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Ratings and reactions: Villa 2-4 Chelsea


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Given
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Lichaj
    • Baker
    • Ireland
    • Bannan
    • Herd
    • Gardner
    • Agbonlahor
    • Weimann
    • Albrighton (for Herd 70)
    • Heskey (for Weimann 82)

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Can't blame the lads today loads of youth vs a very expensive and experienced side. We gave it a good go. Relegation is now more than a genuine possibility. Other teams are picking up points and we've lost Petrov and Bent. Our defence looks dire. Up front we aren't upto much either. We need N'zogbia back ASAP and Gabby to stop being so shit. We're currently 15/1 on betfair to be relegated. Given our circumstances, they are very generous odds.

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Given - 4

Not a lot he could do about the goals but his command of the area is poor again. I won't say it directly leads to more goals off corners, but it doesn't help.

Lichaj - 9 MOTM

A bit biased because I'm American, but I thought he handled himself very well. Constantly on the back of Sturridge/Kalou and was rarely out of position and got forward well. Points for the throw and the goal of course.

Baker - 2

Awful to be honest. Distribution was poor and at fault for 3 of the goals. Let Torres get in front of him to flick it on and then lost Ivanovic for both of the corner goals.

Collins - 6.5

Did as best as he could and it was one of his better games to be honest. Distribution is still hit or miss, but defended as best as he could and points for the goal and being a threat on set pieces.

Warnock - 6

Played decently, but his woeful crossing really hurts us when he gets in space sometimes. Didn't really have any defensive problems on his side, but to be expected.

Gardner - 4.5

Anonymous to be honest. I think that's more to do with being played out wide than anything else, but really didn't play an killer balls or put in good tackles. It's hard to say whether that's from his position or just his play.

Herd - 4

Always puts in a shift but showed his limitations with numerous poor first touches and questionable, at best, passes. Good for a DM, but not really needs to improve his passing if he wants to keep progressing.

Ireland - 7

A class above when it comes to control and decision making. Asked a lot to play in the center of the park but put in a shift and is a surprisingly decent tackler for his size. Hope he stays with us.

Bannan - 5.5

I love the little guy, but he's just not a wide player. Doesn't have the pace to threaten and can't take on his man either. His set pieces were at least dangerous though I thought he should have done better from the free kick at the end.

Albrighton - 6

Points for the cross and finally delivering on his left foot. Thought he looked very dangerous when he came on and obviously points for the cross for Lichaj's goal.

Weimann - 5.5

Tried hard and hard. Ran all day and at least better than Heskey to start a game. His first touch, though, left much to be desired and thought he could have done better when facing the goal. Also doesn't pose much of a threat in the box for crosses though that might have more to do with the delivery than anything.

Agbonlahor - 5.5

Probably the same as Weimann. Ran all day, but just couldn't get into a good rhythm. Better when we scored some goals, but I'm just confused as to what he thinks he is now. The 'foul' on Terry near the end was the wrong call.

Heskey - not enough time on, but controlled it well when hoofed up to him I guess.

Overall, the first 75 minutes were rather insepid. I think it was more square pegs in round holes with Gardner and Bannan not being able to threaten out wide and so our movement in the box was static again. Herd and Ireland were a bit more overrun in the midfield and allowed Mata to swim all over the place.

Still, it shows that even with a makeshift side like that, we can at least provide a decent result. It's better than starting oaf Heskey and just wishing for nothing. Against poorer sides, I would like to see a similar Villa side as I think they'll have more time on the ball and be able to threaten goal more.

It's of course concerning that we just don't know how to attack in the final third.

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Given - 4

Lichaj - 5

Collins - 5

Baker - 3

Warnock - 4

Gardner - 3

Ireland - 5

Bannan - 3

Gabby - 4

Weinman - 4

Albrighton - 6 MOTM

Heskey - 3

Another week of incredibly low scoring from me and probably a first as a 70th min sub gets my MOTM, for at least trying something positive. No organisation at the back, seemingly no thought out method of attack, same old mistakes time and time and time and time again. The manager has no idea how to fix this does he, let's face it. He's out of his depth.

Edit - Herd 3. Forgot he was on, says it all.

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Lichaj & Ireland probably the only ones who really did themselves proud today. And probably throw Albrighton in there too.

I don't give a shit about papering over cracks - I'll take any points that come our way at this stage.

The only advantage we really have is we have a game in hand over the bottom three.

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The only advantage we really have is we have a game in hand over the bottom three

Still have to win it though.

Given that i can't see us picking up many more points, for me, our superior goal difference is more important than games in hand.

Worrying times.

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Lichaj stood out today, Collins was also good, as was Ireland who is quickly becoming our most important player. Tough. Strange how when Heskey comes on, we concede 2 goals, coincidence?

It had nothing at all to do with Heskey.

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We are never going to win games if we are going to keep on defending like 7 year olds on a school playground! Considering McLeish is an ex centre half you would think that he'd have us well organised at defending corners. The fact that a few of the teams below us are picking up points while we continue to struggle is very worrying because we are getting dragged back in and with the fixtures that we have coming up I really am fearing for our Premier League status.

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Baker was shocking. We can't be playing him every match or we are ****. I don't get the Bannan hate - wasn't his lofted ball into the box that set up Gabby's chance?

It may have been, but it was the other 76 wasted hollywood passes, his lack of prescence and decision making that make him stand out for what he is.

Distinctly average and Albrighton should have been on from half time.

What is it with playing wingers on the wrong wings? It works when players are cutting in to shoot, but we havent for bloody ages. It just means we never get behind defences and our crosses are always directed to the back post.

It has also coincided with Albrightons loss of form, coincedence?

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Load of bollocks. Why does Bannan even get near the first team? He tries too hard attempting those 40 yard passes, which fail most of the time. Just getting sick of all this shit now.

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Poor performance against a very average Chelsea side. I can perfectly see why RA wants shot of the likes of Lampard, Terry, Cole, etc. They are shadows of the players they were.

The pluses for me were seeing seven academy players starting and I felt they did not do too badly given the circumstances. Two nice goals too.

The downside for me was woeful defending again in which we gifted two set piece goals. I would agree that Baker looked out of his depth but needs must.

Based on our lack of bottle and the way we capitulated at the end I think we are pretty nailed on for relegation now. The other sides are putting runs together and we are imploding. OK we have a bad injury list but its much more about the lack of battle and bottle in the side for which I blame the manager.

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the curse of mcleish not knowing how to pick a team strikes again, we were awful for ages, albrighton running at ivanovic was probably our only decent attacking option

i know weimann had run himself in to the ground so im not moaning about the sub being made but that was the perfect time to throw on grealish or carruthers and inject a bit of excitement and enthusiasm, so we bring on heskey FFS

the 2 set piece goals were absolutely **** criminal, werent even good balls in the box or well won

then to add insult in to injury we have a 15 minute period again showing us what this team can do if they actually get let off the leash, its beyond a **** joke

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All I can think of at the moment is: Lee Mason, you are a complete waste of oxygen, total disgrace.

Agreed, the 'foul' by Gabby on Terry when he had turned him was bizarre. Better still Cahill fell over on the watered grass directly in front of us whist tackling a Villa player and was awarded a free kick.

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