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  1. Bring Andi Weimann back?Still only 28 and 3 assists today.
  2. I'm used to seeing Utd beat us,they've had better players than us for years.Tonight instead of using the pen injustice to rev us up we hid in our shell.Ive never seen zonal marking during open play before,dont think it'll catch on.
  3. Then one of theirs hoofed it half way up the pitch.
  4. And yet also saved us.
  5. I'd like a 4-3-1-2,withLuiz,Marv,McGinn behind Jack with Samatta and Davis up top.They are known for their centre backs 'marauding ' upfield so need 2 up to keep them occupied.
  6. I think that was me that recommended it.Have since seen on FB apparently a Katsu version which would be worth a rattle.
  7. We've a NZ and a Irish passport so with the republic locking down we're not sure of the knock on effects.
  8. Righto.We've a dilemma.Flying to NZ through Qatar and Sydney on Wednesday.Back on April 6th all with BA/Qatar Airways.Qatar Airways offering transfer or a flight voucher with a year limit if change 3 days before departure.Advice?
  9. At one point Ward-Prowse had 3 digs at his ankle before Jack went down.Was like someone kicking a can down the street.Ref gave a free but didn't even have a word with him.
  10. Surely we can complain to the FA about them playing 2 up front.That cant be allowed.
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