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  1. One of his best games for us. Linked up with Jack excellently. Grealish is so much more effective out wide when his overlap isn’t just a decoy (i.e. isn’t Neil Taylor..). Targett is still not there defensively, I agree with some above that he could’ve done better with their goal - seemed to let Kelechi drift past him tbh. 3-5-2 suits him a lot more anyway.
  2. Cizzler

    Ørjan Nyland

    He’s played exceptionally well in both legs. He also had a very good performance vs. Liverpool earlier in the competition - he made some great saves early on in that one. Deserves the final now.
  3. Cizzler

    Ørjan Nyland

    This aged badly then
  4. Halfway through the season, and thoroughly unimpressed with his summer recruitment. I would be surprised if he still has a job if we go down. He was given one of the biggest budgets in the Premier League, and yet our best players are still the players from last season? Mings, Grealish, McGinn to an extent. I agree Mings, Hause and El Ghazi have been good signings - but not sure there was anyone on these boards who didn’t want to convert these loans into permanent deals? Hard to credit him there. Engels started well before tailing off a bit, getting injured and now can’t get into the team even though we’re playing a back three - but he’s shown some potential in my opinion. But really, would anyone sign any of Targett, Trezeguet, Nakamba, Douglas Luiz or Wesley knowing what they know now? Best part of £70m spent there. Heaton I will give him credit for. Konsa/Jota both feel very Smith influenced signings - so I feel harsh rating Jesus for. Although I would say Konsa has been generally good and Jota has been generally not.
  5. I mean, we’ve lost all three of the games he’s scored in - so not sure how important his goals really were . He’s just not very good. He’s slow and makes terrible decisions every game. Hard to believe Smith has not pulled him aside and told him to stop trying to beat people on the edge of our own box? Just seems to happen every game, why can’t be learn he’s not good enough to try that.
  6. I wasn’t blaming their goal on him. I just remarked that it was naive to lose the ball in exactly the same manner as Luiz did, after he’d just watched it cost us a goal. I don’t really care about his stats vs. McGinn over the season as I’m purely talking about how badly he played tonight. As you’ve brought stats into it, I checked. He made 1 interception, made 4 tackles out of 6 attempted and was dribbled around twice. Meh. So if he lost possession 9 times himself tonight, that’s a net negative in possession of -4. I actually agree that he’s our best option if we’re playing in a midfield two. I fully believe he needs to start because none of our other midfielders could even register those stats. Ultimately, right now, he’s not good enough on the ball to play in the league yet he’s a guaranteed starter. I just think that’s a worrying place to be in - but the less said about our summer recruitment the better.
  7. Better than Jack? Interesting. If you’re not including Grealish - I guess you just mean he was better than Luiz? Which really isn’t saying much as Luiz was horse shit. 73% as a team is woeful. You can’t just look at statistics though. If our centre backs trusted him on the ball, they would play the easy pass to his feet - they rightly don’t - instead, they have to go long, etc. Do you have stats for how many times he lost the ball tonight? I remember him getting shrugged off the ball in front our box the very next phase of play after we’d conceded. He’d just watched Luiz lose the ball like that for their goal. How naive can you get? He probably does break up play better than anyone in our squad currently but that’s a damming indictment. I’m not writing-off his Villa career or anything, I saw something positive in his first few games for us. But unless he drastically improves in possession, he’s done.
  8. Cizzler

    Kortney Hause

    Ehh, yes, defenders should be able to defend. But what’s the point in winning the ball back just to pass it straight to the opposition? If he can’t find a man, hoof it. He needs to accept his limitations. Leicester were getting chances directly from his poor distribution as we were not yet in shape and one of them was a Vardy 1:1. Also, is Stones actually bad defensively? Yes, he makes far too many mistakes because he thinks he’s better on the ball than he is - but I don’t actually think he’s a bad defender. He gets his criticism (and rightly so) for his stupid blunders in possession. His defending at the WC and last season for City was actually pretty good.
  9. 86% isn’t good enough anyway - but it was the fact that he was rarely under immediate pressure but he was still needlessly giving the ball away. The header to bypass Mings to set up Vardy was also pretty special. He’s young and in a new league, I get it. I also admit we don’t really have a player like him that can break-up play. It’s just he’s not actually that good at breaking-up play either and he’s currently a liability in possession.
  10. Mings and Grealish were good, as per usual. Nyland had a great game (as he has every time he’s been called upon this season). Konsa and Hause defended well. But Hause really needs to improve his distribution (I dread to think what his passing accuracy was tonight) and Konsa was naive for the goal. Luiz and Nakamba were appalling. Scared in possession, passes to no one, pretty embarrassing to be honest. El Ghazi looked more dangerous than Trezeguet. Which isn’t the highest praise ever as I think Trezeguet is an absolutely terrible player who also played terribly tonight. Edit: forgot the fullbacks. Neil Taylor really does limit the team as he’s worse than a non-entity when we try to attack down his flank - but defensively I guess he was okay. Having him and Hause next to each other is hard as neither one can actually pass a football. Guilbert did well for the goal, fair play.
  11. Cizzler

    Kortney Hause

    If he’s going to play for England, he’s going to need to learn how to actually keep possession/ pass to a team-mate. Lost count of how many times in the first half he just gifted the ball straight back to Leicester for them to counter. He’s by far our best defender aerially though.
  12. We look so much more solid 3-5-2. Now if someone could just grab Hause at half-time and tell him we’re the team playing in Claret and Blue, that would be great.
  13. We need a new right back and a new left back. Not one of Elmo, Guillbert, Taylor or Targett is good enough. Targett is probably the best footballer of the 4, but just has absolutely no bottle for this relegation fight we’re in (the ‘injuries’ against Wolves and now Watford irk me). He isn’t good defensively anyway. We also need a striker. Whether Wes is seriously injured or not, Kodjia is just not up to it and Davis is far too unproven (and to be honest has never looked like a natural finisher). If we don’t target these three positions with heavy investment, I think staying up will be a real struggle.
  14. Cizzler

    Dean Smith

    I was Smith Out after that Watford performance, it was dreadful and I couldn’t see how he’d keep us up - but credit where it’s due for finally changing the system. We’re in with a fighting chance of beating relegation and in the LC semi-final. Let’s hope he can kick on from here.
  15. Cizzler

    Ezri Konsa

    I don’t think he was fouled for their goal, just outmuscled. I like him though, and if we continue to play 3-5-2 he will be crucial as he is so much better at bringing the ball out of defence than Hause.
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