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  1. MrDuck

    Steve Bruce

    This thread man, jesus.
  2. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    We keep trying different openers that repeatedly fail, none has shown anything other than flashes of potential for years now. In the absence of any obvious candidates for the role, I say just stick Roy & Hales at the top and tell them to play their natural game. I can't see how they could do a worse job than any of these other guys and we might even get the odd decent start to an innings once in a while!
  3. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Absolutely not. He's even more injury prone than the Australian quicks!
  4. MrDuck

    Robert Snodgrass

    The important thing is the mileage on the clock, rather than the age.
  5. MrDuck

    Jack Grealish

  6. MrDuck

    Joe Lolley

    Interesting position he finds himself in now, being managed by MON and Keane.
  7. MrDuck

    Manchester United

    Hard to fault Solskjaer so far, doing a great job. Reckon they'll nab a CL place, which looked out of reach under Jose.
  8. MrDuck

    2019 Snow Watch

    I hate all you folk with snow. I want snow. I love snow. I love the cold. Instead I'm sitting here waiting for a 39 degree weekend of hell
  9. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    It's interesting that England's batsmen look great at times but cave in under the slightest pressure, just like Ramprakash did. It's also interesting that Australia's batting coach is Graeme Hick - and the Australia batsmen look great at times but cave in under the slightest pressure, just like Hick did.
  10. MrDuck

    The Game's Gone

  11. MrDuck

    The Game's Gone

    Yes please. No subs in injury time would be a good call.
  12. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Good night out at Marvel Stadium last night to see Melbourne Renegades beat Hobart Hurricanes, although if I'm honest I was slightly disappointed not to see a gladiatorial fight between Thor and Hulk. Still, over 18,000 people for a Monday night was not a bad effort.
  13. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Who else would you pick? Lots of different batting options that are much of a muchness... they have a real lack of batting talent at the moment in red ball cricket. Glen Maxwell is the only person who would clearly improve the team, but Langer doesn't get on with him. Absolutely no doubt there was ball tampering in the Ashes - the ball always went back to the bowler via Warner, who had his hand bandaged <cough> for pretty much the whole series.