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  1. @Dante_Lockhartdropped him to pick up another player that shouldnt have been available on waivers, so just trying to reset the subsequent transactions that followed. Can you still pick up they player you dropped for Cooks?
  2. @maqrollfyi are you able to drop cooks?
  3. Yes, but i'd like confirmation from Maqroll rather than just fiddling around with people's rosters.
  4. I think we need @maqrollto drop Cooks but Ingram is in the free agent pool currently.
  5. All but Dk and Diontae back on Brumericans roster. @Dante_Lockhart @maqroll @rjw63 Can you release the necessary players?
  6. Sorry, think i locked you rather than Brumerican! Honest mistake!
  7. Didn't come back the other day to drop your players then? Or to know that you were receiving trade offers which supposedly prompted you to dump them? I have some time this evening to reply, i didn't before the draft. I've explained this in numerous posts. Say what you want about how i've managed the league, i don't care for your criticism quite frankly and i think everyone has seen tonight what sort of a person you are.
  8. You do what you want, getting this twisted over fantasy football and going all keyboard warrior isn't healthy or classy though. You should have stepped away when you said you were going to.
  9. I have asked him to post here, so lets see. Either way, probably best to not be hurling C-bombs and death wishes in peoples DMs.
  10. As i previously advised, this option is only available pre-draft. Screenshot attached for proof. See my previous messages about not getting to it before the draft.
  11. Commissioner to the league has no control over yahoo profile. RavensFlock is locked out of trades, add/drop players, roster changes, team name and email league - which might explain why i had no response from my mail to them so i'll unlock that and try again. The only setting he wasn't locked out of was message boards/posting.
  12. I presume Dante has missed the drama on here and is just managing his team oblivious to why DK was available in the first place and then not in his lineup before kickoff but i'll let him explain. I signed on an hour or so before kick off and picked up Cook before it became apparent why he was available, which should have been obvious really! No way such players get sent to waivers under normal circumstances.
  13. The major concern being that we may have an interloper/cheater? Yes its an issue and no i don't have time to conduct a full on investigation into who has signed up to a fantasy league on a message board forum! If i had the time before the draft maybe i could have removed him, but i didn't. Well done dude, you're a real hero for calling it out and then sabotaging the league further with your actions. I'm sure everyone will have fun in the league with you next season.
  14. Being a commissioner to a fantasy football league on villatalk isnt a priority in my life right now, sorry to not meet your standards here. I've already said i'm stepping away at the end of the season so you can go ahead and set up your own league, that should cheer you up. I have been commissioner since the start nearly 10 years ago and have retained that position as it is usually very light touch to the extent that a free to play league amoung footie fans pretty much runs itself due to the lack of drama and nonsense and no one has raised any concerns during that time. Ravensflock has been locked out of roster additions/changes since you whined about him adding a QB after the draft. I've enjoyed running the league until this season and that's the result of an interloper and a saboteur, so i'll happily move on and not participate next season.
  15. You said you were stepping away to focus on other issues, so why are you still manipulating your roster in week 8? How do you know you are getting trade offers if you were supposed to be stepping away? If you are getting trade offers, why did you feel compelled to release them as opposed to doing nothing at all? What does locking your team have to do with RavensFlock win rate? They have been locked since whoever it was (most likely yourself) had a fit about them making roster moves to add a QB etc that they didnt draft. As a member of Villatalk I took you on your word that you were stepping away from the league, so obviously that was a mistake on my part. I don't know who Ravens flock is or why he has interloped into the league and not responded to any attempts at contact. If its a second account then shame on whoever it is tarnishing things this season, but at the end of the day its a **** fantasy football league with no money on the line. Its supposed to be a laugh. I wouldn't get so worked up about it. Deal with the bullshit and move on. I have a life so sorry pal, getting to the bottom of who Ravens flock is because its got you so wound up, just isn't anywhere near my priority list. Thanks for doing all you can to make things worse at every opportunity though. Classy.
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