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  1. Lucky if Lewis doesn't get some kind of penalty. Was never in front all the way round that corner.
  2. Poor from Southgate not making changes earlier but then the subs he made were all wrong. Southgate to negative I am afraid
  3. I don't rate Southgate at all. I feel that in the last world cup we went out at the first point we played a decent team and in the euros again we have played average teams until now. If he beats Italy I will be impressed but it won't really change my opinion.
  4. Not a thing of note. If we get the final he will still be a starter
  5. It's a strange one. Not the worst movie I have seen and far from being the best. I wouldn't have paid to watch it in the cinema
  6. Warwick backed himself into a corner giving that against Lando. I don't think his or the two for Perez was worthy of a penalty
  7. That's never a time penalty offence for Lando. Absolute bull
  8. If we don't concede we will win it
  9. Rashford is God awful, does nothing of note. Wouldn't even be in my squad.
  10. Not sure if Southgate doesn't trust Jack or Holland just doesn't rate him
  11. It's very,.....,...............Red
  12. It really was. The story didn't make sense, the acting was awful and it was less than the sum of its parts.
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