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  1. Telling your "friend" no, might be a empowering experience for you, even if you dread it beforehand. It sounds like you suffer from a lot of automatic negative thoughts. This article might be worth a read. https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/stop-automatic-negative-thoughts
  2. Possibly the worst and most misguided article I've read. It's like a click bait article, be dramatic, disregard facts and reality. (stats they've pulled up are nice though)
  3. The club should ban them. Plenty of people happy to take their tickets/seats.
  4. Skruff

    The Film Thread

    Strange no one mentioned it yet. Saw The Joker this weekend. Great movie.
  5. He's so composed on the ball. He got some terrible passes from his teammates in our defensive third while under pressure, which many would mess up. He solved it superbly every time.
  6. Nakamba was brilliant. 10/10. However Targett got my motm vote. He makes so much happen down that left flank. Brilliant transformation to our side.
  7. There's been 121 shots towards our goal. 74 of them in the box, 47 outside. Only 26 of them have been on target. We're 5th in least shots on target conceeded. While we're 2. In total shots conceded.
  8. Such a shame, he's been brilliant. Especially going forward.
  9. Have to say I'm a bit disappointed in Wesley's hold up play. Maybe I'm being harsh? Hourihane has been superb, made two crunching tackles stopping dangerous counter attacks. He's been a terrier together with Nakamba.
  10. They're really making a effort to make themselves look like idiots.
  11. Skruff


    Our wingers has failed to impress so far, except from Trez the last two games. So I imagine there is more to come from him. AEG shows glimpses so does Jota, but they're not there yet. AEG seems to perform better when being subbed on. I firmly believe McGinn would do a better job than either of them during the course of 90 minutes. He has the pace, ability to drive at/past players, got a good shot and a cross in him. So we'll have a bigger threat with him on the pitch then either AEG or Jota. That would also free up a slot for Hourihane, whos set pieces we truly miss. Hourihane is a hard worker, with some concentration lapses. But with Nakamba next to him it would probably be fairly balanced midfield duo, with plenty of running capacity. With Jack pushed a bit further in front of them. Hourihane could also push further up in the right circumstances. At the same time we'll have two "wingers" who's extremely hard workers. I think there's value in having a relentless presser such as McGinn further up the pitch. And as it is now, he's spending a lot of time occupying the final third anyway. He's been one of our most forward player the last couple games. I don't see many negatives in sacrificing Jota/AEG to push McGinn fruther up. Especially not if that allows Hourihane to come into the side. Which would relieve Jack of some defensive responsibilities as Hourihane and Nakamba stays central, he doesn't need to cover for McGinn runs to the same degree.
  12. Skruff


    Wes Trez, Grealish, McGinn Nakamba Hourihane(Luiz) I'd love to see this.
  13. Feels like someone who might the long journey such as Callum Robinson.
  14. Judging from the highlights from today's game, he'll make a superb partnership with Trezeguet. He made some excellent thru balls and crosses that we all know Taylor(sadly) is incapable of. I'd be surprised if Target doesn't start next game. I've valued Taylors defensive contribution and been arguing for him to keep his place, but Target seem to add a whole new element to our team. Hopefully he'll be able to replicate it in the PL.
  15. Skruff

    Keinan Davis

    His holdup play has been superb for every minute I've seen him play so far this season. Think it was a mistake not to bring him on yesterday.
  16. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    Our players runs themselves to the ground. They put in plenty of miles. However Smiths tactics today wasn't sustainable for 90 minutes straight. Even versus 10 men. We need to control the tempo more, and take moments to rest with the ball. There's a handful of examples from today's match, when we're up 2-1 where there's room to slow down and take a breather. Where there's easy passing options to unmarked men, where we choose the difficult pass and go straight in attack instead. Which either led to the loss off possession or the winger recieved it in a isolated position. When our wingers/midfielders bust a gut to win the ball back, then burst into attack only to lose it and bust a gut to win it back again. Over and over, there's no wonder they run out of energy.
  17. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    What baffled me wasn't just the lack of subs. But the fact that we kept trying to hit them on the counter, go route one, when there were plenty of opertunity to slow the play down and give us a much needed breather. There were more then one occasion where we rushed the ball out to isolated wingers. Or times where Mings would play thru a clustered center instead of rolling it to the side to either Engels or Guildbert, who were completely free. (while we're 2-1 up) We can't keep covering and pressing as much as we do and break away every time. We don't have the fitness level for that, no one does. Especially when you refuse to make subs. We looked brilliant the first half. Sadly as we ran out of steam the performance suffered.
  18. Even when we were unprssured and in the lead. We rushed the ball out wide, where our wingers run into Cul de sacs. How about slowing down and keeping the ball? Terrible
  19. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    Really disappointing today. Terrible management.
  20. How good is Jack when he runs at players instead of slowing down?
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