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  1. I was shagging this fat bird last night. "Can I switch the light off?" "Why are you embarrassed?" she replied, "No, the bulbs burning my arse!"
  2. Definitely. An extra metre or so makes a massive difference on a 5-a-side pitch, let alone a full size one with professional players of Arsenal's calibre.
  3. You can subscribe for £0.99p for 14 days. This is your football club who's just spent the best part of £25M on a striker. Just sign up you tight bastard!
  4. IanTaylor7: C'mon @DB11TT sign on the dotted line!! Legend
  5. Good point well made. I know what you're saying but that's not really what I'm getting at. All I'm trying to get across is that this is similar to what Man City did with us and Milner, and some of the comments people are making don't really sit right with me. But **** it, who cares UTV
  6. I think some people need to calm down and stop giving it the "big club" billy big bollocks routine. Us signing Darren Bent for a fee in the region of £20 million pounds is a statement of intent, but it's nothing to do with us being a "big club". This is all Randy's doing and don't you forget it. This is a statement of intent from Randy Lerner, nobody else. Before you start flipping Holloway the v's and asking him "Who's a half-arsed club now?" remember that we're incredibly lucky to have an owner like Randy Lerner. This signing has given me a small taste of what it must be like to be
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