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  1. One for helenius Wake me up by avicii when it kicks in. Dededededededede niklaus helenius
  2. Exactly my thoughts, again may be the drink talking but I think we'll be lucky to be above 16th come january and we'll need to spend big in that window. Hope I'm wrong though. UTV
  3. 6 hours to go. Still think we need more than Benteke and Westwood! Hoping for a surprise! But time is quickly running out!
  4. I've made it into the big time! Very worried by our lack of activity
  5. the sooner this transfers done, the better, we need him simple as that. he will improve the squad and is a quality player, the longer we drag this out the greater the possibillity of this not happening
  6. if mon goes everyone goes all our players would want out lerner could possibly go we would end up like pompey
  7. What about the last 18 games? that was last season, everyone seemed optimistic for this season, we lose one game to a very good wigan team who will finish top 10 this season so what if we have a slow start it will come good, MON is a very good motivator, jus look at the first half of last season
  8. well weve lost one game to our bogey team and people are just being ridiculous
  9. i cant believe people are calling for him to go Just disagreeing is enough, please cut out the personal insults - OBE
  10. andy marshall wooooah andy marshall wooooah he came from coventry hes older than 33
  11. is the delph song the same as martin o'neills, i believe i heard it on sataurday
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