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  1. I remember her, she had been a sales girl on the skincare counter in a department store before nuclear war broke out on Skaro, and was recognisable by her terrifying cry of "Exfoliate! Exfoliate!"
  2. Pete Seeger asks: where have all the flowers gone?
  3. Your situation definitely looks like a 'marshmallow' test designed for adults.
  4. I thought that her look was a homage to the waitress in the original Twin Peaks (Shelly Johnson).
  5. I was wondering whether the recruitment drive under New Labour and the increase of 50% in spending since 1997 (adjusted for inflation) had produced the expected improvements. According to the OECD rankings, UK 15-year-olds don't get into the top 20 nations when it comes to reading and maths.
  6. The question about the UK educational system is whether spending more money on it actually achieves anything. A report in 2010 found that 20% of school-leavers between 16 & 19 were functionally innumerate and illiterate, which was no better than the 1960s. Budgets are much bigger and teachers are far better qualified, and the number of teachers increased by 220k between 2005 and 2014. The number of teachers and support staff grew to 1.3m in the same period, which includes 471k teaching assistants. Any ideas, why?
  7. That's a relief, I always wondered whether Earl Zinger ever did escape from Ibiza.
  8. I don't think much of your thesis but I won't disagree because it will be more interesting to see if anyone with Leftist sympathies will object to your characterisation of the Jewish problem.
  9. The main strategy of Momentum seems to be about avoiding discussions of Labour policies and just attacking the Tories. A replay of Labour's strategy leading up to the 1997 election. Obviously, it can't get so gloriously knockabout as back then because of the lady in question but they are hoping for the same result.
  10. That looks like the old, "There's a pixie standing on my hand, why don't you tickle her under the chin" joke.
  11. It was a question and I understand that there are some cogent arguments against it but discretion is the better part of valour.
  12. There are skill shortages in IT, health professionals, finance and engineering. Why not incentivise students to take degrees the country needs by lowering the fees and let others pay the going rate?
  13. I knew a woman once who had a Morris Traveller called Edna (who was a bit thirsty) and it was always a worry that she might start naming other things, if you know what I mean.
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