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  1. Simple Minds "In Trance As Mission" (live -2012)
  2. No worries mate - it was a little small on my screen, but now I know it's there, it is no problem. I was just being a bit blind, I guess!
  3. Great work on the site, but it's not very clear where I should sign in - had to go hunting on the page for the "log-in" instruction - if you could please make the "sign-in" instruction a bit clearer, or more obvious, then that would be great. Cheers. Jezza
  4. He had an ice-cool ability to fly - apparently, he only had 20 seconds of fuel left before he had to land on the moon. Legend Of The Universe. R.I.P, Neil - you deserve to be flying to the stars right now, fella.
  5. Neil Diamond - Red Red Wine. The Original and Best version. End of.
  6. Jezza

    General Chat

    Shootings and deaths at a Gurudwara (Sikh temple) in Wisconsin. As a Sikh myself, this hurts - whoever the perpetrator was/is.
  7. Steve Finn has really got to sort out the problem of his knee hitting the stumps at the bowler's end when bowling - the resulting dead ball is as bad as a front front no-ball. He would have taken Smith's wicket if he hadn't "dead-balled". It's very simple - bowl from 6 inches wider at the crease.
  8. Good to see Team GB powering up the medal table. Has shut the gobs of a few Aussie media pundits over here - particularly a First-Class W*nker here called Eddie McGuire. #PrizeD*ickhead
  9. Jezza

    Indian Girls

    Pretty big community here, although smaller than in the UK in terms of physical numbers. According to the 2011 census here, approx 2% came from "Indian heritage". This out of a population of approx 22.6million people, and that equates to approx 452,000 Indians. Not sure about the stats for the UK........
  10. Jezza

    Murdoch Scum

    or we could wait for the trial and actually bother to find out if they are guilty or not .. though saying that , chuck in Piers Morgan and I'll help you dig the hole Trial??? What are you on, Tony?? Let's get digging!!!
  11. Jezza

    Indian Girls

    No mate, but I am a "SikhInMelbourne"...........so I guess we're all "brothers in arms"...
  12. Jezza

    Murdoch Scum

    Easy to say from afar.....but I sincerely hope that Brooks and Coulson drown in a pool of their own filth, purely "in the public interest", of course.
  13. Jezza

    Indian Girls

    OI!!!! Steady on fellas!!! - They're my cousins!!!!!!
  14. Roachford -"Guess I Must Be Crazy" - superb soulful track from an underrated artist.....
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