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  1. MrDuck


    He's won 3 of the last 4 FA Cups!
  2. MrDuck

    General Chat

    You'll need to find a hi-res version of the image, which I suspect will not be easy... lo-res like the above will be a very poor quality print.
  3. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    ECB hq: "Hey T20 competitions are just going crazy all over the world, the fans love them - let's have a proper T20 comp here too!" "Nonsense, T20 is too long. We're going to have 100-ball. People are crying out for it, it's not divisible by 6, and it just rolls off the tongue. It's perfect!" "Awesome, that's genius! Let's do it!" Rest of world: "You're f**king idiots"
  4. MrDuck

    The VT Musicians Thread

    Nobody who plays an instrument well enough to make a judgement that it "plays well" is going to be incapable of giving you the make and model!
  5. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Well played NZ, deserved to win the series. Although frankly this series really should have been three matches. Two well matched teams.
  6. MrDuck

    Ronaldo V Messi

    Poor man's Andy Carroll.
  7. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Well it's not like he's really spending any time at the crease these days!
  8. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Lehmann said he realised he had to step down after seeing how broken Smith & Bancroft were by the whole thing. The three of them all seem genuinely upset and full of regret when facing the press, and while I think they deserve the punishments it's hard not to feel a little sorry for them. But, also, bahahahahaha! Warner on the other hand posted a by-the-numbers statement on Twitter and doesn't seem to have the guts to face the cameras, like the absolute arse that he is. Suspect it will be Langer that comes in to replace Lehmann, but it should be Ponting. Ponting understands cricket and cricketers better than anyone else in the world I think, and is already part of the Aussie T20 set up. Persoanlly I hope they go for Bayliss
  9. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    I think there is Kohli, Smith and Williamson, and then Root probably best of the rest. Joe consistently makes runs, but he doesn't produce nearly enough match-winning innings for my liking.
  10. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    I think the positive is that every player in the world will now think twice before doing any sort of tampering, which can only be a good thing. Feel a little sorry for Smith & Bancroft, they've been idiots and they know they've messed up big time. Bancroft had the decency to say he deserves the punishment. But they made their beds, now they can lie in them...
  11. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    No chance. Kohli is light years ahead of him.
  12. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Yep, I suspect it will wipe out ball-tampering from the arsenal of Aussies tricks, whereas the ICC punishments for it are perhaps not a huge deterrent. It's pretty astonishing that Smith saw Warner & Bancroft were up to something, and rather than put his foot down just turned a blind eye. Didn't have the balls to stand up to Warner? Australia will be much weaker without him in the batting line up, but I don't think they'll miss his captaincy. They may even have a happier dressing room as a result of Warner's ban and become a better team for it...
  13. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Nah, he's got another 5 years in him at least. Doubt we'll ever see him in an Australian shirt again though, but there's a pretty strong suggestion that he wasn't even liked by his own team mates so conceivably that could have been happening sooner rather than later anyway. Once this has blown over he'll absolutely clean up on the T20 circuit.
  14. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Ends his career? A one year ban and not being allowed to be part of the Australian captaincy is hard, but I fail to see how it ends his career? He's been such a consistent knob-end over the years that I'm struggling to find any sympathy for the guy...