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Found 105 results

  1. Lessons in car buying

    I’m currently looking at buying a new car, as in, brand new, probably on some sort of finance arrangement. I visited a Suzuki showroom yesterday as I am interested in the Grand Vitara 4WD. It was a good meeting, I got to have a test drive and liked what it had to offer. Now, I have never purchased a new car before, so when it comes to negotiating on this sort of thing, I don’t really know what options I have available to me. What happened was that they just gave me the cost of the car I wanted, now much it would be each month etc. But, there are certain options that I want that I don’t want to have to fork out a shed load of money for. For example, I want black alloys, but to add them would be an extra £700 or so. £300 for a spoiler, £40 for some car mats etc. How can I go about getting what I want, will car dealerships negotiate or are their hands tied? Do I need to visit another Suzuki garage elsewhere or is that pointless? Would appreciate the advice! (could find similar thread specifically relating to car buying)
  2. I was attempting to make a purchase online, and it failed. My bank sent a text to check it was me making the attempted payment and I confirmed it was. The problem is, the money was taken (exact amount) which is really frustrating. Does anybody know if the amount will go back into the account? I know I will need to sort this tomorrow, just looking to see if others have ever had this. I bank with Santander.
  3. Car insurance v Warranty who pays

    I hope you wise Villans can help. I have had problems with my Ford Kuga (2014 model purchased 18 months ago). It failed before Christmas with horrible grinding noises coming from the front left wheel. I got it taken to my local Ford dealer who said that an impact had knocked (sheered) some bolts off the gear box and that subsequent shaking had damaged the prop shaft. As it was due to impact and the repairs quoted running into the thousands I had the insurance take it on. Direct Line took it to their own mechanic who has said that it is mechanical failure and no sign of any impact damage so not covered under insurance. I do however have the car under warranty still with the dealer (the same place the original diagnosis was done). This does now mean that I am stuck between the insurer and the dealer both saying in their expert opinion the problem is not theirs. There isn't a third option, it is either an insurance job or a warranty job, but how to I get this to a conclusion? The only thing they agree on is that bolts are missing on the gear box and it is this that has caused all the problems, it is how and why they are missing that the argument is over. For the avoidance of any doubt the Ford dealer has done all the servicing on the car and we have a 36 month warranty that is still running from the purchase of the car. thanks for your help in advance.
  4. So, a bit bored here but I was emptying the dishwasher at work and the cutlery was all over the place. Whats the correct procedure here? Over to the VT fountain of knowledge (aka, how does one wipe ones arse)
  5. The Roads Today ICE warning

    Just a warning if youre out and about. The roads are like glass this morning. It rained overnight and this has washed the grit away. In my area Clapgate Lane (Bartley Green) - and the roads approaching Harborne we very slippy (worst its been all week) - These are main roads as well not side roads. I also heard a report of a parked car sliding down the road in harborne. If the gritting lorries don't get out today - we have recipe for carnage on the roads at about 4 - 5pm. So if anyone knows if the gritters get out - or wants to warn of icy roads post em here....
  6. Graphic design help

    I'd like to leave this open to interpretation to (hopefully) get some varied responses and great efforts etc... ...as my secret Santa gift to someone this year, I wish to give a framed picture of a "sexy" Jeremy Corbyn. However, I want the body to be comically sexy rather than actual athletic, good body sexy. Alas, I have zero photoshopping abilities and need the assistance of you kind fellow VTers. Is anyone able to provide?!
  7. I currently pay £220 pm - and having been paying into this for 14 years at a similar level ..... I was staggered how little this gives me....... So guesses below please - there are 2 elements Lump Sum Annual pension (you are allowed to read the daily mail/express before entering your guesses)
  8. since we are coming into the cold season I thought I'd check the pressure on my boiler, for some unknown reason it is showing at 3 bars, it should only be around 1. I've been using the heating a little bit and haven't had any problems but 3 bars is way to high, I have bled the radiators and that has made little difference, I've checked the valve under the sink and that is firmly off. Anyone got any ideas, is there an easy fix or should I just get in touch with my landlord. When I was bleeding the radiators it was just a constant jet, I was expecting it to die down as the pressure dropped but it didn't and the pressure didn't drop, I filled about three jugs of water from it. I don't have a clue with this sort of stuff so any help will be much appreciated.
  9. Tax pay on two jobs

