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  1. Awful news, gave us fans a club to be proud of and will be held in the highest regard by us all. Many thanks Ron you are truly a Villa Legend. RIP
  2. New Everton boss will be able to ease himself in with some easy fixtures............not
  3. mykeyb

    Wesley Moraes

    A couple of games coming off the bench might help him or give that kick he needs
  4. What has happened to McGinn
  5. mykeyb

    The Film Thread

    Watched Ready or Not. Very tongue in cheek horror that was actually OK.
  6. mykeyb

    The Film Thread

    I hated it to be honest
  7. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    Last 30 minutes was insane, first hour pretty dull. Vettel looks like he has lost his mojo
  8. mykeyb

    The Film Thread

    Official Secrets is well worth a watch especially as it's a true story.
  9. mykeyb


    As someone else said they have a 2 year head start, however Fosun appear to be reigning in the spending a bit which will hamper their progress a little so it's possible we could look to close the gap if we can stop up.
  10. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    I believe we have enough quality to stay up, do we have enough grafters and will Dean adapt his philosophy because what we are currently doing isn't going to cut the mustard
  11. It's Conor fault, he wasn't involved enough today.............
  12. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Have to agree, good managers will adopt the game to suit the opponents and we could have played a game to stifle their game and try and nick a goal, sometimes just trying to win every game is nieve.
  13. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Wesley is not a target man and even if he is who is he flicking it on to. Aimless long balls all over the pitch today which meant we just gave them the ball. Needs to be addressed and quick.
  14. That was not very good was it. Wolves obviously wanted it more.
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