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  1. Watford

    Yeah, but in our case it was often better to have no plan at all than to have our existing manager!
  2. Cricket: General Chat

    Yeah, Australia look well off the pace as a one day side at the moment. Steve Smith is a vastly better batsman than Eoin Morgan, but he looks well out of his depth as a one day captain - bereft of ideas and unable to inspire his team.
  3. Cricket: General Chat

    Another great win for England's ODI team, that's the series. A 5-0 whitewash looks a good chance too. Buttler superb, and to win that one with one of our key bowlers off the pitch injured made it even sweeter. Never seen an England ODI team this good before.
  4. Cricket: General Chat

    Australia had four bowlers in the some of the best form of their careers, on wickets that suited them down to the ground. Any team would have struggled this summer against them. England didn't have a single bowler suited to fast hard wickets, which was a much bigger problem than the below-par batting. Fortunately England have a superb custom-made one day team with a brilliant record over the last year or so (17 wins out of 20 I think?), whereas the Australian one day side is in real need of an overhaul, so at least England can claw back a bit of self-respect!
  5. Paul Lambert

    Lambert's reign was very depressing and he undoubtedly failed here, but the problems at Villa Park ran a lot deeper than the manager...
  6. West Ham

    Well this is getting annoying, up to 11th
  7. Cricket: General Chat

    Totally outclassed the Aussies yesterday, a welcome change
  8. Cricket: General Chat

    Stoneman deserves another crack, he looked ok, and in the absence of obviously better options I think he's worth sticking with. Not so sure about Vince though. Moeen Ali is a fine cricketer who had a shit tour, would be madness to discard him. I'd go with Cook, Stoneman, Malan, Root, Bairstow, Stokes, Ali as the top 7. That said, it seems a tad optimistic to be selecting Stokes...
  9. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

    I can't stand the way they use DRS in the cricket. It doesn't get rid of all errors, just a handful of selected errors, and it makes it no fairer. On top of which it slows down an already slow game. The more I see it, the more I think bugger it, let the umpires/referees make the odd mistake just like the players do. It's become an issue because tv cameras scrutinise to the nth degree, and because of the pressure of the money involved in the game. Sure, it's not always fair, but neither is life. #istandwithhumanerror! Exception - in football I would like to see goal-line technology, and in cricket review the run outs.
  10. The VT Musicians Thread

    Bass and drums are the foundations of everything. If they're not on the money, everything else is gonna be a bit rubbish. Doesn't matter if it's flash or not, it's all about the timing!
  11. Cricket: General Chat

    Was actually dehydration from gastro, not from the heat. But playing in those conditions is insane. I can't even bare to go out into the garden when it passes 40 degrees in Melbourne, let alone play cricket all day. I once played football in that sort of heat and it nearly killed me!
  12. Cricket: General Chat

    Vince entirely incapable of learning from his previous dimissals. Malan and Overton are good finds, and Crane is worth sticking with. I'd stick with Stoneman too in the absence of any better option. Otherwise, get Jofra Archer in the test squad as soon as possible - been watching him in the Big Bash for Hobart, he's the most exciting young English cricketer I've seen in a long long time.
  13. Cricket: General Chat

    I reckon 346 could be a good score. Once again, Aussies bowl everything short at Broad and he deliveres another entertaining useful knock - why they don't bowl at his stumps is beyond me, thought they'd have learnt their lesson at the MCG. Stat - England have never lost when posting 340+ in their first innings at the SCG (W10 D3).
  14. Cricket: General Chat

    Nightwatchman would have been sensible, but all Bairstow had to do was to come out and block for the last few balls. Instead, he comes out and tries to play his shots. Idiot.
  15. Cricket: General Chat

    Ditto Vince.