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    Looks amazing! I would recommend browsing Youtube for some painting techniques. I think the key will be sealing the model so the paint doesn't affect the wood. Eric's Hobby Workshop has some brilliant builds and covers how he seals his models and paints them at the end of his videos.
  2. RIP Norm Probably best known for getting fired from SNL for constantly making OJ Simpson jokes during and after his trial. He has one of the best archives on Youtube and someone I regularly watched during lockdown.
  3. Concentrate on taking out the Minotaur first. He has a predictable and telegraphed attack pattern so you should be able to learn how to dodge his attacks. I ignore Theseus at this point and dash around like a madman to avoid his throwing spear attack (having dash on LT helps). You'll probably take a few hits but it doesn't matter. Make sure you have the amulet that gives you bonus damage when you get below a certain health threshold. Use your cast as a debuff for extra damage, I tend not to upgrade my cast to a different ability because I find the debuff more useful. Try and get another debuff on this the cast as having 2 or more debuffs on a character gives you bonus damage. Once he is defeated then you can concentrate on Theseus. I go for the direct approach and rarely hide behind pillars. Only use one dash to get in close so you have at least one dash to get away. He will use a spinning attack when up close. He telegraphs the attack with a white outline then lunges forward for the attack. At this point, get the hell out of Dodge. He will normally lunge towards you so as soon as you get the tell, dash behind him (usually in the direction you are already facing) and you should be able to avoid any damage. Learning this pattern will come in handy in the next fight. If he gets close to the edge it becomes harder to read the pattern so you can lure him into the middle by manipulating him to dash attack towards the middle. This comes with practice though. TLDR : Watch this guy
  4. Which weapon did you use? I got there with the gun. I also favour the gloves for the total glass cannon build.
  5. Divine Dash is your friend. You can almost guarantee getting it by picking the Athena mask. Combine it with Hermes' ability to give you more dashes and you're nigh on invincible. Stopped playing because the endgame wasn't as fun as Dead Cells. May go back in time but would like them to give you the option to ramp up the difficulty but earn all the rewards for the 'easier' difficulties at once. Otherwise it's a bit of a slog - a really fun slog mind you but would prefer hitting my head against a brick wall like in say 4 boss cell Dead Cells.
  6. One of the best videos I've ever watched and I didn't even play Wow!
  7. Interesting - a bullet hell 3rd person rouguelite! Looks right up my alley but alas, I don't have a PS5. I will probably pick up when I do get around to purchasing one - it gives me Risk of Rain 2 vibes.
  8. Rogue is available on steam (Link). If you've ever wondered what inspired the slew of "Roguelight" and "Roguelike" indie games that fill the pages of Steam then this is it and available for only a couple of quid. It's still enjoyable to play today and has a lot of depth but don't expect to complete it, ever. I didn't even realise there was a win-state until the internet, wrongly believing the object of the game was to collect as much gold as possible before a troll would inevitably kill you. If the lack of graphics put you off then I can heartily recommend the Atari ST version which is very pretty. It's easy to pick up and run on an emulator.
  9. There's a major bug on day 3 but hopefully this will be patched in the next day or so. I started a second playthrough whilst I was waiting and spec'd into intimidation and physical violence - very satisfying!
  10. Disco Elysium comes out today on PS4 (around 6pm UK time). I bookmarked this when it first came out on PC in 2019 but alas, I did not have the specs at the time to run it. From what I gather you are a cop waking up from a hangover with a murder to solve. It's meant to have one of the deepest RPG systems where every action you take can impact the story and your character in meaningful ways and it's for this promise that I will probably buy later tonight. Here's the Steam blurb for those interested:
  11. RIP Marvin. One of my favourite boxers of all time. This is a fantastic video covering his boxing career:
  12. If you have a VR headset, Dirt Rally is exceptional. I can only imagine how much better it would be with a wheel set up though!
