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  1. The Film Thread

    Some films are remarkably similar, you can't be blamed for thinking they are copies - like Dredd and The Raid.
  2. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    It does make you wonder whether if the UK had the same possibility for class-actions as in America, companies would find themselves incentivised to make proper inspections. Corporate manslaughter laws rely on proving someone knew they were breaking the law, which is quite a hurdle. Certainly companies sending out dodgy fridges, or failing to carry out inspections properly, might think that the prospect of a billion pound class action would concentrate their minds wonderfully.
  3. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    The evacuation seems totally over the top but probably predictable considering the political pressure which has been created. Knowing that an example will need to be made of someone, you can't blame the potential candidates for believing in Sod's law.
  4. The Film Thread

    Didn't Statham do a rip-off of this in Safe?
  5. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

  6. Life After Death?

    Quantum theory can be applied to everyday events: When logging on to VT one cannot predict the exact location of sense, only the probability of finding it at different locations.
  7. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    My guess would be that your reason for finding it annoying is exactly the opposite to my own.
  8. Life After Death?

    Doesn't the continued popularity of the classic film A Matter of Life and Death demonstrate that even though most people don't believe in an afterlife, that the yearning still persist in the form of an unconscious wish fulfillment?
  9. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    It is certain that those who not only believe in the existence of a money-tree but possibly in a money sluice-gate as well, will suddenly discover the meaning of opportunity-loss, when their chance arrives, even though they have been demanding similarly expensive solutions themselves.
  10. Life After Death?

    The Pope is a Catholic and not a postmodernist. A postmodernist would reject your rationalism and your truth because they claim that "truths" are not absolute, "truths" are social constructions, depending on race, class, gender and generally power-status. Postmodernists claim that reason is a tool by means of which certain empowered groups retain their hegemony, oppressing other groups; the emotions and experiences of such groups, are to be valued over rational argument.
  11. Life After Death?

    I thought that is why people have children?
  12. Life After Death?

    The question is whether the next life will be about the same as this one, a bit worse, or better. Will you be stuck with your relatives for eternity? And eternity is a very long time. How good would it have to be for you to have it confirmed and think it was good news?
  13. Life After Death?

    Those who vehemently claim that they don't believe in things numinous, always seem like the people who declare their rational belief in the soundness of the Grand Canyon Skywalk construction, but then when they get out there they really act like they don't.
  14. The Great Tower Block Fire of London

    Piers Morgan famously got routed by Ben Shapiro across the pond, when Shapiro accused him of bullying his political opponents by standing on the graves of the children killed in Sandy Hook. Morgan did a big 'how dare' you thing but had to cancel the appearance of an injured kid in a wheelchair, which was scheduled after the break, because it prove the point too perfectly. There is certainly an audience for the sort of hysterical shtick shown in the video but it is no wonder the country's hooked on pills to keep them calm.
  15. Finsbury Park Incident

    The Telegraph has gone with the 'nutter flipped' and the The Independent have gone with ' Number of far-right watch list soars by 30% ' (an actual increase of 20 people).