    I’ve recently taken on a second job, and dropped a day on my other job. I am now working 4 days one job and 3 the other. Is there a good way of balancing my tax onto one job, is this possible? also, I know we have a personal allowance of 11,000, but I am wondering how much more I will get taxed due to a second job. Can anybody advise?
  10. Basically... I have started a new website up where I live. This website is a dark variation of a primary colours. Another website uses a much brighter version of this colour for their logo and website. 90% of my website is actually white and on social media it is all purple. Anyway, what I was doing was known about where I live and an email was sent to those who run this other website about 2 months in advance. Now, 1 hour before launch (no kidding!) I got an email suggesting I should change my colour (I know colours can't be a copyright issue) and they have been on my back since. Apparently they have had many people get confused, thinking my website is a spinoff of theirs ) logos and design are nothing alike) happy to share the two sites via PM for anybody who wants to see. Got another email today, demanding I change the colour as it is too similar. So, I am putting the colours here and can you tell me if you think they are too similar? Thanks y'all.
  11. When your car gets clamped

    So i wake up on a monday morning walk to my car and notice my gfs cars been clamped for no apparent reason It was on a main road no parking restrictions, yellow lines, resident parking. Road tax has been paid, mot and insurance. So i see no reason why she has been clamped. I havent rang them yet as i am still angry and i might say something i regret. Any ideas also know how you can appeal this as its different from when you get a ticket. Thanks peeps
  12. Birmingham Swimming

    There are a lot of areas where a move back to Birmingham has trounced London with quality of life, and it's been a positive step after years of dealing with the 'pig-in-lipstick' that is London. However, swimming pools aren't clicking here. I can't really understand what I'm looking at/for. For instance - all of the many London pools are run by an independent company on behalf of the government. At least 70% of these pools have been renovated in the past 5 years and are absolutely sparking clean. I am very wary of pools - grim tiles, mould, minging water- all of these will make me totally freak out. So, what are we left with for more casual swimmers? Well, Cocks Moor Woods has kids taking dumps in it and has been closed 3 times in the last year alone. Moseley Road baths, what's left of them in pool number 2 looks absolutely disgusting. As far as I can see, that leaves the new-ish Harborne Pool and then extremely expensive memberships at the Marriott Five Ways (ouch), University of Birmingham's new 50m pool (still expensive, looks amazing though), the Spa at the Cube (ouch) and Edgbaston Priory Club (not even worth considering because of how elitist the prices are). Elsewhere it's Virgin Active at Solihull and another membership place there. What gives with this? Is Birmingham just an anti-swimming city or wat?
  13. Knee replacement

    Been told I need a total knee replacement - anyone on here had this done and how are you feeling now ? any advice welcome - I'm aware it will involve a lot of rehab afterwards .
  14. Uploading images to VT

    I am unable to post pics or gifs on VT from my phone, despite them being below the maximum length/size. Haven't changed phones recently and had been able to post successfully on here from the phone but now i get "there was a problem uploading..." message. Havs any other VTers had this problem or am I on a blacklist
  15. Selling property

    Need some advice. I have a buy to let flat that I am in the process of selling which I bought last year. When I purchased it I paid ground rent for the year ahead. I have been paying service charges regularly as well. The sale has nearly gone through but I received a letter from the freeholders solicitor stating that the ground rent of £150 for 2017 was due Jan 1st. Apparently they have sent 2 different letters to the flat but I had no idea because they have not been forwarded on to me by the tenant or the managing agent. Now the £150 bill is £800 as they have added admin and legal costs. I stupidly assumed that the company in charge of the service charge was in charge of collecting ground rent. I had given that company my forwarding address but had not contacted the freeholder with my forwarding address. The solicitor is refusing to budge and reduce the charges as they are stating they sent everything to the address they had on their system. I am annoyed that I haven't been forwarded any post by the tenant but I understand ultimately it's my responsibility. Any idea how I can get them to waive charges or at least reduce it?
  16. Sometimes I consider taking a year off the internet. I think I might really like it.
  17. VT'ers Dieting Thread

    Hi. Couldn't see a thread for this so started this one. This thread is for anyone who wants to lose some weight and for anyone to share nutrition tips / their diets / recipes. If anyone wants to join me then tag along in the thread. Personally, I had my gallbladder out in Feb and ever since have had crazy changes in appetite and am gaining weight very quickly (2 stone since Feb). I'm going to keep this entirely secret from friends, family and colleagues and just get on with it but thought I'd see if anyone else wants to shake off their ego (and stick two fingers up), and admit they want to lose a few pounds and with support in this thread, do something about it and commit to it. If not , let's bury this thread and pretend me Midfielder, have the body of Cristiano Ronaldo and this thread never happened. Me: Age- 38 Height- 5'10" current weight- 13 St 13 lbs target weight- 11 St 5 lbs (35 lbs to lose) target weight loss per week- 3lbs initial ETA on target- 11 weeks Dangerous thing to do to set a target ETA as well the summer is here, BBQs and beers etc and well, some exercise bolted on to dieting might add muscle (resistance training for example) and skew the weight loss target... so things to consider but a prelimary ETA set just to see out of interest how much this veers over the next few weeks. There, that's my commitment anyway. Anyone else want to "sign up" or is it a case of
  18. Delivery Problems

