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  1. mykeyb

    Formula One - 2019

    I read that Williams are expecting the new car to be slower than last year's. It could be a long long season for them
  2. mykeyb

    *spoilers* The Walking Dead *spoilers*

    So has the storyline........
  3. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    If the midfield is that bad and I am not suggesting it isn't. Wouldn't it be better to bypass it and play 4-4-2.
  4. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    This getting rid of the dead wood sounds like a forgone conclusion. Yes some are out of contract but we have more than a few on long contracts........ who is going to buy them?
  5. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    How did Hourihane play today or last Wednesday?
  6. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Agree 100% with all three above TRO
  7. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Could they have done less than Hourihane
  8. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Smith has had this in his locker from both his Walsall and Brentford days, and by this I mean his team go on long stretches of games without a win and was probably my major concern as I think good managers recognise this and stop the rot and rebuild confidence. I would have expected him to have done something a long time ago to stop this but he hasnt. Needs to try something different because if he carries on like this we will be fighting at the wrong end of the table.
  9. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Well sending out the same players with the same instruction and with the same formation isn't really managing is it
  10. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    We wanted Bruce out because he had no plan B. I have seen no suggestion that Smith is any better.
  11. mykeyb

    Kortney Hause

    Thought he did OK to be honest
  12. mykeyb

    Conor Hourihane

    There was a point in the second half o the far side of the pitch when he had a Brentford player on the ball close to the byline, I expected a tackle to be made and the ball go out of play. It didn't and the Brentford lad continued his run and got away from him. The fact that that is the only thing I can remember from him during the second half speaks volumes about his contribution.
  13. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    2 up front has got to be worth a try, how many times did we resort to long balls up to Tammy with no one around him
  14. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    I hate to mention that mob down the road but how many players has their manager brought in. He looked at what he had and came up with a game plan that works. We have arguably better players but we appear to have no heart or desire at the moment.
  15. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Wasn't the owners first choice, mind you their first choice was no better. Compare his after match interviews to those before Christmas and he is a different person. I like him but have this nagging doubt he can't and won't be successful