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Amanda Knox


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Who is better Scuba Steve or Amanda Knox there is only one way to find out iirc knife fight

only on VT can a woman who was accused of murder be subjected to "i would" within the first few post :D

Funny thing, on another forum I frequent the very first post of the Amanda Knox thread last night was 'I would', and as posted earlier Matthew Wright was also more concerned with her prurient-ness than her violent-ness

I put it down to men finding dangerous women incredibly alluring. I mean



what babes

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Good to see the Italian police have now got the case solved.

Shame they let supposed wrongful imprisonment then an appeal resulting in her never standing trial happen first.

Inspector Closeau eat your heart out!

Or so they say. There's no way America will hand her over now so in my opinion this is more likely Italy washing it's hands of a case it can't and never will solve, safe in the knowledge it won't have to.

In an ideal world she would stand trial and prove her innocence if that is the case. But after 4 years in jail and all the adverse media attention any human being could ever handle you can't exactly blame her, or the country that holds her citizenship, for telling them to **** off.

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Maybe time for us all to revisit this case and reflect on the tragic death of a young woman. And, of course, declare that we'd "do" Amanda Knox (I know I would).


There's an interview with her on the Grauniad at the moment. Comes across as surprisingly un she-devil-like. But we all know that's just a front to hide her sadistic, sex-obsessed inner self.


Fwiw I've yet to see a careful summary of the facts that is convincing either way. Overall the case against her seems to fail the "reasonable doubt" test, though.

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