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  1. Yep “it happens” but too regularly over the years.
  2. For me ‘Glory’ at the moment is either winning something or qualifying for Europe. I agree neither is imminent but hard to see how Smith will get us either and I really like the guy.
  3. I love Dean Smith, I really do. BUT sadly I have come to the conclusion that the result against Wolves sums why there will be no return to Glory while he is manager
  4. Maybe bring on Young for Ramsey? He would add a bit of calm and control.
  5. Brilliant - tremendous result and totally deserved!! UTV.
  6. We have played really well. I wish some fans would stop writing players off after less that 2 games. So boring and negative.
  7. Hahahahaha! Is Greedlick tired of winning yet?
  8. Albright Albrighton = Fox in the box! Greedlish = Cock in the box!
  9. Remember how Greedlick went to citeh to win things?
  10. Leicester should stick a proper Villa fan on their right. Marc Albrighton could kick Greedlick in the air.
  11. So does that mean we are going to field 13 players in future?
  12. Is that it? It really isn’t very inspiring.
  13. Confirming Grealish has gone and that a release clause was agreed last year for #100m if Champions league club came in for him
  14. **** him. I have deliberately not commented and this will be my last on Grealish as a Villa player. I do not wish him luck, despise his disloyalty and hope he fairs no better than Delph. Grealish claimed to be Villa through and through, which is BS as true supporters never change their colours. He is now an enemy glory hunter.
  15. Sadly this has been coming for years. They need to be told to **** off, kicked out of the PL and their players be banned from national teams. Way back in 2008/9 some may recall that there was a group in the PL calling for the end of relegation. At the time is was reported Lerner was involved, although he denied it I heard he, Glazer et al were the main movers. Basically the billionaire owners have been trying to corner the top flight of English football for years and it now seems inevitable.
  16. However Barkley perceives himself, I would argue he is a) no longer the player he was b) not a team player c) needs to grow up. His ‘look at me’ tactics when he was subbed spoke volumes and was disgraceful.
  17. I am really at a loss to understand why Barkley keeps playing. Either he is not fit, not interested, has it written that he must play at least 60 mins or thinks he is owed a living. When he went off SJM started to run the show. Keep playing Barkley and kiss goodbye to any lingering hope of a Euro place.
  18. Haven’t been on VT for a while but said exactly this to some friends during tonights game. Clearly the emphasis on an attacking midfield and breaking football has worked quite a few times this season but arguably we have been found out now. Over several games Barkley has been a passenger (I know he scored but that was it) who when involved invariably complicates things - I am not sure what he adds. Targett and Grealish have a good understanding, when Barkley gets involves he overplays and almost slows Grealish up.. For a guy who is known to be skillful on the ball, at times his short passing and speed on the ball is terrible. As the OP suggests, I agree it is time to try three in middle, maybe pushing SJM more forward, with Luiz and Sansom.
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