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  1. Leeds just won the fair play award at the Fifa awards for letting us equalise last season. Bamford wasn't there.
  2. Watching Portuguese league on Freesport and the ref gave a free kick on the edge of the box,which VAR changed to a penalty.Which VAR then changed to a foul on half way in the lead up play.
  3. So Ref watch on Sky just now.Shows the foul on Luiz and McGinn after the yellow.Not the one straight after it where he cleaned Jack.Sky bloke says he was withdrawn at half time.Dermott Gallagher says "ref must have said to him thats his last chance.Good game management he's one of the best".
  4. Absolutely.And that's from the heart.........
  5. Yeah I know.Was just giving a comparison.
  6. My sons top has just arrived there now.Its a mens large.A bit tight on him and he was considering sending it back.In comparison my old Nike blue acorns large is a very loose fit.
  7. Forest supporter here at work says he played best for them in a number 10 role.
  8. Did they have the gap in the cuffs?
  9. Girona were in La Liga last season so theres a chance he may have watched him.
  10. Please please please. Another final against Oz
  11. Is anyone watching today?
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