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  1. I have had Ring Doorbell and it was generally ok but at times there was a delay of up to a couple of minutes which renders it useless. I have swapped to Nest and I am very pleased. The only issue is it could get expensive if you want to take out Nest Aware for every camera.
  2. If you listen to the Radio WM phone in there is a blues fan called Polly and I have never heard her make a call yet without referencing us in some way. :Last night WM were favouring Villa fans last week and the penalty we got on Saturday wouldn't have been given against them if Adams had gone down in the same way. Even the presenter told her to leave it last night They live the whole life under our shadow and its pathetic.
  3. Their fans are suggesting there was no contact between him and their club........obviously Preston offered him a new contract because if the performance on Saturday.... They are broke......
  4. Just to add 7 games show we were 15 points behind the Albion.....
  5. 4 points behind them with 5 to play. Their next 2 are Preston and Hull....both at home so the atmosphere could become very toxic.
  6. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    I think we need to buy Rotherham a new set of tea cups
  7. Albion are a shambles and very catchable
  8. Well that was a low key season closer. Not sure if I am honest I actually care about any of the characters left and I am bored of the whisperers
  9. How much in Transfer fees has this lot cost the club and we will get very little (if any) back on their departure. No wonder we are where we are.
  10. Why was Murat summoned back to the resort at 2.00am in the morning from Devon before it was reported that Maddie's was taken..... I don't think that the parents killed her on the day she was supposed to have been taken, there just isn't enough time for them to have hidden the body. There is a theory that something may have happened before then and there is some possible evidence but it would mean that some other evidence has to be ignored, and that's the problem with trying to prove that the parents are guilty. The police dogs are provide probably the most compelling evidence that something happened in the apartment. Agree that the biggest problem is that both parents are thoroughly unlikable.
  11. Totally agree about Alan Arkin.
  12. mykeyb

    Kortney Hause

    I thought he did really well.........
  13. Watched first episode of Curfew on Sky.....what a complete and utter pile of drivel.

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