is Redknapp's first home game which statistically gives them an upper hand. Well well, hope I am positively surprised!

And the crowd today was around 25k, that is pathetic. Doubt we will get more the next time given tonight's performance.

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I don't think Bannan was that bad, ok a few sloppy passes (that can be said for almost all of the team), but there's a footballer there, someone who can control and pass the ball, and his partnership with westwood is rather promising.

Exactly right. It's funny how for some people Westwood is all of a sudden the new darling and his misplaced passes are completely overlooked yet Bannan apparently tries 'Hollywood passes' every single time and loses the ball.

In Bannan and Westwood I see two players who can control and pass a ball under pressure (most of the time) and will get better and better.

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An understandably nervy game against an equally desperate side. We needed to win we did. Our composure will return as we pick up points.

GUZAN gets 10 for me for his impeccable handling of balls.

Benteke equally was a handful.

others were scrappy. Baker had a good game at ch. Onwards to QPR next week.

Guzan 10

Lowton 6

Clark 6.5

Baker 7

Stevens 6 ( Lichaj 6.5 )

Holman 6.5

Westwood 6.5

Bannan 3 woeful

Agbonlahor 6

Benteke 7

Wiemann 5.5 sorry andi, great hustle but you have to score that.

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