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  1. Inevitable really. Again I feel Smith is waiting too long to change things tactically.
  2. To be fair, Konza lost his man for the goal. Need to wake up at the back.
  3. Niall

    John McGinn

    I read the last two pages of that. Most reckon he's not good enough for them and would do well at the likes of Everton, who they reckon would be a significant step up from Villa. It hurt to read that, but it's probably true at this stage.
  4. Did well for 70 mins. The defence was well organised and Mings and Engels were fantastic. Disappointed with Grealish, wake up, lad! You're back in the premiership. Hourihane did some good things, particularly first half and McGinn impressed. Trezeguet was ok for 50mins but faded badly, needs time. Jota too lightweight.
  5. Niall


    He was 20 and depressed,and feeling exhausted despite peak fitness due to the mental trauma caused by MacD'S archaic coaching methods. Being told you are useless and a c++t etc. is hardly the ideal environment to nurture young talent. Anyway, have you even read the article The Guardian?
  6. I don't agree at all. I think it's all about personality, attitude and knowledge of the game and fundamentally a manager's ability to coax the best from his squad. Klopp, Howe, Wagner, Silva, Sarri.....hardly stars before becoming football managers. They haven't done so badly.
  7. There was a period against Brentford where passing and interplay was a joy to watch. If only we could set out to play that way every game. I want a manager who insists we play that way, who believes in entertaining the fans. We should be more than capable with the squad we've got.
  8. Niall

    Graham Taylor

    Very sad news. Will always remember his Villa days fondly.
  9. Sorry but how can you assert that he will never be premier league quality? He has already performed admirably and to good effect in the premier league. Granted there were days when he could have played better but he was younger more inexperienced and thrown in at the deep end. I recall being impressed after many games and the previously mentioned one against Spurs is but one example . He is improving and will most likely continue to do so if properly coached.
  10. Looked tired after about 60mins but not surprising really, hasn't had much time to rest after the Copa. Still think he's been our best player in August.
  11. Niall

    Carles Gil

    Did some good things when he came on but lacks fitness and game time. Did a lot of running across the pitch and made the occasional forward pass. Ridiculous the frenzied calling for him to come on in the match thread after only about 20mins. Hope he cuts out the diving.
  12. Niall

    New Captain ?

    Clark is the obvious choice for me. Spirit, grit and determination in adundance. His improvement last season despite being ridiculed the season before displays the type of attitude we need around the club. Would be very surprised if he wasn't chosen. Has come up through the ranks too. Deserves it.
  13. A not very flattering opinion of Sherwood from a spurs fan. Look at what Pochettino's done since he arrived. He's given the players a chance and those who haven't cut it haven't been castigated or ostracised. They've been kept in the loop. Not everyone gets to play but everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. That's what good managers do. Even if you don't like a player, it pays to treat them with respect. Not only because its the right thing to do but also because its the smart thing to do. You're never going to achieve anything if you have an unhappy the squad. Sherwood pissed everyone off. Everyone at the club was glad to see the back of him. Even the board - the people who had hired him! - released a statement where they could barely disguise their contempt towards him. And Sandro wasnt castigated. Sherwood left him out of the team and, knowing that he was a fan's favourite lied about the reasons behind his absence. Said he was injured. Sandro simply put the record straight by denying that he was injured. It really shows just how Sherwood's attitude during his very brief stint had alienated a good portion of the squad. By then end players were publicly contradicting him. How this guy is now being painted as a leader of men is beyond me. He was completely out of his depth at Spurs. Sandro was an exemplary professional throughout his time at Spurs and was an excellent midfielder for us. A team player, popular with the squad, engaged with the fans in a positive manner and never caused any trouble either under Redknapp (who happily signed him at QPR despite injury concerns) or AVB (who wanted to sign him for Zenit). [pls, give me one example when either Redknapp or AVB complained about Sandro's attitude]. Fans still talk about his performances in the Champions league and the partnership he had with Dembele in AVB's first season. The fact that you (and others) can be so dismissive of a player who greatly contributed to the club's history in recent times because of a fall-out with Sherwood (who contributed nothing to Spurs over the years other than screwing over a true legend like Hoddle) just shows how fickle fans can be. And your point about the media dictating appointments is stupid - I think Villa will have been much more interested in his work with the Tottenham youth team than the half a season he got in charge, which if you'll remember he didn't actually do that bad in.... No, I really dont think Villa did any research other tha reading platitudes written by the mainstream media about Sherwood. Sherwood was supposed to be technical co-ordinator at Spurs. His role was to send players out on loan and ensure that the the youth teams played in accordance with the same philosophy (4-3-3-, passing football). He didn't do any coaching, so there's nothing to judge him by. Chris Ramsay was the U21s coach (and then the first team coach) and is now manager at QPR. Alex Inglethorpe was widely credited as having played the biggest role in the youth coaching set up and was snapped up by Liverpool as soon as he became available. What's his scouting record? Non-existent. None of the youth players currently making their way up to the first team were recruited by Sherwood. His major achievement was to tell the club that Suarez was overrated and not cut out for the premiership. Even the argument that he may have done well in this supervisory role doesnt really stand up to scrutiny, because his stint as interim manager proved that he had no attachment in the type of football that was being in the youth set up. First thing he did when he took over was switch to a 4-4-2 and instruct players to lump it up to Adebayor. The fact that he opted for a change of tactics and philosophy suggests that his role in development was pretty limited. http://www.theguardian.com/football/who-scored-blog/2015/feb/17/tim-sherwood-manager-aston-villa-turn-things-around
  14. Niall

    Roy Keane

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2832202/Roy-Keane-Garda-investigation-allegedly-assaulting-man-outside-Ireland-s-team-hotel.html It goes without saying that he should be dismissed immediately if this turns out to be true. Keane didn't throw a punch. http://www.independent.ie/sport/cctv-footage-to-exonerate-keane-fai-30740600.html Much ado about nothing.
  15. Alpay and Dunne, no chance. I don't know anything about Mountfield and Teale. The only defenders on that list better than Vlaar are Southgate and Laursen. Eh..McGrath is on that list!!??
  16. True. I actually see Baccy as a great RB. He's a good athlete, great pace, and committed in the tackle. He's also decent when pressing forward. I'd like to think we can accomodate both Waccy Baccy and Lowton in the same side. I'd like to see Lowton get a run in central midfield, as I think he has good skills and awareness. Bacuna, right? Hoping "Baccy" doesn't catch on.
  17. Well he was picked for both the Spanish U19 amd U20 squads. Can't be shite if he made those squads.
  18. According to RCD Mallorca official web Juan Manuel Luna Rodriguez has played for Spain's U19 and U20 teams. Left-footed player who can operate either as a left back or in left midfield. Apparently he's got good technical ability and is a versatile , hard- working player. No mention of him coming to Villa, though. No news about this at all on the Sevilla site.
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