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Hey all, I just had a query about income tax and more specifically tax rebates.

I work in sales, have done for the last year or so. I receive a basic monthly salary and commission is paid quarterly. As a result, I earn a lot more in the months January, April, July and October but am taxed as if I earn that figure every months.

Has anyone else had a similar thing and/or have they been entitled to some sort of rebate?

Ta in advance

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The personal allowance currently of £7,475 is spread out evenly over the 12 month period.

Make sure your tax code is correct and you're not on BR because then you'll pay tax on every pound you earn. Unless you have unusual circumstances it should be 747L

At the end of the year you can calculate how much tax you should have paid and check that it's been calculated correctly

If you visit Listen to Tax Man - their calculator will work it all out for you and the National Insurance.

You can download the Listen to Taxman App as well - I find it really useful to work out Net & Gross for clients.

If you find out you've overpaid last tax year then submit a tax return by the end of this month or phone HMRC & ask them to send you a form.

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