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  1. mykeyb

    The Film Thread

    I thought it was decent to be honest.
  2. One thing about when he had the ball taken off him, where was the shout?
  3. From comments on twitter from nufc fans it appears that Bruce continues where he left of here.
  4. So Gayle turned down another season long loan with an option for them to buy on deadline day. I thought he loved them....... Austin could be a good signing, depends on if he has a point to prove
  5. mykeyb


    Christ what a bunch of classless arrogant posters they have on there...........
  6. Where would we play while this is going on...
  7. Until Luiz gets his work permit we have Marvelous and Conor so would imagine he is still on our radar
  8. He has some thing but probably not as a wide player. Interesting to see how he can do working with decent coaches.....
  9. mykeyb

    The Film Thread

    The story looked so obvious I really thought that there would be a twist at the end.................nope,
  10. Surely he won't be leaving Leeds to go to Brentford. I hate dislike home with a passion but at that price as back up...
  11. How many minutes of football have you seen Nakamba play?
  12. mykeyb

    Tyrone Mings

    Thing is we will have a budget for bringing in players and if we are forced to pay more than we budgeted for Philips it might mean we then could not bring in Mings too.
  13. The rumours up there are that Philips and Jansson are off.
  14. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    Terrible race with nothing of note to raise any interest, it appears the south of France is crap for formula 1
  15. mykeyb


    Deceptive? Well he is intelligent and it came top of the Google search so it's a paid ad. He might have used a debit card, cannot remember to be honest but I am pretty sure that he got nowhere with his complaint to bank/CC and I think he complained to the company direct. In answer I think it's deceptive an meant to be so but not sure how trading standards would tackle it if they are offering the service they advertise however deceptively.

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