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  1. Should change other to another while you're at it. Or just do the easy thing and say: I was wrong
  2. Any idea for how long he's out? March?
  3. Skruff

    Ezri Konsa

    Both His and Hause inability(or instructions not to) to switch the play to the wingbacks annoys me. It's devestating when playing with a back three. They only seem to be playing it straight forward, or sideways to Mings. At a stretch cross it between each other. There's been plenty of situations to relieve pressure by switching play horizontally, where the wings backs are completely open and they have time to make the cross. Where it just doesn't happen. Just block off the midfielders, and they end up passing it between the wingback at the same side or to Mings. The pressing players can keep pressing and voila we hoof the ball away or try to play a desperate ball along the ground vertically. Which just leads to us losing the ball over and over.
  4. Skruff

    Dean Smith

    What worries me is our pressing. We're pressing one by one, and at half distance. We don't cover the passing lanes nor pressing the ball carriers. At times we look organised while sitting back. But that's where it stops.
  5. Looked good for about 10 minutes. Then it all went to shit. Poor man management by Smit.
  6. It's easy to say in hindsight. But I was sceptical to starting Drinkwater right off the bat. Dropping the pace we have a in Trezeguet and Guillbert as well.
  7. Half a season loan, if not. No thanks
  8. Luiz was the only one brave enough to show for the ball. Unlucky he had a poor touch, and less time that he thought. He'll learn from it.
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