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  1. Trez started last time against them and was part of the reason Cash was gettin slaughtered by Harrison
  2. You can tell that's From the heart.
  3. Marv and Bertrand in pics I saw on FB.
  4. Nah,not for me.I yearn for the yesteryear of Guzan standing on his line shouting "AWAY" at every cross/corner.Still does it at Atlanta from what I've seen.
  5. According to Livescores app Connor in for Ross.
  6. Yep,noticeably Greenwood against Man Utd last season.
  7. Trez seems to think hes faster than he actually is.
  8. They went through a bad patch too.
  9. When my rugby teams win the Villa win too.
  10. Waikato beat Canterbury in the Mitre 10 Cup and the Allblacks beat Oz this morning in Rugby Don't worry,we've got this.
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