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  1. Watching the match and my better half looks at him and says 'Who's the guy looks like the big woman from Game of Thrones.'
  2. It's just a song for him. And seeing that Ollie has 'duh duh duh duh' and Bert has been awarded the White Stripes classic from our repertoire options were looking slim. I can only imagine the pride he feels when a few thousand are singing that to him.
  3. Yeah sorry,probably shouldn't have quoted you.Reacting to Connor on the bench and meaning he looks an upgrade.
  4. He looks just like another Hourihane. Except he can tackle and control the ball. Oh and run.
  5. When he scores 'Ings and we're winning,it's Danny Ings and we're winning'. Or more sadly 'When Danny Ings,scores for the Villans'...ABC When Smokey sings.
  6. Also for set pieces.Seeing SJM and Doug up against other teams centre backs was heart in mouth stuff.
  7. We could do with a bit of height in midfield imo,which I think you were calling for earlier in the window.
  8. Remember Berger did that with Barry to Liverpool and was given the ol heave ho.
  9. I thought there was a photo yesterday of Sanson back at training?
  10. Just seen that Sky have got the rights to show the Bundesliga for the next 4 seasons.Something for the weekends since they gave up on La Liga a couple of years ago.
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