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Do you want MON as manager next season, yes or no?


Do you want MON as manager next season, yes or no?  

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  1. 1. Do you want MON as manager next season, yes or no?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It depends
    • Undecided

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It's as simple as that really. You can state your reasons if you want, but don't start arguing with each other or commenting on other peoples opinions or this will inevitably get locked within about 3 posts.

I'm just interested to see the split really because although people criticise MON, I wonder if they want him to leave or just adjust his management style.

If a mod could add a poll with the options:



It depends


That'd be much appreciated.

Again, just to be clear, I'm just interested in the split of views and NOT making a point of any sort.

Just to remind you - Don't start having a go at other people's views or you'll get this locked.

My vote is yes.

edit: As clarified later in the thread, "It depends" is for people who think "Yes, but only if (for example) he stops playing players out of position when he has fit players whose strongest position is the one being filled"

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Yes, best man for us by a country mile, current form and problems excepted.

I think the poll will find he's supported by a good majority. The dissenters fall into the categories of 'simply more critical' in the main, with the odd one in 'Simply doesn't like themanager and is very vocal about it', which skews the perception of his support.

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Absolutely and utterly...YES!!!

Infact, would go as far to say I would be beyong gutted if he listened to the minority and called it a day any time soon.

I guess that is what a thread like this will give us an indication of - how small the minority is, and why they think MON is not the right man.

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