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PL: Burnley h Ratings & Reactions


Who was your man of the match?  

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  1. 1. Who was your man of the match?

    • Friedel
    • Dunne
    • Cuellar
    • Warnock
    • Collins
    • Downing
    • A Young
    • Milner
    • Petrov
    • Agbonlahor
    • Heskey
    • Carew (for gabby 71)
    • Delfouneso (for Heskey 76)
    • Sidwell (for A Young 82)

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it really was a game of two halfs. first half we were so bad couldnt create to save our lives. second half we stepped up a gear and tore burnley appart. burnley defensively were absolutely woeful. we could have get about 8 if we really wanted to. thought ashlwy young was our best player by a mile today. downing woke up after a miserable first half.

this is great confidence going into cup final next weekend. my only slight critism is mon should have rested young, gabby and milner for the final 30-25 minutes when the game was over

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Good result and boost for the GD.

Gave Young the MOTM. Cant believe how many MOTM awards Downing got in the poll, he scored 2 (1 lucky) but was shocking before he scored.

This match showed the best and worst of Villa as an attcking side. We struggle to break teams down when they get players behind the ball, but as soon as we go in front we can play some great counter attack stuff.

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Truth be told, we still look utterly shit when teams pack men behind the ball.

Before our second goal, Burnley was playing very well, overloading the flanks with players keeping it tight, and we had no answer to that, we just kept passing it out wide.

But once we got that second, Burnley committed more men forward we got to play our natural counter-attacking game ... which yielded quite a lot of goals against a crap Burnley defence.

This games had the potential to be another West Ham, and I'm glad Downing got the goal when he did otherwise I think it would have been.

MON needs to sort it out. Don't go out wide all the time, let the team practice playing through the middle, with our wingers tucking in for support.

As I said in the match thread, when trying to break down an opposition who's being tight, to work in crosses, we often need 4, 5 players on one flank just to get in a cross for 2 players in the box to try to reach.

Not every game will be like the one against Burnley, and we really have to learn how to play another way.

Because looking at the rest of the season, whereby we will be coming up against teams lower in the table, there will be many more 'West Hams' and our ridiculous approach will cost us a lot of points if we persist with it.

Sort it out MON.

Chances are if we continue playing this way, there will more West Hams and less Burnelys, if you know what I'm saying.

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Really happy to see 4 different attackers on the scoresheet, should hopefully be a big boost in confidence at a crucial time.

Also showing we can win after going behind is very positive.

We were poor first half, but really stepped it up after a couple of pretty lucky goals! Confidence is the key and it's important that we're going to stay in touch while others play next week.

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Average first half, we weren't really getting about enough and moving into space to break down their wall.

Start of the second half, you could tell MO'N must've given them a half time incentive. It was a fantastic show of what we can do with our players when they've got the confidence and fire. Movement was excellent, passing was accurate, and we ripped them apart. It's a shame we can't start games like that.

Build that mentality up, make them have it in every game and we'd be killing a lot of matches off much sooner.

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  • VT Supporter

Just read the match thread. Reactionary.

Not the best first half, some decent stuff, some bluster, not a lot else. Burnley defended well and made us look considerably worse. To exacerabte things, we let them do that.

Second half, all change, some lovely football from us and reaped the rewards. When we click we are devastating. Downing looked hungry for the third after his brace and had an extra spring in his step. Milner was involved time and again. Etc etc.

Good result, shame we couldn't keep them down to the 1, sloppy end to the match and the subs did our rhythm in, still at 5-1 you can forgive that.

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Very bad first half, but as soon as we got the 2nd their heads dropped and we took them apart.

MOTM Ash Young for me.

Delighted to score 5, we needed a big result because of our lack of goals in recent games, hopefully that gives the whole team a big boost and we start to hit the back of the net more often!

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Good win, could and should have been more but a three goal win is just nice thanks very much.

Downing MOTM. Bit dodgy first half, and I'd much prefer him on the left than the right as he can't cross with his right foot, but he got a couple of goals so you can't argue with that. I still think if we wanted a right winger we should have bought one and not him though.

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Cracking second half after the players just didn't look switched on in the first.

Downing and Young were superb. Gabby was also magnificent and I have to say we just look so dangerous when we get the ball in behind the defence for him to run onto. I though his ball over the shoulder to Young for Downing's fist shows just how clever a footballer Gabby really is.

And kudos to Mon for not leaving Gabby limping around for the rest of the game. If we are to have a successful week Gabby will be the key to it IMO.

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