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  1. **** off. Brilliant performance by Villa tonight. Harsh.
  2. He's absolutely brilliant. Top top player. Motm for me.
  3. Feels like this might be a long and brutal second half.
  4. Sterling is active, he blocks Heatons view. Affecting the game. Should be offside no?
  5. I'd give AEG a go now. He's good when he got a point to prove.
  6. One of the best players in the league. Hands down. He's been world class since moving into that freerole. Getting better each game.
  7. Surprised Grealish didn't get a yellow for diving, seeing that he lost the balance from the tackle before realising the ball to Targett.
  8. Enjoy your coming England debut Jack!
  9. How the **** can some of the faults against us be disregarded as they're not clear and obvious. While a clean challenge for the ball is viewed as clear and obvious? Does my head in. Lovely goal from Grealish.
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