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  1. We are either buying a superstar for forty million, or getting Clive Mendonca. Big game, Sunday.
  2. Morkery

    Tyrone Mings

    I thought he looked so assured in the Championship, that he'd be great in the premier league. He's good, just not a top six player.
  3. Morkery

    Tyrone Mings

    What happens if Villa get relegated? Oh, he gets a big move.
  4. Morkery

    Keinan Davis

    Davis is good in training. I’m pleased.
  5. He looks far from captain material to me. He looks happy to play himself as a victim - a good player letdown by his teammates. I can see why opposition fans/players dislike him. In this period of time, we could've done with him to behave himself off the pitch and bust a gut on it.
  6. There is no point wasting energy looking at other results. This team is not going to win another game.
  7. Awful team. Manager out of his depth. So frustrating.
  8. If it goes smoothly in Germany, you can guarantee when it starts here it will quickly go tits up and be a farce.
  9. If Newcastle is worth over three hundred million pounds, I’m sure we are not far behind. What would would the club be valued at in the Championship - half that figure, or even less? Relegating us, when we have a game in hand and with the evidence of previous teams avoiding the drop - that would be incredibly harsh. Our owners will not accept that - it will be very ugly. - Imagine West Ham’s owners too! That would be crazy. (If it’s PPG)
  10. I disagree. That's not how the competition works. The fixtures haven't been completed. We have played appallingly, at times, but that doesn't mean that we couldn't scrape enough points to survive.
  11. I think we have a better chance than we did before the league was postponed. I think restarting the season is a abhorrent idea, however.
  12. I'm disappointed not to get him but happy for the Brentford fans, I think you'll get one of the automatics. I don't blame the club asking big money, there is bigger money at stake.
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