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Rugby World Cup 2011


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Apologies if this thread had been started elsewhere, mods - feel free to move/delete as necessary.

Which country do you think will win the Rugby World Cup? And which country would you like to see win the World Cup?

For me, despite the weight of a nation's expectation, I can't see past the All Blacks winning it (please god don't let the Wallabies win it!!)

I would LOVE to see one of the Pacific Island teams storm through and win it - Fiji, Tonga, Samoa - they would be hugely popular and worthy winners, imho.

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I have alot of friends in Wales who are quietly confident about their chances. Although I think they always are.

I know nothing about Rugby, so I have no idea.

Please allow me to assist. The Welsh will be playing Western Samoa in the Group stages, I recommend you innocently ask your Welsh friends about the W Samoa games in the 1991 and 1999 World Cup. Once the glazed and traumatised look has disappeared from their faces I expect their confidence will have somewhat diminished :winkold:

Seriously though, that is one tough group the Welsh are in- South Africa, Samoa and Fiji. My 'bok mates are very worried about the physicality of the teams, so if Wales do make it through to the QFs they can probably expect to have picked up a few injuries along the way.

For the winner, I think it must be time for the All Blacks to put it all together in a tournament, but we live in hope they will f**k it up again. :D They will surely be bricking it before their group game against their voodoo team - France.

I can see England having a run to the final but for me the overall quality isn't there for us to win it.

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