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Jean II Makoun


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Some of the strongest players I've played against look so brittle, legs and arms like twigs but somehow so strong. A nice stereotype but the majority of Black players I've played against are usually just naturally very strong whatever frame!

Big Fat Ron's Claret and Blue Army! :wink:

Good point though. :D

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Makoun was finally prised from Lyon for a fee of £5million last week after a lengthy pursuit by Houllier.

And the 63-year-old has revealed that midfielder Makoun, 27, is desperate to make his mark on the Premier League.

He added: "Jean came here for that reason, he didn't come here for money. It's a dream move for him.

"He has all the attributes needed for this league. He plays with a smile on his face and is always happy - but he's also a moaning and whinging player!

"When he came back into the Lyon team they went on a run of 13 games without defeat so the manager was understandably reluctant to let him go.

"I had to travel to France and get things sorted but fortunately I've got a good relationship with the chairman.

He started with the question "if you were the manager of Lyon would you let him go?" I said no!

"But there was an agreement that they would let him go in January and they stayed true to their word. He will be a great player for us."


One of the reasons I think GH is great for us.. his connections are great as above he said he has a good relationship with the Lyon chairman.

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