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  1. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Dropping Woakes when he's in this sort of form would be madness, and probably a huge psychological blow to him too. He's not any poorer overseas than the rest of the team. For that matter, there are no more than a handful of players around the world these days that seem to perform well on overseas tours. And Woakes is a massive Villa fan, so I'll cut him extra slack
  2. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Hugely unfair if they drop someone to make way for Stokes. Not sure a week or two in court is exactly ideal preperation either! Mind you, I'm not so foolish as to expect common sense from the ECB...
  3. MrDuck

    Jonathan Kodjia

    So many strikers never get back to the levels they were at before a bad injury, especially later in their careers. I hope this isn't the case with Kodja, but it does seem more and more likely.
  4. MrDuck


    Ha, yeah I thought that too
  5. MrDuck

    Cricket: General Chat

    Man, that verdict must have cost the ECB a fortune
  6. MrDuck

    The MLS Thread

    Hats off to Rooney, didn't think he was capable of running this far any more. That's some last minute winner!
  7. MrDuck

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    2 games, 6 points, 6 goals.
  8. MrDuck

    John McGinn

    Watchind a few vids of McGinn, looks pretty exciting. Him and Jack will work well together I reckon.
  9. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    US version...
  10. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    I'd have guess about 46, but judging by wikipedia it's probably a couple of million! Released about 30 albums
  11. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    His wiki page reckons 5 million as a solo artist. I reckon the whole thing is questionable, but it's just an interesting bit of fun at the end of the day
  12. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Hey I didn't make the map! Also I haven't live in England since 2000... I don't even know who several of these artists are. But a quick google tells me that Barlow's solo record sales are over 10 million, so I reckon that's gotta take some beating.
  13. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    I'm not sure anything of this nature is ever that accurate though... record sales are notoriously difficult to collate, especially on a worldwide basis. You find wildly different figures for the same act all over the web. Read a very convincing article once that the most popular artist ever was Bob Marley - officially he'd sold about 75 million records, but best estimates of sales of unofficial pirated albums ran into the many hundreds of millions.
  14. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Here's one relating to boroughs of London... Ronnie Wood – Hillingdon Elton John – Harrow George Michael – Barnet Amy Winehouse – Enfield Iron Maiden – Formed by Steve Harris in Waltham Forest, where Harris was born Dire Straits – Formed in Lewisham Led Zeppelin – Formed in Bexley where John Paul Jones was born Coldplay – Formed at UCL in Islington David Bowie – Lambeth Jools Holland – Greenwich Rod Stewart – Camden Billy Bragg – Barking and Dagenham Kathy Kirby – Redbridge Ian Drury – Raised in Havering Professor Green – Hackney Dizzee Rascal – Tower Hamlets Jay Sean – Brent Dusty Springfield – Raised in Ealing The Kinks – Formed in Haringey Linda Lewis – Newham Billy Idol – Raised in Bromley
  15. MrDuck

    Possibly interesting maps...

    Slash as part of Guns'n'Roses maybe, but certainly not as an artist in his own right. The criteria seems to be where someone has grown up rather than necessarily where they were born.