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  1. Is there a more greedy player in the Premiership than Salah?
  2. Just coming n here to post the same thing. They are striving for clean sheets and that is the base you build wins on.
  3. mykeyb


    So just for fun I popped on to MolineuxMix and saw this comment. "Take Watkins grealish luiz cash Barkley out their side and they are miles behind us" Barkley has only just come back from 2 months out.
  4. Ridiculous by some of our fans. He wears our sort he gets our support.
  5. Emi is a class above in my opinion
  6. So if your City and have no interest in buying him back you would say to Villa yes we will allow to buy us out of that clause give us x million, so do we sit tight and see if they do anything before the deadline expires and hope to keep him at no extra cost?
  7. They need to score 3 goals to win a game of football.
  8. All the Wolves fans who were on there constantly giving it the biggun have become a little scarce. Nigel the happy bin man was constantly texting in about us and that Tonka.....there was another one called Paul who was convinced they were going to do us when we played at our place the season Wolves got promoted and we destroyed them 4-1 I hardly heard off him in ages and if any of them come on they never mention us, just like Eddie. I am sure they think if they dont speak about us we will cease to exist. Retards the lot of em
  9. All the very best Conor..... Can you score a hattrick against the Blues while you are there....
  10. Unfortunately it was guaranteed Eddie would be on, I really hope that they are still in with a chance of survival come the last game and they screw it up.......... Pete from Erdo calls every couple of days and doesn't really say anything does he mate..... I will give it a listen tomorrow for comedy value alone.
  11. mykeyb


    Thing is Trent it was totally the wrong time to try and changes systems with practically no preseason to embed the system in to the squad. The issue is they have spent incredibly poorly and have gambled on having another season where they avoid injuries to their big players and it hasn't worked out for them. Wolves fans are kicking off because they really thought Fosun were going to bankroll them to the top despite being told by numerous fans it doesn't work that way. As it is Fosun have lost the pin code and so no more signings this year, couple that with their biggest fear being
  12. mykeyb


    I couldn't get over how passive Nuno was on the touchline........no passion at all.
  13. He was convinced we would go down and they would stay up after about 5 or 6 games.................then he was convinced they would beat us. He wont mention us because we are so far in front of them even as deluded as he is he cannot argue otherwise. If they manage to fluke a result against Wolves he will be on every night next week.
  14. mykeyb


    So Nuno has been told that the pot is empty for transfers which is why they have recalled the couple of players they had loaned out and rumours that Mendes is now hawking Nuno around the other premier league clubs.........they ah very appy am they.
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