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  1. I'm disappointed not to get him but happy for the Brentford fans, I think you'll get one of the automatics. I don't blame the club asking big money, there is bigger money at stake.
  2. I'd forget this signing and hijack Brentfords bid Ghoddos. He looks brilliant.
  3. Agree with your last point. Only my opinion, but I think Maupay will adapt far quicker.
  4. I'd rather have Maupay. Leao will take two or three seasons to get going and then he'll be off.
  5. Not his best film. Probably Phone Box, in my opinion.
  6. I'm not sure where the hostility comes from on here, there is no difference - if one of ours does well, they get poached too.
  7. Heard that he has a release clause in his contract that WBA haven't allowed him to activate after a bid. He has therefore asked the PFA to get involved. Think the baggies are desperate for a CB as Lescott will definitely be leaving. I heard he wanted to exercise an option for extra year on his contract but the boggies are dragging feet
  8. I think people can complain, our net spend has been less than the amount Bristol City have just spent on a striker. That said, I do agree with a lot of your post. Perhaps we should have spent £18m on someone like the new lad at West Brom, rather than £12m on Ayew and £6m on Gestede. Replacing Benteke was always going to be our number one priority this summer, and we've not even come remotely close to achieving this. Blame for this gets shared between Lerner and Sherwood. But tbh, I don't think more net spend would have made much difference, given who sherwood has bought so far. I mean, he's spent another 15m or so on midfielders who don't seem to be any improvement on Westwood who, without bashing the lad as it seems he's one of our better players so far, we do need to improve on him to move forward as a team. The signings look average at best so far in the most part. The odd moment of magic sure but overall it's been disappointing. Early days yet of course but a lot depends on the bloke you've got spending the money net/not net. So far, sherwood doesn't seem to be as good as we hoped. Some people need to give the guy a break. Good as what, Fergie?! We were f***** last season until he came in and got a tune out of a very crap team under a manager that was dragging the players to new depths week after week. On top of that we lost in the summer our most influential players including the only real goalscorer we had. The club have had to spread the transfer money around the whole squad whilst insuring we remain competitive, no easy feat itself. Some people can appreciate this along with the quality of players we are bringing to the club and although young have far more potential than a lot of those before them. Whether people like it or not the rebuilding job required due to previous mismanagement is going to take far longer than the first couple of weeks into the season. We will be crap at times and others look great, it's the same for everyone else. Highlighted even more so by the fact that at the moment individual performances are better than the team performances. Look at it this way, the team are not a cohesive outfit at the moment, players are still adapting to foreign surroundings, learning new languages and new concepts of how the club/sherwood wants them to play. Even still with all that going on we have been more than an improvement on last season and even in our 2 loses have been competitive enough for people to cut Sherwood a little slack for a while at least. As they say, nail on head. Lost one world class striker, one England midfielder and also needed to rebuild almost every other position. The manager is doing well, needs time however.
  9. Its bollocks, nothing more
  10. Maybe it's rhyming slang and he meant knight
  11. The council have done a good job with that postcard, where is the beach to be built?
  12. what a piss take. Im out at 6pm too. ****.
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