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  1. Steve Bruce

    Bree, Bjarnason, Lansbury and Hogan. All signings made in January by Bruce at this point all struggling to make the starting eleven.............. Now where is that newspaper article about his time at Sunderland when you need it
  2. Steve Bruce

    It seemed you were saying posters shouldn't be making judgements on tonight's game unless you were there and then proceeded to point out you weren't there. I want a better manager than Bruce at the club but the only criticism of the starting eleven was Hutton ahead of Bree. The performance appears to be standard fare under Bruce 11 blokes on the pitch not a clue what the other 10 are doing for which the coaching staff and Bruce are culpable. The result while disappointing would not be a reason to sack the manager.........when added to the last eleven months of garbage it doesn't really help his cause does it
  3. Steve Bruce

    So what point are you making
  4. Steve Bruce

    And your point is? Unless you watch it you cannot have an opinion If you listened on the radio you cannot have an opinion. If you were in the match thread you cannot have an opinion. I take it you were there then?
  5. Steve Bruce

    Was Saturday a good performance?, Good results yes but the performance, disjointed, lacking cohesion even a little boring if I am honest.
  6. Steve Bruce

    I would like to know why he selected Hutton ahead if Bree who after all is his signing. Managed to upset Hogan into the bargain. Well done Steve
  7. Steve Bruce

    well after signing 14 players you would hope he wouldn't need to stumble onto it
  8. Steve Bruce

    He can behave like Mourinho if and when he achieved a similar record. He would be better served courting the fans at this point otherwise it does look like he has a self serving agenda.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Defence is ok, with 2 up top our strikers looked dangerous, but our midfield just looks a complete mess
  10. Sam Johnstone

    I might have been wrong about him, looks a solid performer so far
  11. Steve Bruce

    Who is our midfield dynamo, the player who dictates the play and drives us forward..........
  12. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    He wasn't even good enough for the bench 2 games ago Mike............according to Bruce. I agree with you
  13. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    Wolves have Nuno we have Knowsnothing
  14. Match Thread: Barnsley v Villa

    11 blokes on a pitch, that's all we are. Continually kick it up the pitch
  15. Steve Bruce

    Totally agree all clubs sack managers...Crystal Palace............Bruce will be here for 12 months and signed 14 players and are no better off for it. He is fearing the sack with good reason.