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  1. Wolves

    I don't mind banter but some of these Wolves fans are verging on being obsessed with us. Take yesterday before our game they had a Wolves fan phone WM, now is obviously a bit of dimwit as he calls himself Tonka. They had just had a good win against Burton so you would expect he would want to talk about his club.......well he couldn't leave it there could he. He starts have a dig at us and then starts on Grealish. Unbelievable. I understand that they feel like kids at Xmas after 30 years of being irrelevant but they haven't learned anything from Albion's demise have they. I bet if you walked into Old Trafford or Anfield or The Emirates and asked the fans to name the biggest club in the Midlands 7 times out of 10 Wolves would probably be 3rd pick after us and the Albion. I will genuinely enjoy their journey back to obscurity.
  2. Steve Bruce

    How much did he spend 14 months ago? Sadly he was left with Gaby, Richards and McCormack which have curtailed us some what but he has backed and how when it comes to signing Terry and Snodgrass. Warnock proves to some extent how Bruce could have done better, started the same week as Bruce, took over a team below us and has not had the ability to bring in the names Bruce has but has built a team, Steve has assembled a group of players and that's the difference.
  3. Birkir Bjarnason

    What we see on matchdays is now very definitely Bruce's team, his players (bar a few who are top quality) if the team is deficient then that's got to be put at Bruce's door. Lack of grit, intensity, ability to put a foot in have again got to be put to Bruce. Playing with 4 strikers and 2 midfielders......Bruce again. If Bruce is to take the plaudits for our run since christmas then he also needs to accept the questions about the last 2 poor shows.
  4. Steve Bruce

    I am not suggesting that Dean Smith take over, I am stating that with the respective resources available Bruce comes a very poor second when it comes to the results.
  5. Steve Bruce

    Without going over old ground I believe Bruce has got us where we are because he has a good squad who can produce moments of brilliance that can win games. I genuinely believe if he was managing Brentford this season they would not be as high up as they are as they don't have as many of those players Dean Smith has Brentford where they are because of his coaching and tactics and that's the big difference.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Bruce himself said he got it wrong on Tuesday night and how many times has he made similar comments this season. How many many points has he cost us? And what the f ING hell was HIS gameplane when we had 4 strikers on the pitch with Jack and Thor as our midfield. If you think the players have let him down then please explain how the final 20 minutes was their fault.
  7. Birkir Bjarnason

    OK, the million dollar question, whose fault is it?
  8. Steve Bruce

    No but you are suggesting fans are out of order for questioning the manager because of his record since christmas
  9. Birkir Bjarnason

    Well you did go back in and edit your response so when I asked the question it was justified.
  10. Birkir Bjarnason

    I don't think I have seen too many Villa teams worse than this one when it comes to making tackles
  11. Birkir Bjarnason

    Not really answering the question. Would Saunders played Mortimer and Cowans in midfield and the took Cowans off for a striker?
  12. Birkir Bjarnason

    So again who was in midfield with him. You have already stated that Hourihane was lightweight so..........
  13. James Bree

    Not great on the wrong side of the pitch....
  14. Steve Bruce

    Do you think the manager had a faultless game tonight?
  15. Birkir Bjarnason

    Who else was in midfield with the guy today? Bruce cocked up massively as Bjarnnson should have played on Tuesday and Jedinak tonight.