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  1. Seems pointless prolonging this. He won't be turning this around and suddenly making us a force in this division. He really should be sacked as soon as possible.
  2. I think there's lots of talent in the squad, more than most in the division. Do you feel Bruce is getting the most out of them and doing an adequate job?
  3. Rubbish, pathetic manager. Absolutely baffling that a squad with this much talent is playing with so much fear and so little freedom. Hard to believe he earns the money he does. Do one.
  4. How do you even get this bunch of players to perform so badly? Takes some doing. Just rubbish, needs to go.
  5. Poor bloke. R.I.P. his career.
  6. Has decent ability but can't imagine him ever really being a top, consistent player. Think the deal is fine, wouldn't have been too disappointed with just 5 million alone, He's just a bit nothingy here. So not too bothered all in all.
  7. Barnsley have just confirmed the signing of Matty James, so I guess Hourihane will go through now.
  8. Incredibly bizarre and poor signing for Middlesboro.
  9. So happy that we aren't a joke anymore. So happy that after so many years of terrible appointments, stupid over complexities and stupid ideas that we finally have a football manager. So happy we have a structured, organised team, with an actual midfield that defends all over the pitch and attacks directly and is utilised in a way that the ability of our players is able to do damage. So happy that I'm just enjoying football again. Thanks Steve. Thanks a lot!
  10. Super Adventure Island was a massive Wonder Boy rip off. I dunno how they got away with it.
  11. Talking of Wonder Boy. This is one of the best games ever made. Probably because it's the first game I played which is now known as a Metroidvania style game where you would have to revisit old areas after unlocking certain skills. I'd genuinely like to see a really well made remake of it.
  12. Our first ever computer was the Amstrad CPC-464, the green screen version. What a whopper that was!
  13. I'm looking for some people to do the Suramar mythic dungeons with if you fancy grouping up. I'm off work from Wed to Sat so should be available then. I'm actually quite looking forward to seeing how the story pans out in that zone.
  14. The thing that they've absolutely nailed this expansion is they've created an environment with so much to do. I've logged in pretty much every day since launch and there's always so much to do, it's overwhelming. They've removed the 'raid or nothing else' philosophy and you're just able to get on with hundreds of things. I really like the fact that you really need to concentrate on one character and not just focus on levelling alts just to pass the time. Very smart move with the world quests. The legendary hunting is great too, really makes all the work you put in feel rewarding when one drops
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