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  1. I don't know how you can say that with any certainy, do you have sports almanac from the future?
  2. Better get used to it, this is going to be the way it's going (to have) to be for the next few years. Buying up young talent like Amavi and moving them on for a profit a year or two later, and on to the next one, until we are more competetive. The King is dead. Long live the King
  3. It's not the lack of loyalty from Delph, it's the complete and utter lack of respect to avfc and the fans, that hurts.
  4. BBC reporting the Delph transfer on the sports segment on BBC news
  5. Does anyone know the likely fee. Every report i see the figure seems to increase
  6. We should offer to swap Benteke for Stirling, and then for us to sell Stirling immediately to either Man City or who ever, everbody wins. As Liverpool wouldn't have to give QPR the 25% sell on fee, they'de be effectively be getting £41 million for Stirling. If we sold Stirling to MC for £37.5m, then we'd be effectively getting that for Benteke. MC would be quids in, as they would be paying less than if they purchased direct from LFC. Only people who would be out of pocket would be QPR - and balls to them. I know it doesn't work like that, but it's a neat solution where all parties win.
  7. Any London villans not got tickets to the Semi? Realised that the game is on BT, so will necessitate a visit to the pub, so wondered if anyone else was in the same position. I'm in Walthamstow, but willing to travel. Any takers? Any suggestions for a suitable venue?
  8. Find my position softening in Sherwood from being vehemently opposed to a bit meh. If Sherwood comes in who would be his assistants? Say it was someone more experienced like Ray Wilkins and some like Ugo, might be a good management team. Pure speculation on my part.
  9. We need two managers: 1 to guide us to safety over the next 12/13 games. Someone out of work, maybe a point to prove, knows the league inside out, disciplinarian - I give you: Sir Alex Ferguson - I wonder if he could be tempted out of retirement for the remained of the season - Million pound a point salary. 2 Once we know what division we in next season, then we an appoint a long term successor - any one of the names that have been banded about.
  10. The thing is that you can not look at one case in isolation, it's all or nothing, and I suspect the gov't couldn't afford to make prisoners spend their full sentence in prison. Not to mention any rehabilatory benefits of being released under licence. I do agree that to be out after 2.5 years does seem lenient.
  11. Football is now a business, so the decision to employ Evans will come down to the cost of employing him (eg loss if sponsors or stayaway protest fans) vs the money generated from a Ched Evans driven promotion. Ultimately the public has a very short memory, and next week there'll be someone else in the news deflecting attention away from Evans. To be honest I suspect it's all a moot point, as being out of the game for 3 years, I'd doubt he'd play at the same standard as before his conviction and he'll end up plying his trade someway below the football league.
  12. How Henderson gets in the team is beyond me. Even if we ignore the own goal, he keeps on giving the ball away - we get away with it against shite like this, but we'll get punished against a decent team.
  13. James Brown - or more specifically, his popularity.
  14. I've been a supporter of Lambert, not so much with a belief that he's a great manager, but I believed that the constant changing of managers was counter-productive, and benefits of stability outweighed the ills of lambert as a manager. Enough is now enough! And it's time for change. Someone posted on this or another thread the Einstein quote about expecting different results without changing anything, this is one if my biggest gripes - how many times have gabby and Weimann played as wide forwards and offered us nothing, I bet they both start against Spurs. As for who should replace him then I'd like to think out of the box. My suggestion, and I've no idea where or if he's employed elsewhere, would be Jorge Sampaoli, the manager of Chile in the World Cup. They were a joy to watch, and with the exception of Sanchez (who's a wonderful player) their squad isn't so different to ours. What I saw was a team with belief, with a plan, with belief in the plan, playing a brand of skilful technical football. I know it's fanciful, as no matter how bad it gets, I just can't see Lambert being given the push.
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