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  1. No. Circle is always cross and square is always shoot.
  2. villaajax

    GTA 5

    I miss those GTA Online nights back on the PS3.
  3. villaajax

    GTA 5

    On second thoughts, I'm really not up for GTA tonight. Sorry guys.
  4. villaajax

    GTA 5

    If you're both still on, I'll get on shortly.
  5. I managed to get that Trish for £8. So you spent £71 on UW and 63p on Cena?
  6. villaajax

    GTA 5

    You're all 3 minutes late.
  7. £100?!? Why would you give your mum £100? Why would you give your mum cash at all (unless she was broke). One of my pet hates is cash as gifts, never ever known anyone give their mum cash on mothers day. I just dropped a bottle of wine, bunch of flowers and a card round. I'll take your cash gifts if you don't want them.
  8. Don't worry, if England go into the match against France only needing a win, you know France will somehow win, despite how laughable they are.
  9. Supposed to have a Capri in it
  10. You won't want to join VillaTalk Villans then Unless it's The Los Santos Connection.
  11. villaajax

    GTA 5

    Got a new job as manager of the Netherlands National team...
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