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  1. I think there's some merit in dropping Roy down to 4 in place of Denly, and bringing in a proper opener. Problem is of course that every opener we try is hopeless.
  2. You wouldn't be saying that if you were an Englishman living in Australia! England to bat first. Fingers crossed we're no more than 1 or 2 down by lunch....
  3. I thought we did quite well overall - if Trezeguet had put away his very score-able chances we could have gone in 3 up at halftime. We won't get many harder tests than that one this season. Disappointed, but plenty of positives for me, especially Heaton, Mings and Engels.
  4. MrDuck

    Do you read?

    This. One of the best things I have ever experienced in this life was the Greendale tour in 2003. After they'd finished playing the Greendale album with accompanying stage show featuring about 20 actors, they came back out for an encore. Jacked the volume up to 11, and played 5 more songs. Those 5 songs went for 90 minutes. Absolute Crazy Horse heaven!
  5. As high as possible is first. Still, I would probably accept a CL place to be honest.
  6. Lyon was a "decent" off spinner for the first half of his test career. Since his debut in 2011 he's taken 352 wickets - more than any other bowler in the world in that same period. Only two off-spinners have ever taken more test wickets than Lyon - Muralitharan and Harbhajan Singh. In the last few years he has become one of the all time great off-spinners. "Decent" doesn't even begin to describe him!
  7. I don't think there's any point in wholesale changes, there are no obvious batsmen to bring in and improve the team. We lost badly, but most of that is down to Jimmy's injury and Moeen looking totally broken as a bowler now, as well as a batsman. Not forgetting the freak of nature that is Steve Smith. Australia's batting is not in much better shape than ours, and a fit Anderson would have made for a very different game. But I think there's a stat that world cup winners always lose the first test series following the cup! I'd bring in Archer for Anderson, and either Leach or Curran for Moeen, depending on the wicket. Denly perhaps another chance as his bowling is handy. We're desperately short of top order batsmen - Stokes, Buttler, Bairstow and arguably Woakes and Denly are all natural number 6 players really. Tim Paine's keeping also shows us what we're missing, Buttler (in the WC) and Bairstow in the 1st test both lack the technique of a really top class keeper and seem to cost us a wicket every innings.
  8. Pangea, with current international borders.
  9. I understand the booing entirely - and remember, this was Smith's first Test match since the ban. No doubt it will die down in time. And I think the crowd clearly appreciated his incredible innings yesterday. I think it's the cumulative effect of everything - firstly for a long time, Australian cricket has been arrogant to the point of offensiveness. Secondly, they've been word removes on the pitch for some time too. Three, the treatment Australia dished out to Broad a few years back for his perceived unsporting behaviour, very much publicly encouraged by Smith. Four, Smith, like Warner, is not really a very likeable guy. Five, it wasn't just the cheating itself - it was the fact that as captain he knew about it, chose to turn a blind eye, then lied about it to the press. And then later profited from it with a string of cringe-worthy tv ads here in Oz.
  10. Anderson should have been made to play a full game before classing him as fit for the first test. Predictable breakdown, and now he'll probably miss the series. Should have gone with Stone or Curran and brought Jimmy in for test 2 or 3.
  11. He won't. He's banned from taking a leadership role for another year. Which is a good thing for the Aussies - he's a phenomenal batsman, but a distinctly average captain.
  12. Bancroft has never looked a test cricketer when I've seen him. We're sanding down the Aussie batting order quite nicely here.
  13. I can't see a 3-2, surely rain will wash out at least one test! I think the Aussies have the edge with the batting on paper, but they're pretty fragile too. I've seen this side collapse an awful lot in the last few years. Only Warner, Smith and Khawaja have any sort of decent international record over a period of time, and Mitchell Marsh as an all-rounder isn't fit to lace Stokes's boots. Whatever happens I think it will be a very close series.

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