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  1. VillaTalk Deadpool 2018

    Sad that he had dementia.
  2. The Film Thread

    Care to expand
  3. Cyrille Regis

    RIP Cyrille, god bless
  4. Scott Hogan

    With a better touch he could have had a second in the second half when he found that space between their 2 defenders on the edge of the box.
  5. Robert Snodgrass

    Any truth in the rumour that Moyes wants to recall him?
  6. Steve Bruce

    And after the Brentford game said he had to go!
  7. Steve Bruce

    Totally disagree. I don't rate Bruce but would be delighted to be proven wrong and I cannot believe I would be in the minority.
  8. Birkir Bjarnason

    Very good performance, if he can play like that every game I'd play him ahead of Whelan and Jedi.
  9. Thought we looked sloppy at times and should have tried to put the game out of their reach. Saying that 3 points and a clean sheet
  10. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    As others have said you need to give GOT the whole first series and if it's not your thing by then I wouldn't waste any more time on it.
  11. Media and punditry

    What an absolute idiot
  12. Jack Grealish

    May let's drop him and get Whelan back in..... Then only player we have who doesn't treat the ball as bomb about to explode
  13. Match Thread: Middlesbrough v Villa

    All the more bizarre that the manager didn't have him in the starting eleven. Unfortunately Bruce knows the square root of feck all about football
  14. Match Thread: Middlesbrough v Villa

    Has he done anything from a set piece since we signed him?
  15. Steve Bruce

    It's almost as though the manager has made them into a team rather than 11 individuals...........is that fair? There is a chance they could overtake us over the next few games.