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  1. Website design (Wix)

    Wix is a bit like trying to get a professional designed leaflet using Word........
  2. Android: General Chat

    Try XDA, there are ways to install but to be honest it's no better than GN Launcher
  3. Steve Bruce

    Yes I do, Bree, Samba, Lansbury, Hogan and Elmo to name 5 out the 16 not so much and selling Baker was baffling.
  4. The Film Thread

    Very good film. The only question is at what point in the film did you think hang on a second, does that mean that...........
  5. Steve Bruce

    If we are not controlling the midfield because we are overran shouting at players to get forward is not going to work, the fact he was doing that rather than address the more obvious deficiencies in the midfield makes we wonder if he could see the issues that you, I and thousands of fans could see. Elmo has had more ineffective games than effective. In the 2nd half against Preston they were deliberately targeting him by playing long diagonal balls into his position. Bruce will not drop him for De Laet or Bree both of whom I would rate much higher. Thats his choice and he will live or die by that.
  6. Steve Bruce

    You would have thought. If the newspapers are correct and they arent always he now wants to shift Hogan, Lansbury and Bree so he can sign some more players.............I can see that working well. I wouldnt be suprised if Grealish is moved out as a saleable assest even though Steve was planning to build his whole team around him, we will see on that. I think Terry obviously and Johnstone is the only signings you can say are of the standard needed so I am not sure I want Steve to sign another 2 or 3 players "he knows".
  7. Steve Bruce

    Also Bruce has signed 16 players in his 12 months here but he still hasn't been able to put together a cohesive team of 11 players who can put in consistent performances, he now wants to wheel and deal again in January. At what point do we as fans have the right to ask if he genuinely doesn't know how to achieve what he wants?
  8. Steve Bruce

    I have seen you suggest this a few times and to be honest none of us know for sure however I am not sure which side of the coin is worse. Players not following through with the coaches and managers instructions or now clear instruction given during training. Surely both raise legitimate questions about the coaches and manager.?
  9. Steve Bruce

    Totally agree, I cannot understand what the coaches are doing at BMH everyday. Its not just been under the current manager either.
  10. Steve Bruce

    When was the last time we had a consistent period of sustained pressure in the opponent's half especially around the penalty box.......
  11. Steve Bruce

    Hmmm let's just ignore his work outside the UK then.....and Wagner who got Huddersfield promoted and looks like he will keep them there.....meanwhile we have the same long ball football from us under Steve.
  12. Formula One - 2017

    Well nobody can say that what Max did was unexpected as he knew both Hamilton & Vettel had more to lose than he did and took full advantage. Have to smile at all the outrage against Vettel from people who have never driven an F1 car at speed while going head to head with a car each side of you. He had more to lose than Hamilton so no way did he try to take hime out. The fact that Vettel went from last but 1 to finish 4th tells you all you need to know about what is wrong with F1
  13. Formula One - 2017

    Ferrari are shocking of the line
  14. Jonathan Kodjia

    A very frustrating player at times.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Balls into channels for players to run on to......not many today lots of balls nowhere our players, balls that were so long they went through to their keeper or to Kodja who tried to keep his markers so far from the ball that the 2nd defender could nip in and pinch it. If as you suggest we were playing long balls would it not have made sense to have a target man playing up against their defenders?