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  1. I've manged to go bargain basement shopping to patch together a QB and some RB's, but i will put all my hope in Michael Thomas and Chris Godwin this week as i do every week!
  2. Sorry missed this and the fact that he was available on waivers, busy week! Looks like it worked out in the end anyway.
  3. Eli and his wife had a boy earlier in the year so that's the succession plan in place for after Daniel Jones!
  4. Michael Thomas and Chris Godwin combining for 18 catches, 300+ yards and 4 TDs covered for my terrible RB line-up this week!
  5. kkr

    Giants News

    A WIN! Great to see Eli supporting the team and DJ on the sidelines and offering coaching, mentoring and advice, what a consummate professional! Very excited for the future with #8 under centre now! A better QB than all from the previous years draft imo. Meanwhile Eli is still scrambling for the endzone at Wembley!
  6. Finally something to be excited about as a Giants fan! Although Barkley will likely miss the next 4-8 weeks with a high ankle sprain, the long term future of the Giants looks promising if we can build around both. 4th quarter comeback on your debut, on the road is as good as it gets though. Buccs are a good defense too, #58 is a beast. I'm glad Jones is shutting up all the experts in the media who trashed and laughed at him being the #6 selection in the draft. Leave the analysis to the pros! Defensively its just a shit show. Jenkins needs to be cut tomorrow, i know Mike Evans is a beast but Jenkins didnt make a single play all game! Dline and pass rush were better, but against the more capable offenses i really worry.
  7. kkr

    Giants News

    Its probably the right move for the long term seeing as the defense is so shit, but i hate that we are having to make it now. If you put Eli on a talented team i believe he could still be a good player in the league. If Jones shows nothing over the rest of the season then Shurmur and Gettleman will be gone. TBH id fire Shurmur now, he isnt cut out to be a HC and his record speaks volumes.
  8. 37 points from Chris Godwin on my bench..... Thought id be smart and drop him on a short week on the road!
  9. Yeah only a week in, but i think the changes made are positive.
  10. I hear you, lets look at the D scoring in the offseason then and fix all that.
  11. Silly question, but were the other 4 punts after GB moved the ball a bit, i.e. got a first down or more so not 3 and out? I have managed to win with the lowest points total of all this weeks winners!
  12. Watched the game at the sports bar in resorts world with a friend who is back from the US for a bit and happens to be a Dallas and Blues fan..... it was not an enjoyable experience! Potentially the worst defensive display i have ever seen from the Giants, just pathetic from all 11 positions and the DC. I dont see that side of the ball getting much better, which is a shame as i think behind this rebuilt Oline, Barkley could have a serious shot at breaking records. Having said that i think Dallas is a very good team and the schedule is a bit more favourable the next two weeks with the Bills and the Buccs so if we struggle in those then its going to be a very long year and we might as well throw things over to Jones if we come out of those games without a win.
  13. Brady and D.Johnson for Rivers and Connor?
  14. Probably next season imo, Eli is going to have a decent year. We have an oline and a run game now.
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