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    Top Gear

    I agree that some of the material is coming around again a la The Stig taking Captain Slow's drive but it is still watchable mainly because people want to see the latest cars and how they evolve with even more gadgets.
  2. Clark is going to be some player for us. He is getting over his teething troubles now and looks class. Infact all the young 'uns look like they are getting over their teething troubles (obviously Baker is just starting his )
  3. I'm sure he will learn his lesson from this and will get his head down to keep favour. The kids seem to have the desire to make it and are working very hard. The only one I think will be shipped out becasue of attitude is Forrester. What a waste of a million that was!
  4. Well he's come back and shown he has lost nothing. Another break will do him no harm in the long run.
  5. Yes! Signed up to the same amount of time as the other boys 2013!
  6. Awww one oldie that got away. God dammit GH, why didn't you act sooner! :evil:
  7. Perhaps he don't like him for walking out on Leeds and Villa.
  8. You say all this, then he'll have a disappointing game and it will be all doom and gloom again.
  9. We won't see Delph again this season if I'm honest!
  10. I'm gonna have some cheese and bicuits with the crackling off of my Gammon joint whilst drinking Port!
  11. Steve Kean is liekly to be named the permanent boss of Blackburn. Those chicken farmers really know what they are doing don't they?
  12. Milner hauled off at half time for Adam Johnson. My heart bleeds for you boy. You've made your bed.....
  13. I think GH's style of passing will suit his game and he will be able to stamp himself on a game. I saw Delph play against Fiorentina and Brighton and in both games, we played more passing rather than direct and he looked very good indeed. Plus his goal against Brighton was a quality run in beyond the front man and finish.
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