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  1. Good performance, think we'll see more of him this preseason.
  2. Yea. We've been to poor at making sure our younger players gets minutes in seniorfotball for far to long.
  3. O'hare and RHM having some positive moments on the ball.
  4. Shrewsbury has been impressive. Well orginized, presses well, plenty of energy. They are giving us a good preseason run out.
  5. Think he would do as a backup. Slot in whe. When there is a crisis. As for green I think he needs to play a full seasons, there's talent there, what's lacking is application. He should have had more minutes as a senior footballer by now.
  6. Bjarnason has been decent. But his inability to play the ball out wide, or pass thru midfield pressing line really slows us down.
  7. The amount of runs he made that didn't get picked out with a pass...
  8. Jota looks great. Most impressive player so far. He's a baller. Wesley looks a bit lost on when to press or not, almost lazy.
  9. Skruff

    Douglas Luiz

    Where can I find the interview?
  10. Naturally. It was all very circumstantial. I just remember him mentioning it in a post match interview, after the plays off finals I think. We're all glad he stayed. But if it weren't for the new owners it's certain he would have been gone.
  11. Well he said in a interview he thought he was leaving that summer. So pretty close I assume.
  12. He's a good choice for them. He might be able to keep them over the line or get them back up. Good luck Bruce.
  13. Well high amount of clearances per 90 min. Very few tackles, blocks and interceptions. Can only assume, as other have said. He's always on the right place at the right time. Getting at the ball before any of the attackers. Very little video of him, but as seen, he can tackle. Another interesting stat is that he creates about 0.4 chances per 90 min. Which is very good for a central defender. Great passer of the ball judging by stats.

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