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PL: sha a 2009/09/13 Reactions and Ratings


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Fantastic result.

I thought it was heading for 0-0 for most of the game and in fairness we couldn't have complained.

Milner misplacing a lot of passes, but I think some of that was Warnock completely misreading the pass.

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Should have been more. Again we prove to be the Pride of the Midlands, lots for MON to look at (Milner!) but at the end of the day, i'm more than happy taking the three points.

Dunne & Collins at the back were impressive. Not sure about Cueller. I'd kiss Gabby's cock if he were here :shock:

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Well the all important thing is we won, and to add to that out defense looked pretty solid, Colins and Dunne especially looked towering in defense.

That said however i think our overall performance was pretty poor. Yet again we were completley dominated in midfield and our midfield unit was only effective defensively, offering little to nothing going forward bar mispalced hoofs upfield. This is something we really need to address.

Gabby did what he could considering the poor service and got us the goal, though should have had another. Carew made a difference when he came on too.

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Great game, always tricky affairs, best thing you can take from that is our back four, they are going to settle very nicely IMO, Ash was painfully quiet, but no going to dwell on that, Gabby again was busy making chances and that vital, vital winning goal that he seems to do in a lot of the big important matches, and if you can consider Heskey as an established England player, then Gabby Agbonlahor is a must shout for England.

Have to say i think MON played that excellently, Blues were always going to make life difficult, it was always going to be close, we kept it tight at the back, not brilliant in midfield but good enough, and lets face it we had enough chances before the goal went in to be 2-0 up IMO, not counting the Gabby and Carew chances afterwards, to much adrenaline flowing at that stage, important thing was we got the 3 points, and Gabby is back, just like the run up to Jan last year. MOTM for me.

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Bralliant to win but a more than shakey performance.

Friedel - Did what was needed, not much - 6

Dunne - Solid, headed everything in sight and generally kept the rest somewhat orgainsed, quite remeniscent of a mr Laursen actually - 8 MOTM

Collins - Solid and comfortable with the ball, looks good! - 7

Warnock - Looks like he can defend and looks to get forward a lot, did get caught out upfield once or twice but otherwise a good debut - 7

Cuellar - Defending good, passing terrible, not a fullback - 6

Petrov - Tidy - 6

NRC - Tidy - 6

Sidwell - Quiet but tidy - 5

Milner - Not at his best, especially in the 2nd half, tried hard as always but end product was lacking - 6

Young - Dangerous and made the goal, was double and triple teamed all day so didn't get much freedom - 6

Agbonlahor - Another good performance and apart from the goal contributed to most of our meaningful attacks - 7.5

In summary, none of the midfield 3 got up to support the attack enough, surely one of them must play an advanced role, we rely too much on the front 3 to create and score all our goals in the current system. Big John obviosly made the difference but again it's another goal from a set piece. Would love to see Milner brought into the middle with Petrov and NRC deep, Gabby and Young wide and Carew through the middle. It's obviously not the ideal place to have Gab but we need another player on the pitch who contributes to scoring goals, 3 is not enough! Anyone else think this?

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Friedel - 7

Cuellar - 6

Dunne - 7

Collins - 8 MotM

Warnock - 6

Petrov - 7

NRC - 7

Sidwell - 6

Milner - 5

Young - 7

Gabby - 8

Carew - 7

Milner was strangely lazy and sloppy, but i suspect that is just a hangover from being away with England and he will be back to his best next game.

The two CB's were the pick of the bunch on their debuts, looks like they could turn into a really solid partnership.

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alvin martin on TS summed it up nicely, blues wont play better than that all year, and IMO never really looked like scoring our back 4/brad looked very solid anything in the air is theirs, and the whole teams workrate was immense

fair play to MON we made the big change, blues didnt react at all and we dominated the end, personally the best 5 chances in the game all fell to us, obviously the goal, milners miskick, sidwells header then the 2 1on1s at the end, so to say blues didnt deserve to win is IMO utter bollocks

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Friedel 6

Cuellar 5- distrubution was poor apart from one good ball in the box

Dunne 7 solid

Collins 7 solid

Warnock 6 Decent debut

Milner 4 awful few balls, did his job tho

Reo Coker 5, doesnt know what to do in final third, solid in the middle tho

Petrov 6, solid tackles

Sidwell 5, quiet

Young 6, didnt do much

Gabby 7, scoring the winner deserves a high mark

Carew 6, assist for goal, presence was shown, poor pass for milner tho

overall a poor game but im delighted with the win

5 times! :D

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