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  1. Depends how you define 'very near'. Before the deadline, no.
  2. How on earth do you come to the conclusion that spurs would be in for Richard Dunne!!??? Onsea is probably Irish... you'll find they are incredibly incredibly loyal (and talent blind to the most part) to their own Irish players. I remember when Dunne had played about 10 games for us a number of the Irish fans on this board were comparing him to McGrath. Not sure if serious...
  3. But will he go somewhere else? Before the deadline? HUGELY doubtful.
  4. Musical differences.. She's not as big a fan of Welsh opera as he is.
  5. Hearing rumours that Mr and Mrs Beckham have split..
  6. I should have said, after my burst of Latin, that the Stoke story is not accurate.
  7. "Quando dio vuole castigarci ci manda quello che desideriamo."
  8. I have no doubt that collins was one to move on, but i think its clear him leaving now is allowing the Vlaar deal to proceed. Its one hell of a coincidence in timing if not. Also the fact we've just got back from a tour across the Atlantic. Also been told there's a striker deal being worked on, and this is very exciting to the guy who told me.
  9. Collins was leaving regardless of Vlaar
  10. I'm pretty sure I coined the 'Welcome xxxx' announcements on VT so let me add to my collection with... Goodbye James Collins. He'll be having talks with a premier league club this weekend. I've been asked not to say who with, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to work it out.
  11. On 39 seconds I was thinking "thats a bit gay" and then he did that handstand.. That's some impressive strength and balance.
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