  13. There's a really good interview with Steve Bannon on the PBS frontline youtube channel where he goes into great depth on how he helped cultivate the image of Trump as a popularist (sic - Trump's own definition). This is obviously not an endorsement of Bannon or Trump but it's rare to have such a candid first-hand interview with someone who had such a decisive hand in a president's election so definitely worth watching if you are interested.
  14. Just completed "Return of the Obra Dinn". The second commercial release from the maker of Papers Please, Lucas Pope. It's a detective game where you have to deduce what happened to the crew of an empty ship after it unexpectedly returns 5 years after being lost at sea. It's one of the best games I've ever played and an astonishing feat from the solo developer.
  15. Charles Woodson should be elected into the Hall of Fame tomorrow. As great a career he had in college and in the NFL, I'll always think of this first whenever I hear his name:
  16. Dead Cells is amazing - Just picked it up myself. It's a joy to play because of the controls and once the game has it's hooks into you, you start refining your playstyle and paying attention to your builds. The skill ceiling is extremely high but it's so fun from your first run onwards. I've done the first "round" by cheesing my way through the game and the final boss with turrets. Instead of moving on (there are 6 difficulty levels) I'm going to go back and refine my parrying and dodging.
  17. Amazon are definitely the ones you need to go after. According to the Sale of Goods act, you are entitled to a refund or replacement Martin Lewis has a decent guide https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/consumer-rights-refunds-exchange/
  18. This one was a must for me - A spaceship dog fighting game with full VR support selling for £30 at launch. All I needed to know after hearing about it was that it was functional! The modes are pretty barebones, offering only a dogfighting and a grand scale fleet battle at the moment, but there are four different spaceships for each faction which are customisable by unlocking different components through grinding . The gameplay though is excellent and in VR it's even better. For the first time I'm craning my neck to see Tie fighters which have flown past my cockpit and once a few salvos have been fired you do become totally immersed. I think it's worth checking out for anyone with a compatible VR headset, maybe even waiting until xmas when it will likely be on sale. I think those without that aren't particularly into spaceship dogfighting can probably give this a miss for now.
  19. I honestly think Madden peaked with 2004. I think it has got incrementally worse since.
  20. Started a new game of Crusader Kings 2. I'm playing a Dwarf Viking and prioritising abducting the few dwarf nobles around the world so I can create a lineage of dwarven norsemen. My current ruler has lost so many duels he currently only has 1 arm, 1 leg and 1 eye but is still going strong at 48. He's had to arrange a few accidents for his children who do not share his stout genetics to ensure the bloodline remains pure. In short I'm having a blast in what could be my last run before switching to Crusader Kings 3.
  21. James Burke's Connections is on YouTube. This is the pick of the bunch:
  22. As you improve and play against better players, you'll find they will resign a lot earlier. It's common for beginners to play to the very end, even multiple pieces down. As a rule of thumb, if you are ahead materially (ie up by at least two pawns), rather than look for a checkmate, you should look to exchange as many pieces as possible to force an endgame then use your material advantage to advance your remaining pawns to turn them into queens . This is where practising the endgame helps a lot.
  23. My tips for learning chess 1) Lean how to checkmate - Play King, Queen, Rook verses King. Queen King verses King all the way down to Pawn King verses King (ignore bishops and Knights). Until you master this keep practising 2) Learn the endgame. Start with 8 pawns verses 8 pawns and mix it up by adding in a knight or rook or reducing the starting pawns. 3) Learn a simple white opening that will teach you how to develop pieces. Ruy Lopez (exchange variation) is a good one to start with. Don't get too bogged down with opening theory as it's only relevant once you get to a club standard. Once you have picked up the concepts, play as black and try the same concepts. Don't try anything too fancy - e4-e5 is where you want to start and will feature in the majority of your games once you get past the beginner stage. 4) Try and play in person. Online is full of cheats as it's pretty much the easiest game to cheat at. 5) GNU Chess is a good free programme to practice against. It's rated above international masters so will absolutely kick your ass.
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