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  1. E-Readers

    Anyone own a Kindle ereader, I am thinking of buying my wife one and as I am a Prime customer I assume she can take advantage of the free Kindle books for prime customers they announced last week.
  2. Steve Bruce

    But he is from Dudley and we are a big club and it's a job that most managers would like a crack at...................
  3. The Film Thread

    I never made it that far........they even pinched the Sharpie joke of Bosses2
  4. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Were any security staff injured in the blast?
  5. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Thou shalt not kill for a start.
  6. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Even though it goes against all christian values?
  7. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Thats my point, why is the first comment about him being a muslim, he isnt, he is a terrorist.
  8. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Innocent until proven guilty.....yes. How many of the 3000 on watchlists are there "without" good reason. I would imagine that it constitutes more than just googling how to make a bomb. If we dont have the resources to watch them all what is the answer? more money? whats the price of a childs life? There needs to be a plan, just sitting back and hoping it will go away wont work. There isnt one answer to this I am sure.
  9. Manchester Arena Explosion

    If the blockhead who blew himself up on Monday for IS was John Smith and was born and bred in Manchester would we say he was christian? a muslim? or just a terrorist?
  10. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Just to clarify to all the posters that seem to want to go on a little attack. I dont think what was suggested is an answer and have said so this morning on 4 or 5 occassions. I posted about it because I was suprised by what someone who has chaired COBRA meetings would suggest as measures he thought should be brought in and indeed maybe if attacks continued. I thought it was of interest and thats why I posted it here. I do think we need to be pro-active. If that means giving more resources to the police etc then that needs to be looked at. If that means that the top suspects on the watchlist need to be brought in and investigated then so be it. Perhaps we need to be talking to the muslim communities and ask them for their opinions how radicalisation can be tackled.
  11. Manchester Arena Explosion

    So me saying we should be pro-active can only mean I agree with his solution even though I explicitly say I am not sure that it is a solution either............OK
  12. Manchester Arena Explosion

    What price for your health and freedom....
  13. Manchester Arena Explosion

    Children dying is the worst attrocity, whether they are coming out of a concert in Manchester or sitting by a target in Syria. Nobody should think that is acceptable.
  14. Manchester Arena Explosion

  15. Manchester Arena Explosion

    You are right, lets make it 35%.