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Ratings and Reactions: Sunderland 1-0 Villa


Who was your man of the match?  

109 members have voted

  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Warnock
    • Dunne
    • Beye
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Ireland
    • Petrov
    • Reo-Coker
    • Heskey
    • Sidwell (for Petrov 39)
    • Albrighton (for Ireland 55)

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Your ratings and reactions please.

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[table color=#bccde9:f4801ca8e3][mrow][mcol color=red:f4801ca8e3]Sunderland[mcol]1-0[mcol color=#8c333c:f4801ca8e3]Aston Villa

[row][col color=red:f4801ca8e3]Dunne og 24[col]1-0[col color=#8c333c:f4801ca8e3][/table]

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well, we completely outplayed them second half, but as we saw many times last year we lack that cutting edge. heskey worked hard, but he has to score that tap in. too many other chances wasted and poor crosses when in a good position.

we desperately need a top striker, we have done for a while.

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Lack of goals is getting very worrying now - only 9 goals scored so far, and 5 of them came in 2 games (West Ham and Wolves). We've always had a goalscoring problem since Yorke left. It's about time it was addressed. Overall good performance, but performances don't get points, goals do!

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need a striker, not our day, just how it goes.

still in the mix though, once gabby gets fit that'll be a plus, and we'll have refs and defenders who aren't useless in future fixtures. Dunne needs dropping though. no point putting in late tackles if you're going to score own goals.

Cuellar and Collins please.

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Friedal - 8.

Beye - 8.

Collins - 7.


Warcock - 4.

Downing - 6.

Young - 5.

Patrov - 4.

NRC - 7.

Ireland - 3.

Heskey - 7.

Sidwell - 6.

Albrighton - 7. Should have started.

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To much pretty football - plenty of possesion in the 2nd half - but barley any shots on target. The players look jaded , we are 2nd to every ball - I know Dunne scored the OG - But Petrov just lay on the floor, allowing the sunderland player to get up - and get the cross in.

If Houllier weren't so poor in the transfer market - I would say we need some new players

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"Disgraceful from Dunne"??

It was an unlucky own goal, poor communication between defenders and keeper results in an own goal. Hardly the stuff of disgrace and scandal. He redeemed himself well in the 2nd half, IMO, especially with his goal-saving block on Bent.

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I would have given Beye Man of the Match for the first half, but Reo picked it up in the second half and done his best to win everything he went in for....He is showing better signs with each game, he isn't panicing when he has the ball...Downing impresses me when he has the ball too, another who don't panic when he is on the ball.

First half was shocking, but once Ashley went behind Heskey the game changed...Albrighton didn't play all that bad when he came on, but could have done a little better with the header he had at the back post.

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We really miss Milner, badly need another striker, Dunne needs dropping for a game or two, not sure what Ireland adds to the side, and Mark Halsey is a **** word removed.

We deserved a point out of this at least, what a shit game!

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