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  1. Skruff


    Wes McGinn Hourihane Grealish Nakamba Luiz Plenty of freedom for McGinn and Grealish to run in behind Wes. They're both capable of beating a man or drift wide and get a cross in. Both of them got a decent shot as well. And they both have the technical ability to play in small confined areas. They would probably give Wes an easier job as the opposition would have to "spend" some men to keep Grealish and McGinn covered as well. Instead of just isolating our wingers out wide where they, so far, has been left completely isolated. Hourihane can serve as a link. Spray passes. Has a great shot from outside the box. And most importantly his crosses/free kicks. Nakamba and Luiz to do the dirty work. Both of them are capable of working tight areas, holding up the ball, breaking up play and winning free kicks. Luiz also got a great range of passing, and would be able to pick out our fullbacks making runs, or find other outlets if our main outlets gets isolated. Subs:Jota, Landsbury, Trez, El Ghazi.
  2. Skruff


    He made some smart passes. Worked hard. Was a huge issue that Guilbert bombed forward way too often. Jota were being closed down by 2-3 players as soon as he recieved the ball from Guildbert and Guilbert would make the run behind those players while none of the midfielders were dropping down to offer Jota a passing option. Leaving him alone versus 2-3 players and not one player to play the ball too.
  3. Bad day at the office. I think and hope he'll come back stronger.
  4. So elegant and effortless defending. World class in the making.
  5. Guilbert needs to stop bombing forward when Jota is covered by two/three players. Jota got no passing options. And there's no cover if/when he loses it. Its going to cost us eventually, nearly did all ready. We should look to exploit the gaps in midfield when they cover Jota.
  6. Gave the demo a run. Has a much better feel to it this year.
  7. That's some top quality finishing in both goals. Impressive.
  8. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    Weren't we playing with 4 midfielders and 1 winger at a parts of the game vs Crewe?
  9. when you would try to get those 78-82 rated players that where good at one or two areas of the game. Find that pacy winger or defensive midfielder who also could pass. Eventually you'd afford one or two top players in there. Good Times!
  10. I've been advocating for Taylor quite a lot. But there was quite a few attacks that broke down on the left versus Crystal Palace. There was one particular moment where he had space and time to challenge their full back, put in a cross, or a thru ball(would be a difficult one). And he chose to play it all the way back to midfield . Which let Crystal Palace re establish their defensive line. I honestly wouldn't mind giving McGinn a go at left back.
  11. So it's more or less a game of chicken going on between Borris and the EU? If it all ends up in a no deal exit. That would surely strangle your economy, for a few years? Regardless of foreign investments being made. You're basically cutting yourself off from half of your current market? What's the general consensus on the consequences of a hard exit among UK economist's, analyst's and statisticians? What's being said behind all the noise of media, self serving politicians and people arguing whether or not this was a good idea?
  12. Sorry, care to elaborate on that? Is that the narrative that's being painted by the politicians pushing for the exit?(I imagine it's a satirical comment I don't understand)
  13. So you guys really seem to be heading for a No Deal exit? Is that the most plausible outcome at the moment? How will that effect your economy? I imagine there would be huge consequences in terms of, trade defecits, stagnation in the job market, plenty of capital being moved out of the country, and a pund sterling that plummets even further?

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