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  1. add on top of that, I don't know, Lambert actually wanting to give players a shot before instantly replacing them might have been another factor.
  2. I honestly agree with the things he's saying and it was pretty obvious last season as well, even with 4 attacking players or whatever we didnt have the quality to do jack shit. My only real criticism of him comes from the 2 right backs vs Spurs. -________-
  3. League 9th Cup Quarters in both leak only 27-33 goals all year
  4. Prestige wise obviously it would rule to get into the Champions League, but on an entertainment basis alone, the Europa league offers way more entertaining games.
  5. Some of you are straight miserable. His commentating is not that bad, I'd gladly take Jack over 80% of the ones that do U.S. commentary.
  6. if anyone needs a ticket for Portland, i'll let mine go for 15 bucks. it's within the AVFC California supporters section as well.
  7. I really like it, don't mind the Macron men either.
  8. Must've been part of the Holman contract.
  9. Anyone else take note how only 6 letters allowed on the kit? Posted on the OS and Kitbag, odd.
  10. Macron and Gentings were big money deals weren't they?
  11. Wouldn't mind OGS, seems to have his team playing how we want to see our side play.
  12. Honestly, whats the point of even bringing this up?
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