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Amanda Knox


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The last dozen or so posts have failed to comply with the rules when discussing Knox, ie they MUST finish with the words 'would' or 'wouldn't'.




though admittedly she hasn't aged well from the pics ...

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Her change of image is almost certainly deliberate because the 'foxy' thing worked against her after she was released, even though it worked in her favour during the trial and appeal.


If she had been an ugly woman she would not have got the attention or the sympathy, just like a man wouldn't.


My guess would be that an ugly woman or a bloke would be serving a long sentence right now.

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We're a shambles of a species.

couldn't disagree more.

on the whole, we're a great species, getting 'better' as we learn over time.

obviously there is always the odd exception ...

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Judging by Liveleak, the human race is a shambles all too many times :(


The worst video I've ever seen was a mother and 3 year old daughter dying after being shot in a taxi, it still haunts me to this day.

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