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  1. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Why do some posters assume if we criticize Dean Smith we want him replaced? I agree that the manager lacks good options from the bench but to persist with Traore, Elghazi, Tres (perm any 2 from 3) with the other coming on as first sub when it hasn't helped our performances and the results have suffered seem to be stubborn for want of a better word. As you say Dean will be able to give himself better options for next season so let's hope if we lose Jack for any length of time that Dean won't keep repeating the same issues.
  2. Series 6 has so many great episodes.............
  3. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    So do you have any concerns about our current form or lack of plan b when jacks not available?
  4. The Father, starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman. Hopkins should win awards for that performance
  5. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    I disagree there are a lot of posts backing Dean but also asking questions of his management today. Surely they are in the middle ground.
  6. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    I get your point but Smith has earned another season for me.
  7. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    It looks like it might for some people.
  8. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    This thread is more enjoyable once you use the ignore function on the posters with the views at each end of the argument.... We won't know if KD would have made a difference but we do know the three subs he made didn't.
  9. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Not sure what Davis has to do to get on and what Elghazi has to do to not come on
  10. Firstly do you think Southgate would take him if only has a couple of games under his belt when the season ends. Secondly screw England, let's have him fit for next season.
  11. mykeyb


    Agree totally about Neto, I do wonder what's happened to Neves. I would have wanted him to sign a couple of years ago, still obviously has talent so where is the issue?
  12. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Neto would be a massive addition, but probably too expensive.
  13. I hope my post was vague enough not to be a spoiler. Yes confirmed by ITV and the writer last week.
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