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  1. I have just checked BBC website and it looks like WBA have won just two games since the restart against Hull and Sheff Wed. Hardly automatic promotion form
  2. What have Albions results been since the restart?
  3. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2020

    I made the wrong choice and went with F1............Lando Norris likes Austria doesn't he.
  4. Yes we shouldn't whine about losing.............fans have opinions and forums are exactly the place for them, unfortunately you have to accept that some fans see things differently. I don't know of any real Villa fan who will be upset by today's results and if someone then perhaps they should have a good look at themselves.
  5. All different players though. Grealish is not like any other player we have had. Closest maybe Merson and Jack's better than him.
  6. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Well from the bits I saw Dean got a reaction out of them so good for him. We need another 3 reactions like that
  7. Needed a better result at Newcastle or at home to Sheffield really. If we beat Everton though..........
  8. In a two I think Samatta would look much better
  9. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Did you think we would be relegated with a whimper? Tomorrow will be the acid test for me. Smith has got some stick since the last game. Mings was torn to shreds on Sky and Jack's been getting it too. I expect a reaction, I expect a performance. If there isn't one then I cannot work out why Dean should be given next season to be honest
  10. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    I believe that Dean had some input at Brentford and with us. Clearly losing Dean hasn't damaged Brentford as they continue to play some great football and they have spent some money this season too rather than sell their best players. Dean has been unlucky to lose Heaton, Mings, McGinn and Wesley for long periods this season as that is the spine of the team. My main issue is that pretty much every man and his dog thinks our wingers aren't good enough and yet he still continues to play them. For both Liverpool and Man U. he could have flooded the midfield and made it difficult for the opposition but he chose to play Tres who is the very definition of a headless chicken. Losing can become a bad habit and starting next season with the same management and majority of players could be a continuation of where we leave off this season.
  11. Ah well they don't have Suso. They don't have Purslow... But most importantly they have a manager with a system and players who have been together in the main since League 1. If you want a blueprint for how it's done, here it is.
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