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1% Villa: Greetings from Villa - Italy


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These Villa-less (if Villa-less is the word that I search, and if it does make sense in English) WE are very boring, mates.

So, let's me try to entertain you for 10 minutes, and introduce you to a little village in Italy that is named like our beloved club.

I beg your pardon in advance for my poor English.

As you surely know, Villa is an Italian word (this could be the reason why Villa is so loved in Italy, because for a little kid the name is easier to understand than Wanderers or Rovers :P).

The roots of the name Villa have been very well clarified in this forum some years (according to Nick Hornby I should say: seasons [ 8)] ago.

In Italy Villa means either village ("VILLAggio" in Italian) and country residence, and it's very likely that one of these two meanings (nobody knows which one) is at the origin of an old Villa Road and the Villa cross in Handsworth.



The Villa cross was a toll gate, and it was such important that it gave the name to the entire surrounding area, included a Wesleyan chapel.

The football club took this name because it was founded by the members of this Villa Cross Wesleyan Chapel in Handsworth, and because the place of foundation was half-way between ASTON and the said VILLA cross.


But this is well known.

What I wanted to share with you, mates, is that in Italy it's plenty of small villages named VILLA.

The one that I'd like to introduce to you is VILLA di Gargnano, on the Garda lake.

It's a beautiful village with a delicious and charmant small harbour, with a bar where on holidays we love to waste time from morning to evening (it serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers).







My family owns an old VILLA in Villa, that is just in front of the lake, and was erected by the father of my grandmother, that was an artist, and painted all the walls of the house.

Now we use it for the WE and holidays.


The House is named VILLETTA Maria. Villetta means "small villa" (in its meaning of country house) and Maria was my grand mother.


I think that my great grandfather had a very British humour; in this self-portrait he wrote that in 1896 he turned to black as, with the temperature of 40°, he was surrounded by seven women and one thousands of flies :winkold: .


At those times there was not football on TV, so he had the time to write on the walls the history of the family (then we have continued his work). . .



Well, I don't want to annoy you nor abuse of your time and patience, mates.

Just greetings from Villa, and up the Villa!



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Thanks to you all mates for your kind comments.

Fantastic post with some great pictures too ! Love hearing little stories like this. Have you ever made the trip to Villa Park to watch a game?

Sure. We use to come 3 or 4 times every season, home or away.

This is the report of our last visit: http://latinlions.forumfree.it/?t=61484291

I don't know whether you agree or not, bur Fulham is our favourite away trip: http://latinlions.forumfree.it/?t=51993864

Two years ago the Aston Villa began the good old tradition to reciprocate the visit, sending a delegation with officials and former players, I will post the next reports in English (or something similar): http://latinlions.forumfree.it/?t=60853971

We also met in Italy the musician Spizz: http://latinlions.forumfree.it/?t=48918217

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Great post, as we've come to expect from Archie. Always brings a smile to see the love the Latin Lions have for the club.

Looks like a beautiful place, and such a fantastic name too! :winkold:

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