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  1. Nyland made some great shot stops as well. This guy is flailing in the box the same way Nyland did, just looks more confident while doing it. And his distribution isn't anywhere near Nylands. Not one clean sheet yet. Conceeded plenty so far. I think he'll come good and will prove to be an upgrade . But calling him x10 times better then Nyland? You sound like a jealous lover who got dumbed who's convinced their suspectible rebound is way way better.
  2. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    Yesterday I saw two things. Some of the players are incapable in playing the way Smith wants them too. Either we have to give them time be learn or be replaced. At the same time they are far more capable when they are in the right mental state.We've seen these players act this way before. However we also saw that Smith was able to get a response out of them. And we saw how We're supposed to look in second half. It was good, and what we expect every game. And I'm sure Dean Smith does too. It was a good turnaround after a terrible start, following two terrible games. Against the inform team in the league. No reason to call for his replacement yet.
  3. Skruff

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    I'd like to see BB replaced.
  4. Skruff

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Terrible atmosphere from the start. Understandable, but sadly it affects our players.
  5. Skruff

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    He's strolling into space. Our tempo is terrible. Every player needs 2-3 touches to control the ball. Then a few seconds to release it. We're so easy to close down, it's very worrying
  6. Skruff

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    No one brings the ball forward. No one passes it forward. They are all scared.
  7. Skruff

    Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    We miss Nyland/Tuanzebe. Clearly incapable of playing the ball out of defence with the current players lined up.
  8. Skruff

    Pre-match thread

    Bree-Chester-Elphick-Hause-Hutton ----------------McG-------CH----------------- -----------------Bolasie(roaming)--------- ---------Davies----------Abraham--------
  9. Skruff

    Fantasy Football 2018/19

    Very little interest for FPL in here compared to what it used to be. Guess it goes with the territory.
  10. Skruff

    Manchester United

    A weak small team from a tiny village in Norway? You're painting a very rosy picture here. Molde has won the cup and been runner up in the league a few times prior to Solskjær. They've also played in champions league. They're one of the club's with the best facilities in the league. You also forgot to mention the strong financial backing Solskjaer got from Røkke, from the get go. All while Rosenborg was in a turmoil. Haaland came from Bryne. Really flourished under Solskjær though. Elyounoussi came thru in Sarpsborg. F. Gulbrandsen came thru in Lillstrøm. Leo Ostigaard hardly played for Moldes senior team(correct me if I'm wrong). Solskjær did a really good job in Molde. But don't make it sound like he was the mastermind behind a rags to riches story ala Leicester. There are other managers in Norway who have done great jobs in way smaller clubs, with far less resources. When that's said. He's doing a great job in United so far. And I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up getting the job. I think they might end up competing for that 4th place.
  11. Skruff

    André Green

    Might as well have bumped one of the others youth players up? Instead of disrupting his loan. I guess that they have plans to use him.
  12. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    You'll seem to have forgotten quite few of the games we've had under our previous managers. We seem to be the least patient with Smith compared to the others. One or two bad performances/result and it's close to doomsday. If our players have half the mental fragility as we as fans have. It's no wonder if everything collapses after 1 bad game.