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We'll lose, it's just a matter of by how much. After AM's comments about "being realistic" about beating teams like Arsenal, this has proved what we all suspected, that our manager has no intention of us even trying to beat a big team.

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We'll be playing what I imagine McLeish will call an "Elite" team, meaning we have no chance of winning of the game. The whole week's build up will be spent telling the players that they can't compete against such an indestructible force and to play a game of 'keep the score down as low as possible' to help with the goal difference come the end of the season. I simply can't wait.

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McLeish after match comments bingo:

- disappointed with defending

- the third goal sealed it for Chelsea

- we can't expect to win against elite clubs

- the fans need to be realistic

- we really went at them in the second half

Eyes down for a full house!

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So Chelsea at home.... how will McLeish approach this one???

Why he will put 10 men behind the ball and Heskey lumbering around in front of it and try and keep the score down and hope we can hold them to 0-0. If we do we might try and nick it at the end by going forward in the last ten minutes.

Then after the game if we win he will be a smug shit and if we lose or draw he will blame his players and moan about the lack of Jenas, the shape of the football and length of the Chelsea players socks which all combined to cost us the game.

He will then tell us how 40 points was always the target for this season and that we are nearly there so when you think about it he has done a good job.

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