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  1. I watched their game last night... is that really the standard over there? Really poor.
  2. Back that up with evidence, Southgate's management record is as good as anyones.
  3. Obviously my computer shortcomings, but how do you stop the painful notification beeps on here¿ Only this website.
  4. If we get him for 17 million, he provides three seasons worth of good service and retains our league status, it’s probably a pretty smart signing. Not one that excites me, I’d hoped for more imagination but I can see it’s merits.
  5. He wouldn't be my choice, but if he scores even twelve goals, we probably stay up - so would justify fee/wages.
  6. I'm sure the French would treat Hogan as a delicacy.
  7. He's also a African Prince, that needs to send money abroad.
  8. I think people underestimate how quickly you can build a good team. Obviously it takes a good manager and more often than not, money. But we've seen in the past Atkinson, Little and O'Neill have taken struggling and turned it in a couple of seasons.
  9. Spot on. People are losing their minds on twitter about wages and transfer fees. I don't think villa have once revealed any details.
  10. I think the ownership circumstances were a little more **** up at the time, don't you?
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