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  1. The shop is on the bridge, lovely place to visit!
  2. There's an amazing map shop in Bath: https://www.dg-maps.com/index.html Give them a call if you can't find what you want on the website, the shop carries tons more stuff.
  3. MrDuck

    Wesley Moraes

    I was just thinking he reminded me of Carew... but I guess that's a win either way!
  4. No, not the goal-scoring midfielder we thought we'd signed... but he developed into a brilliant holding midfielder, and he read the game better than anyone we've had since McGrath.
  5. is it worth getting frustrated over? It really makes no difference and does no harm. And it _is_ the men's world cup. Good on them for pushing the women's game I reckon.
  6. I've watched a few women's games this year, and while I struggle with the lack of pace, I absolutely love the fact that there's very little diving and feigning injury* * disclaimer - have not watched a South American team
  7. MrDuck

    Alan Hutton

    So, just checking I have this right - he didn't take a pay cut, but he did sign a new contract which paid him less money than the previous one? Which, while it did cut his pay, was categorically not a pay cut?
  8. Wow. Some awesome gear in that room! I'm particularly intrigued by the globe mic!
  9. Darwin should be kept as far away from the rest of humanity as it's possible to get.
  10. Suspect we've said something along the lines of if you stay, we're not loaning you out and you're not training with us. If you take less money, you can leave now and do whatever the hell you want - find a new club or go to the pub.
  11. Interesting that as his batting gets worse innings by innings, he's developing into a really good front line bowler. Indeed, our best bowler yesterday by a mile. Roy's dropped catch cost us far more than Moeen's batting did!
  12. I dunno... personally I'm far more concerned about the left back slot that the right back slot.
  13. He's been really good for a while now. Should be our first choice RB going into new season.
  14. How long it takes to drive to all the mainland Australian state capitals:
  15. Little from column a, little from column b! Pakistan always seem to be slow starters at tournaments. Wouldn't like to write them off yet.
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