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  1. He is dead to me. The club moves on.
  2. How can a player with 1 year left on his contract cost 40M? I'm thinking more around 15M or so - and that's only because they know we have the money.
  3. Dortmund would have been in the ESL if German clubs were to have accepted the invite. Anyway, all their top players will leave for even bigger clubs. It's basically a food chain. Even the likes of Dortmund, Atletico, Arsenal and Spurs cannot hold on to their top talents anymore. It's a sad reality.
  4. It's his agents telling him that for him to be a global superstar and icon and maximize his brand he needs to be at a club like ManCity. Name one current day football icon at the peak of their career that is not at one of the ESL clubs or PSG/Bayern?
  5. I'm thinking there is an understanding that Jack can leave after his replacement(s) are secured (so Villa are not fleeced by selling clubs). The only other thing it could potentially be is that City and Villa have not agreed on the terms (transfer fee, installments, etc.) I was quite confident he would stay with us a few days back, but the fact that a new contract has yet to be announced leads me to believe that he is off.
  6. If it means him staying at the club, I could careless if this drags on until the end of the transfer window.
  7. This is the crucial year. If we don't get into Europe this season, no one will begrudge him leaving next summer.
  8. Sanson is essentially a 2021/22 signing. So that's a formidable trio on paper - all "Europe" level
  9. There was a point where Lerner realized to compete in the Premier League you need to invest hundreds of millions (now billions) and a few million was not enough. I worry that NSWE will come to a similar conclusion and plus the fact that everything is stacked in favor of the established top clubs.
  10. I was super confident. Not anymore, unfortunately.
  11. Quite surprised by the news as I was very confident Jack would stay. Maybe he still will (fingers crossed) If he goes, I really feel it will be due to enormous pressure from his agent who 1) wants to cash in 2) feels Grealish needs to be at a club like ManCity to become a truly global superstar For me Jack will be another Dwight Yorke. I'll keep an eye on his career, but really not be be invested in it and could careless if he is associated with the club again in the future
  12. Grealish signed a 5 year deal 10 months ago. He does not have the leverage to demand a transfer so quickly. More money, sure, and he deserves it.
  13. Good move for both him and us if this happens at the quoted fee of around EUR 15M
  14. That was a terrible red card decision, but having watched quite a lot of Brazil, I feel Luiz has been pretty poor all summer long. He is in a funk.
  15. Surprised to see the negativity for a preseason match. Thought we played a good half with some nice passing and a couple of decent chances. Nakamba and Bogarde stood out.
  16. Makes me think of Gareth Barry who made his debut at age 17 years 2 months. Bogarde already a few months older.
  17. Villa TV not compatible with my Chromecast. Will have to watch all matches on my laptop.
  18. Yes, but how much are we potentially being offered? Wouldn't be interested unless we make a profit, something we have not done on a player for ages.
  19. Just playing devil's advocate - Rooney gave up his hero status at Everton to be a global superstar at ManUtd. Couldn't a similar argument be made for Grealish?
  20. From what I saw in the first half, Douglas Luiz seems a bit out of synch.
  21. I like El Ghazi, but watching him today I had similar thoughts to that of @MaVilla. The Academy players seem to have caught-up, if not surpassed him technically. His main attributes now are his experience and penalty taking ability, not much else.
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