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  1. well... that escalated quickly, Hajduk is now out of Europe and Lovre is one of the scapegoats
  2. spotted in dubrovnik, he is becoming a global celebrity
  3. there are so many options with designing a proper claret and blue kit, they went with 'lets give them wider tyre tracks this season'
  4. i get a feeling that zero effs were given designing our home kit
  5. or maybe they ran out of pallets
  6. hope it's not an injury
  7. he shouldn't be reffing a game ever again
  8. love watching villa again after all those shitty seasons... and god bless teams that end up with potato face on their bench
  9. Tony Moon handed two-year suspended prison sentence for sharing sex tape.
  10. also, his english is getting better, can't wait to see him play again
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