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  1. 6 months would put us almost into October. The Euros will be next year. I don't see how we can do ish this season. Have a break for transfers etc and then complete the next season before the Euros. I don't see this season being able to restart much before sometime in September. Which competition is going to be cancelled next season to allow any chance of the games being played. Caraboa Cup, FA. Cup, Europa and Champions League? There will be a lot of sponsors arguing that their competition should be played because they have paid for the exposure. Any suggestions will have to be agreeable to a lot of people, not least the government and British public and I will be surprised if in 6 months time anyone really cares about this season.
  2. mykeyb

    The Film Thread

    Watched this on Sunday, enjoyed it. The Invisible Man in comparison was disappointing.
  3. No my point was I don't see how being relegated with Big Sam would be worse than being relegated u see Dean as there are some posters who have said they would rather be relegated with Dean than stop up with Sam which to me is absolute rubbish.
  4. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Not the best team I agree but one that should be able to be out of the relegation zone. The issue is our defending such a high line and then playing with wing backs rather than full backs, the midfield you could drive a bus through and our only striker is so isolated. Better tactics I have no doubt would have gained more points than we have now and so that's down to the manager.
  5. As I have said before Big Sam would work on a short term contract and he said as much on Talksport. For all those who are saying you would rather be relegated under Smith than give him a chance, how would it be worse to be relegated under Sam than Dean?
  6. To me he looks like he isn't enjoying playing at the moment, just not happy at all
  7. mykeyb


    It doesn't help when Guilbert has probably the worst game I have seen by a right back in 40 years of watching us.
  8. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    So last season under Dean we kept 11 clean sheets out of 34 games in the league so one in three, Sheff Utd was 21 in 46 closer to one in two although Norwich managed only 13 in 46.........
  9. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    And you genuinely think he could do it next season without Grealish?
  10. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    An incredible run of 10 straight wins which coincided with Jack coming back. Where were we before the run started? Sorry I don't want to have to go up through the play offs again eithet
  11. Allardyce was on Talksport in January and he said he was available for short term projects. He has 10 games and if we go down then we look for a manager to get us promoted, if we stay up we look at someone who can build on what we have. Don't see the problem, I also don't see it happening.
  12. Sadly this is where I am at. I dont get what people are seeing from Dean that gives them any kind of positivity should we be relegated.
  13. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    We cannot keep a clean sheet, we couldnt last year in the championship. We will not be promoted with Dean Smith in charge........in my opinion.
  14. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Either staying up or fighting for promotion next season will have to start with being tight at the back, being hard to beat. That is not going to happen with Dean if he signs 11 new players and that's why he has to go sooner rather than later. The defensive stats are completely and utterly damning.
  15. Guilbert was poor. Luiz was poor Reina was poor Those three should not start against Chelsea however I am really sorry to say this but Dean isn't good enough. John T as defensive coach needs to share the blame and all the management should be given their notice first thing tomorrow as we need a new a chance to stop up and if that means the Tipton Terrier then we have to try as we are going down without a fight as it is
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