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  1. Completely agree. At times there's definitely a pass on and he chooses not not, even when it's well within his ability to do so. No idea if its down to instructions, playing style or lack of trust in his team mates. I believe he'd bee a even better player if he'd interchange between slowing down and going direct more often.
  2. Didn't watch the match. But my general impression is that our pressing has been poor for as long as Smith has been here. I'm yet to see that we press organised as a unit thru a whole match. There's usually one to three players pressing, but it's unsynchronized, so they don't lock off the passion options quick enough. At the same time the rest of the team are way too slow to cover the ground/players in the space that opens up It's like we're trying play with a deep block at the same time as the front players are pressing. It doesn't seem like the players are instructed or trained on where and how to initiate press. Feels like they waste energy chasing shadows.
  3. Only watched the last 10 minutes of the game. But it seemed to be no urgency what so ever. No one taking responsibility on the pitch, except one and that's Luiz. Disappointing.
  4. Skruff

    Keinan Davis

    Always rated him. Delighted to see him given a go from start. He got very close to scoring his first goal, it's just a matter of time.
  5. When he's switched on he's great, he needs to work on the mental part of his game and learn to tap into the state he's in when he feels he has something to prove on the pitch. Too often he surrenders and give up, consciously or not, as a result his performance suffers.
  6. What makes you say that? If people confide to you and seek support, it's a testament to your character. That doesn't mean they're incapable of supporting you, It might even empower them, being able to return the favor. It's often a misconception that you have to carry your own burden yourself, simply because someone shared theirs with you. (without knowing any details, speaking generally)
  7. Agreed. When I see how certain.clubs and players act in these situations, it just gives me a feeling of disdain. They're so far removed from the reality of normal peoples life, or even worse, consider themselves above it all. Why should we keep lining their pockets? Im feeling pretty much done with football at the moment. Hopefully it will pass, but the emotional involvement just isn't there anymore.
  8. Thank you. If he left details, it's a different story, for me at least. Still, what a major fuckup.
  9. By the looks of it: Out partying, drunk driving and running from an accident. I hope none of it is true. If it is...
  10. The viral disease/epidemic expert in the JRE podcast posted some pages back, said that they thought the reason for death rates amog men being higher then women. Was partly due to smoking being more prevalent among men in Chinese culture.
  11. Any European country with more then 1+ cases of corona with an unconfirmed source of infection should implement the same measures the Chinese did as soon as possible. You'll see the numbers skyrocketing and the halthcare system overloaded country by country. The lack of action from governments are concerning. They seem determined to not learn from Italy. This is will get ugly quickly. Hopefully other countries will follow Denmarks lead. Seeing a full Anfield tonight...
  12. How can we be this terrible at defending set pieces
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