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  1. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    Thing is it wasnt a great race, how many laps in were the back markers starting to be overtaken? and it happens every year at Canada. At least you can overtake there.
  2. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    He turned right to control the car as you turn into the skid, I think he thought Hamilton was going to take him on the inside..... Not really a Better fan but by God Ferrari are making it easy for Hamilton this year.
  3. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    Not sure what Vettel could have different there
  4. mykeyb


    For those who enjoy irony just pop over to their Molineux Mix forum, they have a thread Villa (horribly obsessed) which was started in Feb 2018 and currently is running at 115 pages while this one has reached the heady heights of 87 pages but was started in Nov 2012.......... They are updating our starting 11 on a daily basis and surprise have us down as finishing 20th. I dont think I could name more than about 5 or 6 of their players and yet they appear to know every player we sign and the formation we are going to play. I only hopped on there to see if there was any confirmation of what they were paid last season by W88 who are now set to be our new sponsor but I honestly dont think they would have a clue but would be able to tell us what our deal was worth last year. Horribly obsessed is about right.
  5. According to Alan Nixon none of their managerial targets fancy the job...........they could be down there for years
  6. Adil Ray who was presenting in GMB this week. Also created Citizen Khan
  7. Something I had totally forgotten about until just now and something that maybe only those of us who watched on TV might of noticed. Was the bloke who along with the woman was introduced to the two teams before the game totally plastered?
  8. I have just popped in for a laugh. 25 pages about us and the play off final but then they call us obsessed because Jack referenced scoring twice against them when he was interviewed. I guess irony is too much of an abstract concept for them to understand.
  9. A Premier League Grealish is worth more than a Championship Grealish and would find it difficult to believe that any buy out clause would not reflect this
  10. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    Totally agree. As a spectacle I suppose it's right up there but it doesn't work as a race as it's almost impossible to overtake.
  11. So off to China for 15 million
  12. They are still hanging on about Gayle's yellow card for time wasting.................always have a chip on their shoulder. Karma is a barsteward unit.
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