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  1. Steve Bruce

    Is Johnstone better than Gollini, Hourihane better than Gill, Lansbury better than Vertout, Jedinak better than Sanchez, Hogan better than McCormack? I grant you that some of those players didn't want to stay but the replacements have not in the majority been an improvement. Bruce is not responsible for many of the above but both he, our scouts and club cannot continue to spend money as we have. Two or three signings with a tighter budget might benefit the team and certainly getting rid of God knows how many millions of pounds worth of talent (sic) who are currently on loan.
  2. Scott Hogan

    With the way we play I do wonder if Gestede would have scored more goals than Hogan has.
  3. Scott Hogan

    Strange that we have signed 2 players who have proven they will score lots of goals in this league and both have looked a shadow of the former self. There is one common denominator..............
  4. Jordan Amavi

    Decent player before he got injured, started OK but has got worse but then name me a player that has improved under Bruce?
  5. Steve Bruce

    Remind me how we did in Jan/Feb?
  6. Steve Bruce

    He was interviewed yesterday after the game on BBC WM and said he was planning a big summer....now I dont think he meant his holidays!
  7. Steve Bruce

    Can he get us promoted? - I doubt he will. Do I want him replaced? - Yes, but its not going to happen. If he is planning on having another big change in playing staff where does that leave the argument about continuity and stability?
  8. Steve Bruce

    I totally agree, give the players a system and they can express themselves.
  9. General Election 2017

    So Tony Blair thinking of moving Lib Dems..........Not sure who suffers more from that should it happen.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Graham Taylor could build a team from scratch, had them play to their strengths and got Villa to a top two position. If Bruce achieves similar I will put pen to paper to congratulate him, I don't want to know why he is so defensively minded but then look where he played, Maybe that's why our management team of Little, Gregory and Evans did so well.
  11. Jack Grealish

    I think in a more offensive team he would look better, not sure we will see that under Bruce. Where he played today what were is options, no runners, little movement, marked tightly giving little options going forward. Even Messi would have struggled today.
  12. Steve Bruce

    Since you reference the Dudley kid, why do you think his record at Palace is so good, they were in freefall before he joined?
  13. Steve Bruce

    He didn't fancy him or he didn't fit into the way he wanted to play, still not sure what point you are making. We have become hard to beat because we have a settled back 4 with a man mountain sitting in midfield to protect them, I would be surprised if we conceeded many goals being set up that way. Unfortunately that leaves us only 5 spots for offensive midfield and strike force, As others have pointed out Lansbury doesn't get in the box anywhere near as much as he did at Forest, same for Hourihane. Today he played a front 3 is some formation, trouble is you could have driven a bus in between them all 3 were isolated and never looked a threat. Now if you are telling me they are bad players I don't agree, if you are telling me Bruce thought they would pose a threat on the Blues goal then I am concerned. To me it looked defensive and look who we were playing at home!!!!!. He is basing our attacking threat on a bit of Kodja magic and set us up exactly the same way today but Hogan doesn't play that way. Why did he not have either Grealish or Adomah much closer to Hogan today? I suspect that Bruce will want a more mobile version of Jedinak which will help but I genuinely don't see how he will be able to play a Hogan Kodja front two and have a wide man and play Lansbury and Hourihane.
  14. Steve Bruce

    Klopp didn't sign Benteke so not sure what your point is. I am not sure if those players were Bruce's choices, if they were then he has signed good players who don't fit into our side at this point. If he gets them into a winning team next season then great he will have proven me wrong.
  15. Steve Bruce

    A good manager will identify a system, sign players to fit the system and then buy better players to improve the system. Bruce buys players like a game if Championship Manager as he hasn't even identified his system yet, look forward to another summer of players signed based in stats and also Alex Bruce at some point?