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  1. Was it their age that was the issue though? I think it was more the fact that they weren't good enough tbh. Young wouldn't be my first choice. I don't think he's a great full back in a back 4 (or as a winger either). Wouldn't hate it though.
  2. None of the first team doing that drill. Hope he starts Friday, but not optimistic.
  3. I expected Southgate to take JWP or Lingard - so I'm a little surprised both seem axed currently. Looks like Ollie will benefit, so great news for him. Imagine Southgate sees it something like: Mount (Foden/Grealish) / Henderson (Bellingham) / Rice (Philipps). JWP would be battling for the Henderson/Bellingham slot clearly - don't think it's a huge travesty he hasn't made it to be honest (providing Henderson is fully fit). I agree JWP is clearly the best set piece specialist in England. Trent/ Maddison probably the next best two pure free kick takers, but obviously neither in the sq
  4. Left-wing is even more competitive than left-back though. Grealish, Sterling, Rashford and Sancho all play their best football there. Foden could play there too. EDIT: Just seen you said right-wing. Makes more sense - I thought Saka played LW though.
  5. TAA and JWP too it seems. I reckon Ramsdale and two of the centre backs will complete the exodus. Most likely White and then one of Godfrey, Coady and Mings.
  6. By “new clever tactics” do you mean playing without a recognised striker or with no clear DM? As they played without a ‘recognised’ striker all season (with Gundogan, etc playing false 9). Aguero is shot and Jesus isn’t good enough. Neither started vs. PSG or Dortmund. No one commented because they walked both games, as per. Rodri played both games - so that was the big change vs. City’s more usual set-up. But he’d played both Rodri and Fernandinho in the FA Cup semi when they lost 1-0 to Chelsea - and he started Rodri in the game they lost to Chelsea 2-1 in the league after tha
  7. He’s a phenomenal manager - the truth is that it’s just incredibly difficult to “win the big one”. The record by any manager is 3 - Pep has won it twice, the same amount Sir Alex Ferguson managed in his whole United career. Although I admit it’s poor he lost all three of his games to Tuchel this year.
  8. Literally exactly the same as the Kane/Cash incident. Similar one in the PSG/Barca game too. Given. VAR is supposed to get rid of these issues, it’s an absolute joke.
  9. McGinn hoons the ball off the pitch, why he even tries that diagonal... not sure I’ve ever seen him make one - how does he start ahead of Luiz
  10. I think they realised the spending limits in this ESL actually hurt them. They're successful currently because they can outspend these teams. With the ESL limits, they will be actually less able to compete with Barca/Real, et al. City and Chelsea don't actually need this league to survive. They're loaded. But as Liverpool and United want to be run like a business and turn a 'profit', they do.
  11. Surely you have to kick them out the PL. You can't let these teams have their cake and eat it. I know there will be short-term pain. Sponsors/Sky will scream and demand rebates, etc - but it's for the long-term good of the domestic game. There is literally no point these sides being in the same league as the rest. If you can't stop the Super League, let these clubs become plastic franchises streaming content to Asia. Football existed before Sky branded it. Protect the integrity of the game and people in the UK will watch. I personally won't really miss having 100k Egyptians commenti
  12. What is the view of this in Spain/Italy? What do fans of the teams like Granada and Bologna think. Have they played in an uncompetitive league system for so long that this move is by-the-by?
  13. I thought each team would negotiate its own TV/streaming deal? Spurs have a huge global fan base - but not compared to Real/Barca/United.
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