    So guys what happens if the post office lose your package admit to it but then tell you, you need to claim the refund from the company who you purchased the item from? They said I will then have to be refunded by them and then the company puts in a claim against royal mail? I have got in contact with the company but they are ignoring my emails and have no number to call on their website. I paid by debit card as well on this occasion not card. what can i do? Have I lost my money?
  19. Moving to Basel in July and would be good to meet up with some fellow Villa fans, will prob attend a few FC Basel matches too but will definitely head home to watch some Villa games too. Looking also for some local 5 or 7 aside footy to play and of course a decent bar where the footy will be on. Any advice etc please PM me and if keen to meet up then let me know, cheers Steve
  20. Anybody got an answer to this? My mother in law sent me a text this morning, saying grandparents cannot look after grandchildren for more than 15 hours, or they will get fined... is this for real?
  21. PCP Question

    Hello Gents, So basically I after months (if not years) of agonising over new/used, brands, models etc. I have just walked into my local dealer and nearly broken him negotiating my new Audi A5 Sportback. My question is...as I spent so long haggling the base price, extras etc. I fell into the bloody trap of the crappy insurances they push on you at the very end...I consider myself to be fairly savvy with a good dose of cynicism about salesmen but for some reason I fell for £699 Gap Cover and £399 Alloy wheel cover....DONT ASK ME WHY. I almost felt sorry for him as i'd gotten a deal even better than carwow (car broker site) until then. The paperwork won't be arriving until later on but I have paid the initial £1k deposit. Can I pull out of these insurances now or will they make life hard for me? I've found the same 2 insurances for £210 combined and feel like a total lemon. I'm sure the salesman will be annoyed which I don't care about but can they go back on the 9% discount they've given me in addition to the 'Audi Deposit Contribution'? Thanks.
  22. Viewing / Buying a house

    Hello all! Off to view a house tonight, (scary stuff!), and as its the first one I've liked enough from a quick peruse of Rightmove to go and see its my first proper house viewing. I wondered if any of my fellow VT'ers have any advice on the house viewing / buying process? Cheers!
  23. Big Think - This may be a worse case scenario generally, but I actually think some industries job losses will be even more acute. I'm currently working with people developing systems that will put many thousands out of work. So if you think it's shit now, how do you think Tory England (cos let's face it, Scotland's leaving) is going to deal with this? We must surely also add May that is trying to right royally screw up education for the poor, just to hammer in an even bigger wedge between the haves and have nots. The medium and long term picture for the majority is a race for the bottom as far as quality of life is concerned. Sticking two fingers up at this failing society and getting out of it becomes more attractive with every passing year. Especially with independently developed technologies improving all the time. A growing number of my friends are seeking alternatives. A few are proper hippy types in permaculture collectives and such. Another is raising a family in a yurt. This isn't quite as drastic as it sounds. It's a multi yurt, a large central space with smaller connected yurts - Think glamping more than camping. Others have moved to warmer climes and have installed solar power equipment. They grow much of their own food and trade with local farmers for dairy and meat products. They work in the UK over Summer to cover their bills such as N.I contributions. Another friend is making a 'Hobbit House' under a hill - Though I must admit her outside toilet gives me the fear! She should have an inside bog at some point. Her guest house is nearer completion. Visiting folks over Christmas it became obvious even friends earning good money were wanting out. I signed up to a couple of off grid collectives and it surprised me how much has been forgotten. For example it's possible to grow Mediterranean fruit further north in walled enclosures, as they create their own microclimate. Throw in a couple of polytunnels and you're starting to get towards being self sufficient for fruit and veg. Mixing the old and the new seems like the way to go. Septic tanks under the garden that break down effluent into nutrients that slowly pass through the walls of the tank and into your garden. These folks get a quite a bit of power out of a fairly small pipe. Apologies to Darren and the Tree Hugger thread. I'd discussed this with maqroll before, and I don't think you have to be a tree hugger to want something different in today's World.
  24. The Tradesman's Entrance

    That's got your attention, you filthy devil! I was going to start a thread asking for some help with double glazing, as my parents need a full set of new windows installing at their house in Kidderminster so thought I'd check on VT and see if anyone was in that line of work. Then, I figured I can't be the only one who would like to keep local Villa-supported firms in business so decided this could be VT's answer to Checkatrade. So, first request - any double glazing pros here on VT that want some business in the next few weeks?
  25. Mistakenly priced items

    How does the law stand on items advertised for sale with a price which is clearly a mistake? I just saw this online - the actual price is over a thousand quid - clearly somebody's put the decimal point in the wrong place. If I just order it for £1.01 are they obliged to honour the deal?