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  1. Yep really football fans are animals don't you know! Well not strictly true you can take a soft drink to your seat as long as the top is not on the bottle!
  2. Make it plastic bottles only and I think the launching of the beer if we score would be curtailed. Its the plastic pint glasses that causes that. Obviously you have the other issue of the plastic bottle being a missile then so it's catch 22.
  3. Every 2 years if its a summer tournament but throw in Qatar and Co and its 18 months then premier league and elsewhere fixture lists are **** and it don't work! Jog on Wenger if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!
  4. Myself and my mates have just given our season ticket cards to other family and friends or each other when we can't make it and never had any issues. I don't see what difference it makes to the club?
  5. Mike Dean confirmed ref against Utd you know that's screwed any chance we have.
  6. There is a long way to go they are only 3 points off safety so anything could happen but it's looking grim. I hope they get some points before we play them!
  7. Agreed add Liverpool to that clear kick on Benteke no pen. Arse Keeper yes gets a toe on the ball but it's still in play and clears out the Burnley player who would get to the ball if not on the floor. It's a joke that the clubs that wanted to leave the league get all these VAR calls.
  8. Anybody with eyes can see he is an immense talent. It's a shame that the unwashed are so one eyed they cannot admit Jack is the real deal too. I don't care where the boy comes from or who he supports he should be in an England 11 at the first game of The World Cup. Liverpool are favourites to sign him I heard next summer.
  9. Nah they can't both win the best beard award!
  10. This was said about Ancelotti too?? Should be a good game normally is hopefully we get the right result.
  11. As said before in the context of football Monday is part of the Weekend fixtures which starts on a Friday. Midweek fixtures have always been Tuesday and Wednesday now with Thursday for European games. That is it as far as this 46 year old is concerned and fantasy football agrees.
  12. Ref was a homer that is the best we have played all season onto the next one!
  13. The Championship this year is bobbins. 2 teams Fulham and WBA will walk the top 2 places. It's a free for all for every other team for the play offs you don't even have to be anything special just do the basics right and you will fly up into the top 6. Good start by the unwashed but they are bound to find a way to mess it up.
  14. There is a supply chain issue nation wide McDonald's do not have bottled drinks or milkshakes so I would say it's down to that. Remember prem numbers are the same for all 20 clubs so it won't just be Villa same with lettering.
  15. You are aware there is a global pandemic? Tournaments like the Euros rearranged pushing out World Cup Qualifiers that need to be played. Same with the Copa America.
  16. I think it's just to do with you have done your bit and it makes you feel more at ease should we lose! I am like you have had lucky tops, boxer shorts, socks and any combination of the above! If I stumble on something when we win games we are underdogs I keep doing it i.e. not shaving until we lose or whatever! It's total madness when you think about it! However I justify it all by thinking that there must be thousands like me and if we lose after I have done all my things it must be someone in those thousands that forgot! I am off for a lie down in my padded room.
  17. I heard it. It was an old person not aware of the PC brigade joke really. Discussing Gran Canaria and Las Palmas FC to which Wilford said he had seen them a couple of times and the caller laughed and said are you gay. For context for those that have not been. There was/is a gay scene there. Carnival and all. Not been for years so may have changed. Caller was just trying to be funny but that humour is not allowed these days.
  18. 30% off loads of the latest training gear and free postage on Kitbag eBay store for those after anything.
  19. As alluded to we have spent millions on the academy for that to be a success we need to have players graduating to the 1st team. This saves us a fortune and also signals to the next wonderkid come to Villa this is what happens. This season is going to be interesting with the kids around the 1st team and how they are used. We have bought well to compliment the team and have promoted the kids that show they have the minerals. I think it's a real test of the process and I am excited by it. Will it propel us into Europe probably not this year but there is a plan in place and we have the money should that plan fail. Good times.
  20. S-Platt

    Louie Barry

    The boy has to earn his starting spot that means working his ass off in training and impressing his peers. To me that is a good learning curve and will help him with his career.
  21. Well they should be that's the point they made them all play during the height of the pandemic for the nation's morale now they were treated differently then! I am hoping an agreement can be done as it's important for the players it's The World Cup at stake here not some friendly. If we as a country are serious about holding a World Cup again we need to have friends in other FAs.
  22. Cash made the run on the overlap that took the defenders away.
  23. On the train back to home. Point was fair. I thought that team would get taken apart so proves what I know! Only thing I would have changed was Nakamba starting and Chuck coming on against tired legs. Though the game passed him by a little. Happy enough nice break now to get everyone fit to take on Chelsea.
  24. Yeah it's crazy you can be pinged take a test and if clear go to work these days what is the difference!?
  25. They **** up winning the league when Leicester won it that was their big opportunity. I guess they are better than Arsenal so that's an achievement for them.
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