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  1. If they were proselytising, or virtue signalling if you wish, I agree with with you. If they were simply explaining why they were vegan, I don't see the issue. Can't being vegan be your own moral/health decision as well? If I say: I take drugs, I know it's bad and promotes said things. But I still do it, because, whatever reason, lack of impulse control, escapism etc. But I'd like to do something thats morally good and positive as well, so I've chosen to have a vegan diet, for animal welfare and sustainability. Surely that's a none issue? (FYI I don't do drugs and I eat meat)
  2. Agreed. Jumping might become a bit awkward.
  3. Your arms should be along your body. If it's point out in either direction at a given angel, say 45 degrees our more It should result in a handball. What do you need your arms flailing around for anyways? Push and pull other players?
  4. I'd see the issue if they were selling it to anyone besides themselves. If the owners own the club and stadium under one company or two companies, it doesn't make a difference. Its a technicality. Still the same owner. We have to have faith that they have our club interest at heart. And if they don't, it doesn't matter whether its listed under one or two coampanies, they're still the owners. I'd be more worried that there isn't a certain percentage of the club that's owned by the fans. Take any owner, they can break the club apart and sell it asset by asset if they like it. Its out of our hands.
  5. That's the most British thing I've ever heard.
  6. If people want to go vegan, good for them. Good for their health, for the sustainability of the world etc. I don't get the whole moral discussion it always leads to though. Neither the "you're a bad person for eating meat and I'm a good person for not eating meat" nor the "you shouldn't do anything positive or good, because you're doing some other thing that's not". Both arguments are ridiculous.
  7. Was top 10 000 thru most of the season. Really lost out the last month and plummeted down to 50 000 something. Finished near the top in the VT league and won my friend league by 1 point. Quite content with that. Need to plan better for dead game weeks and double game weeks next season though.
  8. I don't like cheating. And I don't like the idea of teams losing because of human error(referees). So I'm all for it. However it still has some hickups and needs to be used more concisely and efficient. Off sides, Red Cards/Second yellow, diving, violent conduct, penalties.
  9. Hello? Is this the Leeds thread? Naught you say? Guess I'll head over to other football then
  10. I suspect we'll start with a similar team as we've seen before. However seeing that both our right wingers are performing below par at the moment. I hope we go for either one of these. Steer Elmo Tuanzebe Mings Taylor Hourihane Whelan Grealish McGinn Tammy El Ghazi Or Steer Elmo Tuanzebe Mings Taylor McGinn Whelan Grealish Tammy Kodjia El Ghazi
  11. Think we've looked a bit complacent ever since Rotherham to be honest. Then we get smacked with reality during the first half and get our shit together for second.
  12. Skruff

    Joe Lolley

    Can't wait to hear the Kryten chants from the stands at Villa Park.
  13. Skruff

    Tyrone Mings

    Can be a bit overconfident at times. His only weakness really.
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