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Petrov and Hutton out means we'll have a little bit of a change in the side.

Lichaj will probably fill in for Hutton, but what pairing do we go with in the middle? Gardner/Herd sounds good. I don't think little Barry will get in the side.

There's always the horrible chance that Heskey ends up playing midfield.

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With the shocking news that Stan is out I think our midfield will consist virtually of Academy players.

AMc has hinted he'll go 4-4-2 tomorrow and I wonder whether we'll revert to the diamond formation we tried early in the season.

My guesses







Christ knows who'll be on the bench?

We're going to get tonked!

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Really hope heskey doesn't play in the guise of us 'needing some experience'. The players are going to be so fired up for tomorrow now.

Also there's a chance Mata may be rested by Chelsea which would be good.

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Win, lose or draw against Chelsea doesn't really matter any more. The entire 90 minutes should be dedicated to Stan and his name chanted loud and clear throughout the game.

This to an extent, however it would be fantastic if the lads got a win for Stan the man.

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This match is irrelevant now, couldn't care less what the score is. I'm going to support Stan the man and hopefully everyone going will sing for him for 90 minutes. He deserves nothing less.

Me too. I hope that, even if we lose horrendously to Chelsea, everyone continues to sing loud and proud until the end.

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