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  1. Yeah, very harsh on Curran. I think they're hoping Overton will make the most of the bounce on the OT pitch.
  2. I think Roy's contribution to endangering the outcome of the series is possibly overstated, considering so far we have just two players averaging over 30 with the bat! Listening to Stuart Broad on the Broad & Fry podcast today, he was saying what an important character Roy is in the dressing room and what a close knit group it is, so I suspect that comes into it too. Like you guys, I think Roy may well fail to adjust to test cricket, but training him up as a test opener against arguably the best bowling attack in the world was always more likely to fail than succeed and was a huge ask of Roy. It's a gamble taken because of Roy's sheer destructive power and class as a one day player, and I think a gamble worth taking, but he should be much more suited to #4. Fingers crossed he gets a hundred at Old Trafford!
  3. Bad idea to throw in a new player at this stage - Ashes on a knife edge, huge pressure, bit of a baptism of fire for anyone new. And as I've said before, personally I think Roy is far too talented a cricketer to discard after three tests. If he doesn't get a score in the whole series then give someone else a go, but at least give him (or anyone else) a fair crack of the whip.
  4. Roy and Denly trading spots in the batting line up for England, good move I think. I'd like to see Curran come in for Woakes too, but I suspect we'll field the same 11 as before. Slightly strange decision by the Aussies to drop Khawaja rather than Harris or Wade for Smith's return, but I'm not complaining. Starc in the 12 too, not so keen on seeing him bowling at our batsman. Archer vs Smith will be unmissable TV!
  5. That was like a sunday league game where the ref is sick, so one of the home team's staff has to ref instead.
  6. Unreal eh? Good rational article today from one of Australia's only decent cricket writers: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/26/australia-tim-paine-england-ashes-leadership I'm still laughing at work colleagues suggesting yesterday that the match was fixed - Australia throwing the game on orders of the ICC to keep the series alive. Anything to avoid admitting they lost the game based on sporting prowess!
  7. You'd need a bloody big deep fat fryer
  8. Kill it with fire and then let us never speak of it again.
  9. Australian media full of articles about how tainted England's win is, the injustice of Australia's defeat, because Stokes should have been lbw right at the end. No suggestion that the crap captaincy, crap bowling and woeful fielding by the Aussies in England's second innings had anything to do with it. Or one of the greatest ever performances in sport from Ben Stokes. Nope, they were cheated out of a win by the umpire No one does sore loser quite like the Aussies.
  10. That was the most incredible test match I've seen. Stokes is a freak. Possibly the best innings I've seen given the context. Leach was brilliant. Unreal. Test match cricket at it's best > any other sport. I think the only change we make is Anderson for Woakes IF he's fit, but I don't think we can risk it. I'd actually be inclined to drop Woakes for Curran. A lot of harsh words about Buttler, but he'll find form. I think he's still our no2 highest test run scorer in the last 18 months? I'd like to see Roy in lower down the order, I think he's too big a talent to dismiss after 3 games. Has enough about him to deserve the whole series to prove himself. Big ask to turn yourself into a test opener against an Australian attack in a period of a couple of weeks. Funnily enough I think he'd actually go better down under, on the harder wickets.
  11. He's unbearable to listen to on the stump mic when Lyon is bowling, but he's a decent chap.
  12. Credit to Australia, they bowled superbly. I fail to see what difference it makes with Root at 4 instead of 3, given the batting above him. So he comes in in the 4th over instead of the 6th? Root's technique is shot at the moment, he needs to do some serious work on his batting.
  13. England are quite capable of bowling a side out for 19 and still messing it up. But fingers crossed we can get 350+ and walk this one home.
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