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  1. Mcginns quality on the ball has been really poor. He's never been the most technical but damn...
  2. Just saw him pop up in team of the week in fifa. So I assume he's doing quite well at the moment?
  3. Nakamba, Luiz and Ramsey would be more balanced midfield with McGinn and Barkley out of form. Hope we get to see that.
  4. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    We're a young team, and plenty of players having their first or second season in then PL. Expecting us the perform at the same high level every match isnt realistic. We've all ready taking huge strides compared to last season.
  5. Skruff

    Keinan Davis

    Front three of Jack - Davis - Watkins for next game please.
  6. Was a steady decent performance. He broke up play plenty of times during the game. Besides a few sloppy passes he kept it neat and tidy. Did the hard work for the rest of the midfield. McGinn and Ramsey failed to capitalise. No point in him winning the ball when there's no one else taking responsibility brining it forward. Surplus to requirements after the red card. In hindsight should have been coupled with Luiz for this game IMO.
  7. Pass it backwards and cross it to the backpost. Repeat. Not single player beating the press/defensive lines by either carrying the ball or passing. We didn't even overlap and put a hard cross into the box even though they sat back with a very narrow formation.
  8. Take some shots, or pass it to Target when he makes runs into the box. Stop that cross to backpost project, its clearly not working.
  9. Some of it is down to tactics. It was clear he was pressing high up the pitch, at times higher up than Watkins. Constantly made runs in behind Watkins and took up positions as a striker throughout the game. It's unreasonable so expect him to contribute too much further down the pitch when he's been instructed otherwise. However the pressing seemed half arsed, never close to getting the ball, getting a foot in or getting physical at all. It looks more like pointless running then pressing. He's completely switched off as soon as we drop down defending deeper. If you compare h
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