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  1. Jack Grealish

    At times he looks the only player in the team who is truly comfortable with the ball at his feet........
  2. Chris Samba

    Can't pair Terry and Samba together, no pace
  3. Chris Samba

    He looked good today, solid at the back and scored.......
  4. Steve Bruce

    Steve just about earned the pre-season and to start the season, like every manager in the Championship he will have to earn continued employment and to do that he needs results, he won't get the sack if he continues to serve up more of the same dirge he has delivered so far. If he gets the results he will be fine, if he doesn't he will be gone, that I have no doubt of.
  5. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I think we will need to move out another 3 or 4 and then we may do a loan deal. I doubt any further money will be spent this summer.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Well Sherwoood had his supporters in the media and in the game. I like most fans will continue to judge him on how "his" team plays and the results they achieve. I couldnt give a flying fig if two senior players without contracts were happy to sign for either the club or the manager.
  7. Glenn Whelan

    Well Bruce has been backed again so he cannot have any excuses this season
  8. Steve Bruce

    I am going to be the one to say it.........Tim Sherward would get better results with this group of players. We would see more goals probably at both ends
  9. Steve Bruce

    Why does that not surprise me. We were playing F'ing Walsall in a friendly for FFS
  10. Steve Bruce

    Sigh, In points we were further off than before he took over. Sigh, Not sure why you would think I was suggesting that RDM got us close to the play-offs Sigh, Hope that clears up the confusion
  11. Steve Bruce

    Lets use a reference from our bright past as you and I are both from a simliar age. Jedinak is Bremner Hourihane is Cowans Adomah is Morley Lansbury is Mortimer. Now I am not suggesting that they are in anyway as good as those 4 but would suggest that they fulfill similar(ish) roles. Now everyone keeps asking about why Lansbury seems shackled to not crossing the halfway line, how would Mortimer have been viewed with out his rampaging runs into the opposition half, how would Morley have been viewed if he only had Shaw to get crossed to? We were playing League 1 opposition and the bindings could have been cut, go and play with freedom, get forward lets see what we look like in full flow only they werent. I dont buy that Bruce doesnt send his team out to play as cautious as we play, if he doesnt and he has now had 40 games and a pre-season to change the style then he is a worse manager than I thought he was. Deep down I hoped that you were right that he needed a pre-season to shape the style to get the most out of the riches at his disposal, but yet again it seems the only way he knows how to changed things is buy more players. Thankfully he appear to have to sell to buy so he cannot bring in another 4 or 5 players.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Well TRO, still confident Bruce will get us promoted?
  13. Steve Bruce

    Doesn't look likely does it
  14. Promotion 2017/18: What does it require?

    Better coaching or coaches, or a manager who knows how to set up a team to win games.
  15. Steve Bruce

    We ended further away from the play offs at the end of the season than when he took over, where does that leave your opinion?