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  1. Wow you still alive Ginge? Still kickin I'm afraid. I love it when fat men call me ginge Couldn't resist coming back to kick some Giantfan butt Rob.
  2. Wow you still alive Ginge? Still kickin I'm afraid. I love it when fat men call me ginge
  3. Lots of hard study and practice before even putting a bet on and strong discipline. I was off work for a few months so looked into the horses. I made most of my money on long shots that had been favourably handicapped after running previous 1,2,3 races whatever over an unfavourable trip. After looking further back into the form i could see they'd maybe run well at the upcoming distance with the same sort of same ground etc, so the previous races at a different distance were a bit of a red herring. There are a lot of variables which also need to be taken into consideration but I would've done quite well with this strategy if I'd have had the discipline.
  4. Villas most improved player and badly missed.
  5. I agree with this. He did well for the side last season and gave the team balance, he needs a run of games.
  6. A link between attack and midfield would be nice. So far I don't see anyone that can do this...maybe Tonev, not sure if he's a winger or a midfielder.
  7. I had the toughest schedule last season and guess what, this year ive one of the toughest schedules as far as my players opposition goes AND one of the toughest schedules as far as my matchups go. ****.
  8. Our next game after that was Chelsea away.. We all know what happened there, and the run of results which followed. Lets see how much we've progressed, eh? Think they're way ahead of where they were then.
  9. Think it's going to be fun to watch Villa this year
  10. Can i have this one instead? Not as shiny as Andy Dalton but a good ginger nonetheless.
  11. Im in but only if rob agrees not to cheat again...
  12. I picked the Packers because of Rodgers and the WRs, all back to full fitness by the looks of it.
  13. Or you could say he's making Alfred Morris and the OLine look good, which is what a lot were saying. His fake hand offs to Morris are almost unreadable, I'm not an NFL expert by any stretch but I don't remember seeing a QB sell the play action that that well before, it's artisitc the way he does it. Like you said RG3 and the rest of the offense work well together. Not sure I agree when you say it's easy for him to find the wide open receivers. He puts the ball pretty much exactly where the receiver wants it, open or not, he hasn't made too many mistakes all year and that's with a group of receivers that could be called average at best. Garcon was injured half the season and Fred Davis got injured early on and missed the majority of it. He's accurate under severe pressure. Roy Helu was missing all season and if he gets fit for next time he'll be a massive plus for catching and running out the backfield for Griffin. Hope the injury isn't too serious for his sake, at least he was walking after it happened. Peterson came back from a bad injury so i guess RG3 could do the same if the injury was that bad.
  14. Maybe if RG3 hadve had the amount of throws of Luck he'd be better honed and have an even better arm lol I can see where you're coming from but after watching him a lot i can say his performances have arguably been better since he hasn't been running as much because of the injury. He hasn't been anywhere near as mobile, yet still playing to at least the same level as before the injury. I guess defenses will try and keep him in the pocket next season but they do and they leaves gaps through the air which he'll take advantage of given what I've seen so far, that's if he stays healthy and carries on with the same intensity lol.
  15. Broncos would beat the Ravens in Denver 9/10. Going on results from last few games of the season looks like the Pats are way too strong for the Texans, but I think Houston showed a lot more against the Bengals than in their last 4 games of the postseason and if Foster can get going it could be close. The NFC games are too close too call for me. Atlanta and Matt Ryan were looking ropey for a few games towards the end of the season, but came back well and Seattle look strong, I dunno, depends on how many Weetabix they have for breakfast i guess. Packers one of the form teams in the league but not sure if they can get past the 49ers, reckon I'll go Packers. Broncos, Pats, Seahawks, Packers.
  16. Not picking at your comment but RGIII has also been described as a passing QB who can run. I've watched every Skins game this season and his accuracy and arm strength are just as strong as his running and agility. He's a smart QB too, sees whats happening and checks down if he needs too without a panic. The only fault I can pick is he fumbles quite often, 12 times this season i think, although only losing it twice, he reacts well after losing the ball. Let's face it he's Jesus mark 2.
  17. The way I see it, Wilson made a lot of plays with his legs, RG3 wouldve done the same, the game couldve been a lot closer.
  18. Started hot full of adrenaline and fizzled out. A fit Griffin wouldve been a different story.
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