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  1. I wish Lambert would just go somewhere else
  2. Bob Rich that sounds like a plan
  3. Lambert is under contract he had his chance to resign I guess, Lerner will not sack him he will leave that to the New Owners, However that could be some time off atm. He knows we need new players stand by for more crap signings on the cheap.
  4. Villa Park is next to the M6 motorway link, it has plans approved & in place to develop the North Stand which would take the capacity up to 48-50,000, Why would the Club need to move.
  5. Its all a Guessing game as only Lerner knows who he might be selling to, Even PF is likely to be in the dark even if he knows it is going to happen this summer, Still the ITK can cover as many options as possible & they might get one right or be totally wide of the mark!
  6. Another year of Macron, Better makers (imo) like Adidas or Puma will hopefully be considered when this contract runs out next year.
  7. If we go foreign then Yakin from Basel would be a good appointment imo
  8. McLeish was doomed from day 1, We all know that, Lambert has signed 18 players but how many were involved on Saturday excusing the 3 injured players.(Benteke,Kozak,Okores)
  9. We have to be realistic about who would join the Club, Moyes is a good Manager despite the criticism he is getting and he has a point to prove, He would do a good job at Villa imo with or without new owners. He will however get plenty of job offers starting with Newcastle and maybe West Ham
  10. The fact is Lambert has spent money on players that are not good enough and the results have got worse, as a club, yes we have a lot of problems but it is the team the supporters care about which is simply playing terrible football and achieving even worse results.
  11. It is hard to say who should be the new Boss should Lambert go as the Owner and their ambition/spend would come into the appointment naturally, If Randy stays then it will be much of the same so who would take the job under the same circumstances as most of the team needs replacing!
  12. Pardew likely to be next & Geordies are sure to go for Moyes. Lambert will be here for last 3 games
  13. Lambert has said it himself We have to win the game against Hull, Ok Paul Go Ahead we wont complain!
  14. I cant believe that folk still think Lambert is a good Manager for Villa just look at the stats, if we have new owners then he needs to go, If Randy Stays the likelihood is he will get another season or part of it under the same parameters we have in place now, that would be grim indeed plus he would need new backroom staff. I am not saying that Paul does not care or try his best but it clearly isn't good enough as two years of relegation battles under his tenure proves it. Also the style of football is awful in particular at Villa Park, I do respect peoples opinion and if they like PL and want him to carry on then fair enough.
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