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  1. Skruff

    Mungo Bridge

    Looked like a DM playing CB to me. Very comfortable on the ball, good at carrying it forward. Not so dominant in the air.
  2. Every tackle, block and 50/50 won feels like a goal scored.
  3. Been a while since I've screamed out fully when Villa scored. Loving this!
  4. You could argue that we got help from the refs/var in them not sending Mings off after elbowing Pogba. Sure bigger clubs get the rub of the green slightly more often. Conspiracy, doubtful, that's more to do with our own confirmation bias and us being sore after loosing.
  5. At times he makes good defensive runs as well, so it's not like he's incapable or completely unwilling. I think it's more about concentration fitness and adaption to whats expected of a winger in the PL. Changing habits takes time.
  6. He doesn't see him and kicks just as he rolls into the kick. No way it's intentional
  7. Defensive duties set aside. His ability the hold up and keep the ball under pressure is a joy to watch. They way he links up with Luiz with small intricate passes, love and behold. They passed themselves out of pressure, making it look too easy at times, ballers. Or the way he glides and dribbles past 2-5 players to then switch play perfectly over to other side.Fantastic player. Very few had the ability to do that. He beat Chelseas pressure single handedly at times.
  8. I'm still amazed Buendia hasn't been picked up. I'd love him here.
  9. Hopefully this season will teach us all to be a bit more humble and have some patience as fans.
  10. Saka. Impresses every time I watch Arsenal play, especially today.
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