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  1. Inevitable really. Again I feel Smith is waiting too long to change things tactically.
  2. To be fair, Konza lost his man for the goal. Need to wake up at the back.
  3. Niall

    John McGinn

    I read the last two pages of that. Most reckon he's not good enough for them and would do well at the likes of Everton, who they reckon would be a significant step up from Villa. It hurt to read that, but it's probably true at this stage.
  4. Did well for 70 mins. The defence was well organised and Mings and Engels were fantastic. Disappointed with Grealish, wake up, lad! You're back in the premiership. Hourihane did some good things, particularly first half and McGinn impressed. Trezeguet was ok for 50mins but faded badly, needs time. Jota too lightweight.
  5. Niall


    He was 20 and depressed,and feeling exhausted despite peak fitness due to the mental trauma caused by MacD'S archaic coaching methods. Being told you are useless and a c++t etc. is hardly the ideal environment to nurture young talent. Anyway, have you even read the article The Guardian?
  6. I don't agree at all. I think it's all about personality, attitude and knowledge of the game and fundamentally a manager's ability to coax the best from his squad. Klopp, Howe, Wagner, Silva, Sarri.....hardly stars before becoming football managers. They haven't done so badly.
  7. There was a period against Brentford where passing and interplay was a joy to watch. If only we could set out to play that way every game. I want a manager who insists we play that way, who believes in entertaining the fans. We should be more than capable with the squad we've got.
  8. Niall

    Graham Taylor

    Very sad news. Will always remember his Villa days fondly.
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