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  1. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    For a guy with a repetoire of about two shots, he does very well!
  2. MrDuck

    Mile Jedinak

    Cahill has, so far, scored in 3 world cups. Nerves of steel though, Jedinak. Two calm as you like penalties in the qualifying play-off (as well as a free kick!), and a penalty against France
  3. MrDuck

    World Cup 2026: Brazil, USA & Canada

  4. MrDuck

    Steve Bruce

    That's cos he did. A completely and utterly screwed up mess of a club in pretty much every aspect.
  5. MrDuck


    He's a former Sunderland player, which is perhaps part of the reason the job appeals. Although I don't think he was there long. Also a former nose, so....
  6. MrDuck

    Villa and FFP

    This is precisely why we have these rules, to keep the rich rich and keep the not so rich in their place. We can't have any old wealthy person investing money and upsetting the likes of Real & Man Utd. That would be unacceptable.
  7. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    That'll do
  8. MrDuck

    Is Global Warming man-made?

    Well they should stop studying it then, and fast!
  9. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Hoping to see us hammer the Aussies today. A repeat of the ODI series aganist them earlier this year would suit just fine
  10. MrDuck

    New Manager Speculation

    I don't think this perception of Southgate is a fair one. Two mid-table finishes with Boro before the relegation season wasn't a bad effort. Then sacked with Boro 1 point off the top in the Championship. Sure, he wasn't a big success, but complete disaster is a bit of an over-statement.
  11. MrDuck

    Jack Grealish

    My eyes are OO gauge.
  12. MrDuck

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Is this our new kit? Some dude on instagram seems to think so...
  13. MrDuck

    Steve Bruce

    I would fully expect the JCB to fetch more than Micah Richards, and be easier to sell.
  14. That would depend very much on _which_ VT posters were in that consortium. I can think of a few nightmare combinations