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  1. Whoah Barry has already bagged 2 goals this season!
  2. Needs to be sacked surely? When Sherwood and Garde first came in, they both had a good run of games and we could see the style of football they were trying to instill in the team, there was a vision for how they wanted the team to play. I haven't seen anything from RDM to suggest he's got his own vision for the team. I think he needs to go. I would honestly take Steve Bruce at this moment, he would do far better than RDM.
  3. Curtis Davies had a cracker of a game against United and Hull Captain as well, seems to have done fine for himself!
  4. Leicester just needs to get Albrighton on. No but seriously, they should push Schlup upfront and let Marc, Okazaki or someone play on the left. Schlup's pace is completely wasted out wide where Man U are squeezing the space quite well.
  5. I said in another thread I thought the arrival of MON and Lerner's open chequebook actually screwed all the potential we had in our academy. Letting Davis and Gardner go while getting in Sidwell and Reo-Coker who I would argue were only marginally better players than both and of course Zat Knight and Davies over Cahill was just stupid. We had a decent crop of players from our academy that we frankly wasted.
  6. I actually think we need to get back to the 'cheap' academy model that Doug was trying to make us sustainable on. On hindsight I think if Ellis had stayed and Lerner had not opened his chequebook initially we could have built a squad around the likes of Cahill, Ridgewell, Davis, Whittingham, Gardner, Albrighton etc. All our academy graduates who we sold for dirt cheap during the MON-Garde period have become decent Premier League-standard players. We need to trust in our academy and rebuild the Southampton way in the Championship, slowly bring up a solid batch of pros.
  7. Joining the likes of Barry, Milner and Young as Premier League Winners after leaving Villa. Jesus, what a midfield 4 that is.
  8. Only Richardson can miss a chance like that haha
  9. Why is no one suggesting Roberto Di Matteo? He's out of a job at the moment and he did well at Brom and during his run at Chelsea.
  10. Can close the gap to 7 points tonight. At this point in the season we need to close the distance to at least 3 points by March or we wont stay up.
  11. Thank Jimmy. God Liverpool are annoying tards aren't they.
  12. Hope whatever happened to our last Aussie midfield prospect doesn't happen to him too.
  13. He has no defensive instincts, his first thought is to try and win the ball as high up the pitch as possible, so he's always trying to look for the intercept and the counter. He forgets that he is a defender first and foremost. Either Richards agrees to adopt a more defensive mentality or I would drop him altogether.
  14. Klopp has been tactically stupid in this game but what you want to bet when they play us he's going to get it right ... this really is our year to go down.
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