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  1. Same here. TLJ was a mess, despite some great moments, but I thoroughly enjoyed the other other three. Rogue One in particular.
  2. I think Denly would be the one to go. I'd like to see Archer play, he's one of the most exciting young talents I've ever seen. But at the same time, I won't be upset if he doesn't make it, it's a fantastic squad either way. I would like to see him in the Ashes squad though.
  3. Jeez there's some serious batting in this squad... preliminary only, which I guess is because they're waiting to see how Archer goes against Ireland and Pakistan.
  4. This does my head in these days in cricket... the wicket is given, the players and fans celebrate and then we all wait five minutes for the third umpire to decide whether it's actually a wicket. The thrill/disappointment of the wicket as it happens goes out the window. I can understand why some people like VAR, but I much prefer the game without it.
  5. I think those figures I gave included cup games, cos yes, Gabby our leading PL scorer.
  6. MrDuck

    Dean Smith

    Manager of the month, great. Nailed on to lose on Saturday now.
  7. Kudos to O'Neill, he bought some right old toss at times but that one was a bloody brilliant bit of business!
  8. Ashley Young getting a hammering from Man Utd fans. 11 crosses tonight, not one finding a Man U player. Gave away possession 32 times.
  9. Streatham Rovers tweeted this picture along with this message: "Here's the teamsheet for tonight's game and we are absolutely furious because Sydenham have fielded their players to spell out "SRFC ARE SH*T". We know this for a fact because Dane Francis, a striker, is wearing number 3. Hope the league committee throw the book at them for this." Brilliant work from Sydenham Utd
  10. Putting Angel's rather inconsistent form for us into perspective a little, he's still our third highest scorer in the Premier League era according to wikipedia: Yorke 97 in 288 Gabby 74 in 284 Angel 62 in 205
  11. I've got some fond memories of Gabby, but I can't help but think his retirement is more about nobody offering him another job than it is about not wanting to play for anyone other than Villa!
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