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  1. That team, 4-4-2 and I think we're onto a winner (Gabby up front with Bent, Young on the wing)
  2. Small time my arse. It's a bit of banter for f*ck sake!
  3. Friedel, Walker, Dunne, Clark, Baker, Albrighton, Reo-Coker, Downing, Young, Pires, Bent. Subs: Marshall, Agbonlahor, Herd, Petrov, Bradley, Heskey, Delph.
  4. why not? Houllier has bought him in because he believes in him. I dont think we know how good he is. Dont think wigan at home is something we should fear. I say go for it with Makoun with Bradley. We're playing Fulham mate, not Wigan
  5. I was shagging this fat bird last night. "Can I switch the light off?" "Why are you embarrassed?" she replied, "No, the bulbs burning my arse!"
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