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  1. Don't they get painkillers straight away? Cant imagine the adrenaline supresses it for anything but short moment.
  2. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    He's Pete the Canadian Villa Fanatic
  3. They chose their country over commerce. All credit to them!
  4. Was more noice with no crowd during corona.
  5. Have to say I'm more impressed by JPB then what i was by Grealish at a similar age.
  6. Imposed himself a lot more, looks like he's becoming more physical in his game. Both in winning and holding up the ball.
  7. He'll need to improve his game off the ball.
  8. Would have loved for him to stay.(anything confirmed yet btw?). If he goes it might be the perfect time to sell him. Peak value. A shin problem that seems to be chronic and getting worse. Somewhat of a party animal who doesn't seem to "grow" up. The corona party, driving crashing, speeding, tailgating. It's all something that's happened too recently. It might not be such a bad decision after all?
  9. Ridiculous how neurotic people are. Making interpretations about everything and nothing. Footballers following each other on Twitter. Can we assume Micha Richard's is making a city comeback as well? Rashicas Instagram posts with Nakamaba should be a good reminder that it means **** all. He stays or goes, we'll know in due time. The answer won't be found in Twitter or Instagram posts , whats posted or not posted by the club etc.
  10. Can be made up based in the stuff posted on reddit earlier.
  11. Looks to be improving in both carrying the ball, shielding it and his range of passing. Judging by preseason mind .
  12. He's done his jobb when called upon. Plays it saves, as he should. He's one that's constantly improving. I'm looking forward to seeing him play next season.
  13. Maybe a bit like calling Steve Bruce pragmatic?
  14. Hopefully it's just the same trolls and morons that's always there spewing their vile words.
  15. Southgate has done well getting this far with his pragmatism. They've gotten way further then many of the big guns in the tournament, Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal. Sadly England decided to sit back. Southgates pragmatism was his downfall. Call it hubris. Feel sorry for the kids taking the penalties. To be subbed on solely to take the penalties, just adds extra pressure. Really feel for Saka, ridiculous to let a 19 year old kid take that responsibility. What a fantastic team England could be with a progressive manager.
  16. England hasn't won anything yet So happy for the big guy! Let's hope Mings and Grealish gets one too, for their sake.
  17. It's a team you'll root for if you're English. He's getting results, fair play. If you're neutral he's the dementor of football.
  18. Denmark dragging themselves back from Baku, to play with barely any supporters to a team that plays at home. To be beaten by a bunch of cheating words removed. Really feel for them. ,
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