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  1. So at £5.00 a game would Leicester Villa got more than 80,000 pay up?
  2. Yes it's a very good film that leaves you totally aghast at the american legal system.
  3. I did look at the Slate but it's discontinued by Google although still available. It looks like Google see no future in Chrome Tablets, do I want to jump in invites of that. Are Chrome pads any good.
  4. My Pixel C is really showing it's age, I guess it is a no brainier to go with Ipad but as my work phone is an iphone I really don't like ios but what's the alternative......
  5. It was the latest as it was a pixel 3. I have the same issue n Chrome which you would have thought would be OK. Never tried swiping so will make an effort to try it out.
  6. If that's what we needed from.him we should have started Davis
  7. Or we could play to his strengths....
  8. mykeyb

    Dean Smith

    Dean was out thought tonight, and slow to change the system to combat the threat as let's be honest the goals were coming all first half.
  9. Well the scroll up from the bottom appears slightly different but the main thing in some apps there is no "back" button. Currently it doesn't feel as easy for me as on the Pixel 3. I will have a comparison tomorrow if I get time.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one red card tonight.
  11. Am I the only one not keen on the new Pixel 5 navigation.........
  12. Jesus Leicester paid £40m for Tielemans........
  13. mykeyb

    Ezri Konsa

    Well he if he can play right back he may get a shot in the centre.
  14. I had a quick look on their forum last night and one of them actually posted that he was encouraged by our result as it was between two poor sides...........2nd and 4th. I watched their game against Burnley and if I was them I would be preparing for relegation already.
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