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  1. Skruff


    Was in Plitvice last summer. Stayed at B&B close to the park, about a 30 min bus ride. There are plenty of options, when it comes to accommodation in the villages around the park. I'm pretty sure there's buses to/from the park from any of the bigger cities as well. If you're going to Plitvice, make sure you get there early(if you're there in holiday seasons). As early as possible. By 10 o clock it starts turning into a horrible tourist trap. And you'll spend the day walking/standing in ques, behind guided groups or people taking photos for Instagram.
  2. Cardiff has made claims to fifa that Salas contract was invalid. They truly are trying their best not to pay a dime. Disgusting.
  3. I don't really see the issue with what he's saying in itself. Obviously it requires a lot more to perform at Premier league level then championship. I have no doubt Jack will do that once he gets the chance. But its yet to be proven. However it comes across hypocritical when he calls up other championship players or fringe players from a top 4(6)club.
  4. Skruff


    Poorly written by me. If it was unclear. What I was trying to say was that they have their use short term, and they can be a helpful tool if used properly, with the right guidance.
  5. Skruff


    Benzos are good for short term. They are very comfortable to use, in the long term they aliviate your symptoms without dealing with your problems. It should be used in cooperation with a therapist, psycatrist and or psychopharmacists. They're a great tool if administered properly. Too many GPs write out prescription without giving it too much thought. Once you've used them for a while they're hard to get off, as the symptoms of withdrawal usually gives you anxiety, restlessness, lack of sleep and other uncomfortable effects. Hence many people struggle getting of it by themselves. Not only does the world come rushing back, it comes with all the abstinence, which has the symptoms you were trying to get rid of in the first place. Needs(should be) to be done with a plan, cutting down the dosage slowly. That's not to take away the great clinical effect they have in short term treatment in acute psycriatic cases.
  6. I wonder how much time and money that's been/will be put into the campaign and the should I stay or should a go now? End results? Pre brexit status quo?
  7. All bull and hocus pocus AFAIK.
  8. Diet and physical health are related. But it depends on who, what and how. In acute suffering and problems such as mentioned here. It's the wrong end to start on. But defiently something to consider later on. But a obviously change to be consider is cutting down/out coffee as it aggregates anxiety. CBT is good, and it works. For many people. Pshycopharmancy should be considered in severe cases. For a short term, with proper guidance and a plan. So you'll actually be able to start and go thru with your treatment. Have in mind that there might be an underlying depression. But you will go thru that with your therapist, If you haven't all ready. Without knowing mutch. It sounds like you've been pushing thru and living with a high degree of job related stress for a long time. For many people the mind/body eventually says stop. Wish you all the best Chindie. Know that you'll be better with time. Even if you're in a hard place at the moment.
  9. He seems a bit hesitant to challenge players and take them on. Both cutting inside and on the outside. You see bits off skill and magic. It's just that moment of hesitance that's holding him back. Chicken break thru the egg. Needs time.
  10. He's been gradually improving under Smith. Had a great game today. Long may it continue
  11. Taylor has been good defensively so far. Nice to see fans get behind him.
  12. Great news that he will be back. It's a long time since he's played. So I can't really remember how good he was. I know he was good. Had some great games before the injury. But are we expecting a bit too much here? I'm not confident that unsettling a defence that at the moment is functioning really well is the greatest idea. But if he can form a partnership with Mings straight away, then sure! Sounds awesome.
  13. True. I feel very confident about this game myself. Which is what worries me!

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